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Last Update: Jun 25, 2022 @ 1:59 pm
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manage your business from home

This is a fact. I am writing this article today and still in my pajama. Why? because I am making money just by simply doing things I love the most — learning and sharing.

My 8-year belief ended seven months ago when I finally take the leap and take the plunge. It was scary, though, at first to know that you are 30 years young (ehhemmm… and taking a home-based job). And yet I am proud to say that I am doing pretty well feeling all the time I want, being successful and enjoying a stress-free life by simply walking down the stairs from our newly purchased home in Mandaue City to stir a cup of coffee and still wearing my pajamas.
Just a warning though, as soon as you get more reputation online, you get a lot of clients, whether you like it or not. And, if you can’t control them this can be a stressful thing. I can understand now why my friend Nico of use to decline projects. I was thinking, ‘He’s a freelancer. He must be needing us?”.
This is not true afterall. When you get your clients trust, and build reputation, you get to choose projects to manage. After all, aside from possible local clients, as an internet marketing expert, you receive numerous emails and calls from prospective clients and existing clients themselves.
Anyway, I wrote this post to answer an email from a reader: Ate Flor’s question is: “What are the challenges of having a Business From Home?”
Thanks Ate. After more than 2 year, I can sum up my challenges in the following aspects:

1. Starting Up Concerns.


I see now how amateur home-based workers failing. To tell you honestly, almost 80% failed in their venture because they don’t know what they are doing. They are simply there to try which shouldn’t be the case. Internet Marketing and making money from home is a legitimate business that can let you earn more than a regularly paid manager can have. Their failure is the result of not doing their assignments. One should first understand the concept. Joining a program where you can learn these strategies, like MASTER ONLINE MARKETERS Program, will help you identify what you want to have for your business. This strategy will also plot your course of action and digest your plans to make it simply reachable.

2. Workplace Distractions. 


Working at home needs focus especially if you are working projects. I am a guy that requires ample space and privacy when I work. My colleagues from Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Outsourcing Solutions International and CREWorks Asia can attest to that. Therefore, I value the place I work with. It is my holy place where I can be myself and do my things. I can’t tolerate noise but I love loud instrumental David Foster music.

3. Online Distractions.

Online Distractions

I differentiated it from working area distractions because this is major concern for most of online workers. For example, when I turn my skype on I get a lot of distractions. That is why starting today I am informing everyone that you can throw me any questions you want every every Wednesday (8:00PM-10:00PM only) . You should allocate time in doing some serious work, doing some serious games and simply by socializing. This makes life pretty much organized.

4. Personal vs Professional life.

Personal vs Professional life.

When you are at home, sometimes you get mixed up about personal errands and professional tasks. Proper time organization is required. Diligence to perform tasks as scheduled should be observed. Afterall, though your business is just at home, it is still a business that you rare running. The Business From Home should be included in the options.
I saw a friend emailing me with this footer:

Social Media Consultant
Mobile no. XXX-XXX-XXXX (8AM – 12AM)
TEl. NO. XXXX-XXXX ( Office Hours 9AM – 5 PM)

This should be the case in life and in work – a time for everything. We set a time for every priorities we have to ensure that we get everything done as expected and on schedule.
I hope I answered your question Flor. For more questions you want to be answered, email me at info[at]
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