In Need of a Full 360 Digital Marketing Agency?

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360 digital marketing

If there’s a 360-degree video, there also exists a 360-degree digital marketing agency that caters to all you need.

From “360-degree” itself, “Full 360 Digital Marketing Agency” covers everything, like in a circle. It simply means it services all possible online marketing competencies that a person might require to have a successful digital marketing campaign

Here’s an example.

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In the Philippines, when you open websites, most ads you’ll find are those of e-commerce brands like “Zalora”, Lazada or Shoppee.

You can see their products being displayed when you open news articles and other blogs.

The ad is either inserted in between the article or placed on the side of the webpage.

Other ads are placed on the landing page of a website either on top or on the side portion of the webpage.

On social media sites such as Facebook, they appear mostly as sponsored ads on your newsfeed.

The more people recall your brand, the more people will think about it.

When they think of buying shoes or apparels, they’ll think of the ads they saw on the pages they visit.

How important is a 360-degree digital marketing website to your marketing efforts for this year and the years to come?

Here are some of the reasons.

The Digital 2019 report recently released ranked the Philippines at the top as the world’s heaviest internet users.

An average Filipino spends 10 hours and two minutes a day online in 2018.

The worldwide average amount spent online by a single internet user is six hours and 42 minutes a day.

Apart from this, there is now more than 360 million new users who accessed the internet last year.

This means, more and more people are now online and more people you can target and convert into leads.

Since, this agency involves every aspect of digital marketing, get to know what are the jobs involved here. Full 360 Digital Marketing Agency is what anyone must get the services.

Jobs Inside a 360 Digital Marketing Agency

Here’s the compiled description and some of the functions that entails each of their job.

1. Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing Strategist describes the job as the one responsible for “developing the strategy used in marketing a company’s product online, utilizing techniques in the field of social media, web analytics, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization, among others”.

Most of them are expected to be well verse about a wide range of online channels and how to manage them.

If they are already heading a team, they are usually expected to oversee the implementation from management to its execution. More importantly, they needed to be tech savvy.

2. Content Marketing Specialist (Copywriter)

content marketing specialist

One of the skills and attributes that the National American University requires for their candidates of this job is the editorial skills.

This involves copy editing and proofreading of all contents for your digital marketing materials.

Other function, depending on the agency he or she is working for, involves planning for strategic content marketing plan.

3. Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

The job usually involves how to effectively engage internet users especially on social media sites to respond to your posts, blog links, photos, and videos.

While keeping a content calendar for your postings, they also provide reports with the help of insights and analytics on each channel that you employ for your digital marketing effort.

Since they handle your social media accounts, they also help decide whether to use original or curated content.

More importantly, they understand how important social media is to your digital marketing needs. Read more about 360 Digital Marketing Agency.

This job was recently introduced with the recent spike of social media in the early 2016 to 2017.

In fact, the impact of social media affecting the decision of voters was even recognized in the Philippines when its current President Rodrigo Roa Duterte won in a seemingly landslide victory during the presidential elections in 2016.

Businesses saw the importance of having a social media specialist on board in order to provide them with the knowledge on how this channel can be beneficial to them.

4. Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist

If a social media marketing specialist uses social media as a primary channel for their promotion, an email marketing specialist uses emails.

Most of them, according to, possess bachelor’s degree in communication, information technology, marketing, business administration and graphic design.

Yes, gone were the days that anyone can send an email to anybody. However, the rise of mobile marketing has helped revitalize email marketing too.

Even the putting up of ads on emails has also changed while maximizing user experience.

5. SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

Nicole Martin, owner of NR Digital Consulting, wrote on Forbes an article describing the job of an SEO specialist.

She said a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist’s job entails analyzing, developing, and executing strategies and improving search rankings.

Since the landscape is usually changing, Martin said the job also entails being updated with Google’s latest trends and new rules.

6. PPC Specialist

PPC Specialist

If you talk about Google Ad Words and Bing Ads to a pay per click (PPC) specialist, you’d know that this person is well versed about using these two pillars in building your campaign.

Most of them know that the first thing that appears in a search result is the PPC ads.

Some of the qualities he or she must possess is strong analytical skills and communication skills.

But the most important thing he or she must possess is a growth mindset.

7. Video Editor

Video Editor

With the rising trend of video marketing in 2019, you know you need a good one for the job.

A video editor is simply the person in charge of editing your video content.

They know the angles to choose to include in the video content.

8. Visual Creatives Specialist (Graphics Designer)

Visual Creatives Specialist (Graphics Designer)

When one hears about a visual creative specialist, what comes to mind is a graphic designer.

When you say graphic designer, you’d know it entails visuals and they take care of your packaging and logo design.

Similar to actual products like food, it needs packaging design to appeal to its customers.

Like traditional collaterals, digital marketing needs digital collaterals too.

However, the job is not only limited to designing. One qualification for a graphic artist is their strong sense for branding.

Most of their educational backgrounds are fine arts graduates who has also adapted to the digital evolution.

Getting all these people in one team would mean time consuming especially if you want to have an in-house team.

But which is best decision for your business? Outsource a digital marketing agency or create an in-house one?

Here’s why it is important to outsource your digital marketing needs and employ a full 360-degree digital marketing agencies.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing or In-House?

  • All in one package.
Outsourcing Digital Marketing or In-House?

When you have a full 360-degree digital marketing agency, you are assured that you have an all in one package.

You’ve got the expertise of a group of people that has specialties in all aspects of digital marketing.

Compared to getting an in-house team to work for you, you don’t have to go through the hassle of screening candidates.

When you hire an agency, all you have to think about is choosing the right one then they’ll provide you the people you need.

  • Downtime isn’t an issue.
Downtime isn’t an issue

An organic employee may not be as productive as you can expect them to be.

There are times that they get sick and go for a leave for work.

With an agency, you will never have to worry about downtime since they have the people to work for certain tasks.

  • Save Up Costs on purchasing apps and software for an in-house team.

sts” width=”728″ height=”485″ /></figur

"Save When you want to establish an in-house team, you need to also consider purchasing the apps and software they need in order to perform their work. You’ll also need a camera. So, it means you’ll need to purchase it separately. With an agency, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.
  • Trained individuals at your disposal.
360 Digital Marketing Agency - Trained individuals
You wouldn’t need to train them anymore. There’s also no need to be wary on their capability since they come trained. They were trained to do the things they need to do and they will deliver.
  • Experience is their key.
360 Digital Marketing Agency - experience
Their experience working in the industry is their selling point. Their case studies and portfolio is their resume to serve as basis for businesses to hire them. With their experience, they know how to handle things even in difficult times. They have been there, done that. Another consideration you also have to take a look at is the advantage and disadvantages of hiring an agency compared to hiring freelancers. Read on to find out and be enlightened.

Hiring Digital Marketing Agency or Hiring Freelancers

Small businesses may benefit from hiring freelancers. But it wouldn’t be for a longer time. Ryan Ayers, who wrote to, shared some of his thoughts about this.

1. Marketing is a full time job.

360 Digital Marketing Agency- marketing
One doesn’t have all the time in the world to be good at everything. This goes with the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”. A freelancer, most of the time, has one specialization that can take care of only one aspect of your marketing needs. Compare it to a full agency, you’d know that an agency could give you the full time you need for your business’ digital marketing efforts. Ayers describe modern marketing as “complex and requires a wide variety of skills and breadth of knowledge that can take years to acquire”.

2. Saving time and money.

save As mentioned earlier in this article, you can save time and money when hiring a digital marketing agency. Freelancers are ideal when you want to have a specific project done or to keep your blog active.

3. You learn while you’re working with them.

360 Digital Marketing Agency - team
Experts share some of their industry knowledge to partners. Some agencies even organize webinars or learning activities so the client would also learn the ropes about digital marketing. Freelancers work on their own and just provide you with the deliverables you need.

4. Social media is complex enough. What more on other digital marketing aspects?

360 Digital Marketing Agency - aspect
It takes experienced social media managers to get your brand through all the noise in social media. They know how to make great content that gets noticed. When you get a freelancer, chances are, they are really not that well rounded and knowledgeable about social media. They might misinterpret the metrics. Present wrong data and steer your business to a wrong direction. Trusted agencies that have been there in the industry know what to report and what to present. They have a team to do the analytics. As mentioned earlier, they have experts on board. Now you know what a full 360-degree digital marketing agency can do and offer you. What are your thoughts about them as of this moment? If you are still unsure whether to hire one, here’s another list of the things you should consider before hiring them.
  • Do I need them?
Why do you need them? What benefits will you get out of hiring them? If you can’t answer these questions, then, probably you still need some more convincing if hiring an agency would be beneficial for you or not. If you do have answers to these questions, then you’ll know what to do at this very moment. Understanding your business needs should come into consideration first. What will come next is to identify which areas you should work on especially for your digital marketing efforts. When you know what are your needs, you’ll know which approach is appropriate in order to address it.
  • How much are you willing to spend?
Venturing into something new like digital marketing will likely entail cost especially if you’re going to outsource a digital marketing agency. The question now is the amount of money you are willing to invest.
  • How credible is the agency that you are going to hire?
How long have they been in operation? Do they really make true of their promises? An agency that has been in operation for years has truly earned the trust of its customers and partners. They wouldn’t stay in business if their claims were not true. Clients stay in partnership with an agency if they see the results and they are satisfied with it. Apart from that, as you work longer with a client, you develop a sense of trust to every word that they say.
  • How transparent are they when it comes to their dealings?
In order for a relationship to prosper, one has to be transparent with the other person. You can see right through them. No hidden agenda of some sort. You know they are legitimate because they have shown you and provided you the information you need to know about them. It’s good to be cautious nowadays with a number of fake websites luring people and small businesses with their false promises.
  • How experienced are they in handling businesses similar to your industry?
Some agencies may have claimed that they work well with several industries. However, when you want to know of their knowledge about the industry you are in, you need to meet them and personally ask questions. You can never be too complacent in choosing the right fit.
  • How are their technical capabilities and skills?
You know digital marketing also entails technical skills and capabilities, right? So why hire one that doesn’t have one? You need to ask early on. You need to know if they are capable. You wouldn’t want to hire an agency that doesn’t know the technicalities of the job. You’ll likely end up hiring another one to fix what the previous one has done. This would mean added cost and burden on your part. You miss out on the time and opportunity lost just so you could recover from the incompetency of one agency.
  • Do I like working with them?
If at first, you feel they don’t seem to fit, why force to keep them? At the end of any working day, you’d have to ask yourself this question. Your productivity is at stake here. Don’t put it on hold just because you hired the agency that you don’t like to work with.

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Conclusion / Final Words

Hiring a digital marketing agency is no easy feat. It takes also a lot of consideration and time. So, while you’re at it, consider the information you have read earlier in this article. Remember that your primary goal is to hire an agency that will help you work on your core, grow your business and help you achieve that success you are aiming for. Are you ready to take on a full 360-degree digital marketing agency?

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