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In 2014 me and my friend left our full time jobs to build our own company. An idea that first seemed exciting and intriguing, and turned into a journey full of excitement, surprises with lots of ups and downs.

Being an entrepreneur requires more from you that every day job will ever do. And until you’re willing to follow your dreams and are open to learn and give everything you can, then a journey like that becomes an opportunity for a lifetime and an experience you don’t forget.

Despite the fact that our product never saw the light of the day, we had the opportunity to lear a lot about transforming ideas into products, business models, marketing, research, monetization and much more.

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Better brand perception

GovCon Giants wants a shift in its brand perception, as its target audience hardly knows about its ambitious mission of a sustainable future.

By creating a new website equipped with enhanced user experience and a new visual identity, we wanted to give GovCon Giants a platform to demonstrate its mission by informing, inspiring, and encouraging behavior change.


We started off the project with an analysis phase. In this phase, we did a workshop with the stakeholders, as we first wanted to establish an online strategy by identifying important challenges and exploring possible solutions. 

We also focused on demonstrating GovCon Giants’ new ambition and improving customer satisfaction, ultimately getting people to take action.

Visual design

With a set strategy, we went into the next stage: ‘sprint 0’. Throughout this project, we worked with two-weekly sprints, and in this first ‘pre’ sprint, we solely focused on the new visual language.

The client wanted a clean, easy to use, and modern website that would accommodate the new branding provided by Zing Creatives while also being suitable for digital interfaces.


Design based on user behavior

Early on in the design phase, we tested the designs with a small group.

We wanted to see how they would use the site navigation. We noticed that many people would go to the search field and look for the same specific content. I used that insight to make that content as prominent as possible, effectively discouraging people from using the search field.



A month after the launch, we saw an increase of almost 200% in unique visitors.

Furthermore, we noticed a whopping 80% less search volume on the website, which means that people now find content much easier than before. And we also managed to maintain a Google Speed Test score of 96/100 on desktop and 74/100 on mobile.

This project was a great opportunity to learn new skills, primarily analytical, as I worked on user research and tested the design early on in the process. This allowed me to act quickly to improve my designs, showing me how important it is to assess your product with the end-user as early as possible.

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Team credits

Molz Carpio (Project Lead), Renz Sanchez (UX Design), Kara Deguit (Social Media), Allen Brylle Ferraren (Video Creator), 


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