Filipino Digital Marketing Expert and CEO, Ruben Licera, wins the coveted  “Communication Professional of the Year” BRONZE Stevie® Award in the 16th Annual International Business Awards® of 2019.

The Stevie® Award is one of the most coveted prizes for businesses and organizations worldwide. The Stevie® was inaugurated to raise and gather public awareness and to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations. 

The IBA reviewed Ruben Licera’s nomination along with a record of 4,000 international nominations from 74 nations and territories. This year,  Ruben Licera was announced to be amongst the winners and will receive the BRONZE Stevie Award “Communication Professional of the Year.”

The judging process is a fierce competition with more than 250 executives to determine the average scores of the Stevie® Award winners in the judging process from May through early August. Only 35% of the nominations were considered to receive high-enough average scores.

Digital Marketing Expert CEO’s Career

Ruben started his professional career as a burger flipper at Burger Machine. 

Before graduating from college, he was already employed as a full-time PR writer of a Manila-based creative agency.

He started his online freelancing career in 2008 when he was hired as a part-time SEO writer of a Texas-based digital marketing agency.

He grew from the ranks as an online freelancer then from specialist to becoming a full-time home-based project manager. 

As a multi-awarded and multi-certified digital marketing professional, he realised the constant need of local businesses of a fast-responding and efficient digital marketing team to address the need of a thriving and growing business, thus ESTRAT Digital Marketing was born.  

He founded ESTRAT Digital Marketing in 2017. The once home-based agency is now one of the fastest-growing 100% Filipino-owned homegrown 360 digital marketing agencies in Cebu, Philippines.

Under ESTRAT, Ruben created strings of digital marketing communication successes with clients from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ruben Licera entertains questions during the Philippines Association of Secretaries' meeting.
Ruben Licera entertains questions during the Philippines Association of Secretaries’ meeting.

In just around two years of leading his company with his co-founder Iren Sangre-Licera, ESTRAT Digital Marketing is already internationally recognized as the “Startup of the Year” Silver Stevie Awardee in the – Business Services Industries category of IBA 2019. 

“We never expected to win. Getting this recognition for Coach Ruben Licera’s efforts and for ESTRAT is a validation of the passion and purpose each of the team members do everyday to be able to tell our clients stories and help them grow,” shares Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Iren.

Coach “Ruben Licera”

Ruben’s colleagues and co-workers inside ESTRAT, and those whom he mentors refer to him as “Coach Ruben”.

He lives with this advocacy and continues to do so with his “LIVE THE GREAT LIFE”  mantra. Ruben acknowledges his role and position as the mentor and life coach that empowers young individuals and professionals because he believes that the only way to be truly successful and be fulfilled in life is in how many times one can share what they have with others. 

Currently, he continues to empower individuals and businesses through digital marketing, brand development, servant leadership and personality development.

“The work in empowering local businesses to be globally-ready through digitization doesn’t end in helping businesses. It is also in training online professionals to grow, thrive and scale in the industry to build a career in digital creative marketing. That is when you can create a holistic and sustainable digital marketing sphere,” states Coach Ruben Licera.

Ruben Licera conducts SEO Training to some students.
Ruben Licera conducts SEO Training to some students.

“Working side by side with Coach Ruben is both an honor and a privilege. He always sees potential and growth in every individual and that is probably just one of the many strengths in his character. His dedication and passion with a purpose has made it possible for ESTRAT to have a global print, opening more opportunities for career growth, and bringing the local community to the world,” stated by Kezia Rico, Project Manager at ESTRAT.

An International Business Awards 2019 Judge remarked about Ruben Licera’s win:

When a person moves from contributor to teacher, their ability to have an impact multiplies. His impressive track record makes me look forward to seeing how he grows further in the international digital communications community.”

Ruben Licera will receive his award at the International Business Awards Gala Event at Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere Hotel on 19 October 2019, in Vienna, Austria.

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