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Last Update: May 23, 2022 @ 4:09 pm
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SEO article writing

The SEO article writing is as critical as the article submission process. A fully optimized content targetted for the target readers can just do wonders. Here are the basic criteria of the articles that I do for a client. I often refer to this as the Basic Effective SEO Article Writing Guide:

1. The article should be approximately 500 -550 words.
2. The Main Keyword should be part of the articles title.
3. The Main Keyword, Sub-Keyword 1 and Sub-Keyword 2 will be included in the first paragraph of the article.
3. Make the first paragraph a summary of what to expect in the succeeding paragraphs. Make it enticing as much as possible.
4. Use The three keywords in the first sentence of the paragraph.
5. The content should not directly promote the client. However, It can be mentioned as a reference only.
6. Use short paragraphs, bullets, numbered lists, bolding, sub-headings, and categories to break up the text. I do not like long paragraphs and lots of text. I like it to be short and easy/fast to read. One Paragraph should be a maximum of 4 sentences, with an average of 2-3.
7. Put keywords at the end of the body (last few words if possible)
8. All Articles should be unique and pass the the plagiarism check via copyscape with uniqueness not less than 80%. Based on my company initiated case study, there is a correlation between the percentage of uniqueness of an article to the probability of it being published.
9. Make a very interesting article for the readers. That will surely trigger them to ask for more.
In the next posts I will share to you the secrets of highly read articles.
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