Attracting potential customers to your start-up or small business is critical and essential to your business growth. Customers will look for not only a brand that they can trust but as well as a brand that produces results through their products and services. That is why, this article, we will dig deeper into the content marketing tips for local business, that you should consider.

What challenges businesses is how they can stay relevant in this noisy social media environment? What sort of approach should you try in order to turn leads into new customers?

Content Marketing Tips for Local Business

Here’s a list of the content marketing tips for local business, that will help you out.

1. Produce compelling and relatable stories

Content Marketing Tips - Stories

An article from Chicago Tribune published in 2015 will tell you what benefits you can gain from reading a good story. 

The reasons mentioned in the article range from relieving one’s stress to making one happier in life.

Have you read all the Harry Potter books? How did it make you feel?

If you say, you found it relaxing and a breathe of fresh air, then, your all good!

This should how you make your audience feel when reading your content.

It might be a bit boring if you’ll only put in the data. But the key to producing a good content is to put a human in the story.

Oh, yes! How else do you think people would like to know about your story?

Now that makes a story a more compelling one!

One interesting challenge when it comes to storytelling is “Where do I begin?”

Now, let’s put this in the context of your business.

What do potential customers need to know about your business? How has it helped you? Why would they want to buy or use it too?

According to Simon Sinek, an author best known of his concept on the Golden Circle, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

Paul Zak, the director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, says the brain usually engages more on emotionally compelling ones and thus these stories are better remembered.

He further explained that there two key aspects of an effective story.

First, it must capture and hold your attention and second, it must allow the reader to be transported into the characters’ world.

Once you’re writing your story for your potential customers, you need to engage them on your struggles to be able to give them a clearer picture of why you do things the way you do.

Allow them to connect your story with their own story. The “why” in your own story should draw brand awareness. Then the “how” and the “what” questions will be answered.

Always keep in mind that your buyer persona matters in every story and the content you produce.

Also, keep in mind that your audience can relate and empathize with it.

Be consistent in your storytelling and you’ll never get lost.

It also helps if you write effectively. How? Write in the language that your audience use.

Just like what has been mentioned, your audience would look for products and companies that help share their needs, worries, wants, and pain.

When you produce compelling stories and written them with full of inspiration, it entices your audience to stay more and read more the content.

Later on, they would want to crave for more information. Where would they find reliable information? It would now be you.

After months and months of keeping them hooked with your works, you’ve become their reliable source of information.

This would make them stay and trust more of your products and services.

That’s how you’ll become effective in your content writing. You convert leads to new customers.

If you pair compelling stories with the skill of an effective writer, then you’ll definitely on the road to greater success in content marketing. 


2. Let your ideas flow.

With stiffer competition nowadays in the digital world, you are not only competing against others who do storytelling business too but also competing against your own.

Why? There will always come a time when you’ll ran out of new ideas or ran out of inspiration for new ideas to come up.

When this happens, you know you’ll need the help of everyone else in the team.

However, this time, you need not only to think about the quality but the number of ideas that will come up.

You can set-up a brainstorming meeting with them.

Jot down every idea that may come out.

Don’t worry yet about the grammar and quality at this stage, what is important is you’ll come up with better ideas that you can cluster and use.

If you need a break, take one. Have coffee. Go to the restroom. Take the time to think.

Studies show that taking breaks can help restore one’s motivation and increase productivity and creativity.

You’ll likely get “aha” moments or what others call eureka moments when you’re taking breaks as it refreshes your mind.

However, if you don’t see the need to break the “flow of ideas” during your discussion, continue with the brainstorming activity.

Once you got all the list of ideas down, you can now choose and decide what content marketing tips for local businesses, to pursue.

Ideas, in order to become relevant and useful, need to undergo scrutiny. Yet, this should not discourage you from thinking of more ideas to create content.

Rather, this scrutiny should challenge you to level up the quality of ideas you bring to the table.


3. Planning for the Long-Term Content Strategy

Content Marketing Tips - Strategy

An article from Forbes predicted that content marketing departments would grow by this year.

There will now be a demand for better video content, engaging articles, and well-designed infographics. In other words, there will be stiffer competition for attention from your audience.

There will also be an expansion of various talents to join your creative content team. This means more people to work with and more people to brainstorm with too.

The challenge for your team is this: how do you let your audience stay in the long run?

Editorial calendars will still be very relevant and useful. But now, it will be part of your bigger plan. You can now expand it and make it your own long-term content strategy plan.

With the changing times, how do you gauge if your content strategy is still relevant and very effective?

Kristopher Jones, a member of the Forbes Agency Council, shared in an article about how to remodel your content strategy for 2019. Jones urges content marketers to identify intent of user searches.

In a 2017 data published last year, daily searches on Google reached 3.5 billion. This is equivalent to 1.2 trillion searches every year worldwide.

2021 Projections indicate that the number of people using internet search engines will grow to 53.7 percent compared to the 46.8 percent in 2017.

If you’ll try to think about it, what do most users look for in search engines?

Jones said this could be segmented into four categories:

  • Informational
  • Shopping
  • Navigational
  • Commercial

Partner this with your content strategy remodeling; you’ll definitely make your content the answer to every searcher’s needs.

Apart from user intent, you should also consider the different interests of users when doing their search and other factors including their location, the type of gadget they use whether on mobile or desktop and your goals, of course.

The end in mind here should be how useful and relevant your content should be with the users.

From there, you can now have a concrete blueprint for your long-term content strategy plan.


4. Using Metrics and Insights at Your Advantage

Content Marketing Tips - Metrics

If you think numbers and statistics and graphs are boring, you better think again.

They are more than just numbers, graphs and pie charts. They are also your helpful tools in measuring how successful you are, as far as your strategy and content are concerned.

Have you checked your numbers lately? How about your content’s traffic? Has it increased or decreased since it’s posting?

It is essential in your Content Marketing Tips for Local Business strategy that you measuring the increase in your traffic is one of the measurements that you are doing well in your content marketing efforts.

You’ll need to know if it’s doing well and evaluate if it needs boosting so as to identify the possible cost that it entails.

Traffic may differ from every post, blog and websites but your goal should be to increase your own numbers.

If you’re using Google Analytics for your website, then it can help you identify which posts are gaining increasing traffic.

Do take note of the trend of your traffic per month and from there you can adjust which content should be boosted and which should be reposted in a newer and updated angle.

Next is checking your social media insights.

How are you performing in your social media accounts in terms of engagement?

In the Philippines, most companies are targeting Facebook to connect since it is the platform where almost everyone is logged in.

Have you checked the insights portion of your Facebook page? If not, you should check it now.

See how your posts are performing. Which ones have the most engagement?

What type of post is a hit among your audience? Is it video content? A link to your article on your website? Or is it an infographic?

Facebook also shows the number of people your posts have reached and separates the figure from the organic and the boosted one.

This comes very handy since you can see which post you can reuse again and which one that you should refrain from posting.

Most of the trends in Facebook now involve more visuals.

People nowadays have this need to see more and also, read more.

Apart from Facebook, your performance on Twitter and Instagram should also be checked.

Next to Facebook, Instagram ranks second to the most used social media application by users especially in the Philippines.

The app, on the other hand, provides accounts for business profiles where you can get insights on your followers and see how your posts are performing.

Instagram has also similarities with Facebook as it now has the option for your post to get boosted by paying an amount.

What makes this app more appealing especially to the younger ones is its visual and compelling video content.

People like to take really good photos. So, this should be your platform if you’d want to showcase your products.

Also, users love authenticity here. So make sure your posts make a human connection to your audience.

All these data, if used in the right way, may be beneficial for you and your company’s image and branding.


5. Think of Growth

Think of Growth


Who wouldn’t want their company to grow and increase their productivity and revenue?

In this last content marketing tip for local business, you will understand the value of creating more opportunities for growth in your content marketing efforts.

Growth also means greater responsibilities at hand as you will not only be handling one section of your company but integrate a lot of sections with other sections in order to get the best optimum performance.

Growing also needs to everybody’s cooperation.

You all need to look at one direction and understand that concept. How do you instill this growth mindset to them?

You’ll need to start team by team.

Let’s begin with your customer service team. This is considered one of the core team of the company as this is where you’ll better understand the need of your customers.

Let your customer service team profile the needs of the customers that they cater with. Have a database on what they need and how your services can better help them address these needs.

This data can help you in developing helpful content to your customers the next time they received any communication from you.

Next is your sales team.

How do they close the deals? Have you talked to them how they sell your products to potential customers?

The pieces of information you can gather from the sales team are really beneficial on your content creation . These can help you in deciding on whether you’d create a customized approach for every prospect.

If you’ll allow them to see why you’re doing all approach to get to know your customers better, these teams will understand the need to grow.

Make such activities a routine for your teams. Instilling growth mindset would take time. However, nothing can’t be done if you stay in doing things the way that you do today. The only way is to challenge them to level up their game and see where you can go from there.

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

If this works, probably, you can give or provide incentives to the teams who did better work at their jobs.

You can also have incentive program for them in order to also inspire them to work their best.

Lastly, think about the company’s future. How do you see your company four to five years from now?

Nobody wants to stay stagnant for years, right?

Strive to build a workplace where everyone gets heard and ideas are welcomed. You can even have an idea board set-up somewhere where people can contribute to your idealization process.

This approach can create a good vibe for your employees as it always encourages them to look beyond their own regular functions.

Let them have a voice too and let their ideas be heard.

You are not only creating an environment of growth but as well as creating a new workplace of the future.

Seeing the bright side of things? Let these inspire you to get to where you envisioned to be.

Remember that dreams will stay as dreams if you don’t work for it to become a reality.

Now that you have these content marketing tips for local business, you’re now equipped to try these out for your company.

Each day will always pose as a challenge to you and your company but know that there are those who are also willing to help you in reaching your full potential.

Talk with them and see where their expertise can help you.

Remember that two hands are better than one. There’s a better chance that you can solve your problem with the help of another person.

Talk with industry experts and see how they can help you with your local business content marketing needs.

Also, it helps if they are also offering other services that you can introduce to the company.

There may be a lot of them offering and promising results but you always have to go to those companies with track records.

See their testimonials page from their partners and find out what these companies are saying about how they deliver their work.

It’s always good to know that there are other companies whose mission is to help lift others, especially in this digital age.

If other companies have succeeded through their help, then you can succeed too with their help.

If you need help, find someone whom you can rely on.

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