15 WordPress Web Design Trends in 2021

Last Update: Jun 15, 2022 @ 2:12 pm
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WordPress web design trends are always changing and evolving. Each year, we see new innovative trends that are introduced to the web. And while some of these themes and designs come and go, the best of them do stick around for a long time.

But why should you take note of these updates and follow on these trends? Well, if you want to get a new WordPress theme, it’s imperative that you choose a design that matches your current one. It’ll streamline your project and offer a design that won’t feel like it was just created last night.

Let’s explore these updates on wordpress web design trends and make your website look exceptional and personal with these mind blowing and hottest design ideas for 2021.

Why Do WordPress Theme Trends Matter?

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To specify why wordpress web design trends are important. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to consider a theme that’s on-trend:

  • An updated theme design means that it can appeal to your visitors.
  • It ensures that your theme is using the current design standards.
  • Grab more attention or leave an impression by standing out from the crowd.
  • It means that you are positioning yourself ahead of the competition.
  • It improves functionality such as user engagement and user experience.
  • And it helps you to establish that you are a leading authority in your niche.

So, whether you’re here searching for a great theme for a new WordPress site or are simply browsing for an upgrade, here are some of the most popular theme trends that you can check out and use for 202.

15 of the Hottest WordPress Web Design Trends for 2021

1. Chatbot Integration

Image by entrepreneur.com

Have you ever tried to talk to a website’s chat support? In most cases, it is simply a chatbot that is responding on behalf of the brand. However, this is not the only functional use of a chatbot.

Chatbots can simplify numerous administrative and customer support tasks for a business. Hence, they have become a popular choice for developing in WordPress.

But there are other tasks in which chatbots can help you out. These are:

  • Improving your customer response rate by automating FAQs
  • Monitoring clicks or the things that catches your visitors attention
  • Capturing leads that may have difficulty finding what they are searching for
  • And placing a personal touch on the user experience

And with the AI, chatbots have greatly improved and became more humanlike. Even now, businesses use chatbots in different ways.

2. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search
Image by Vendasta

When voice search was initially introduced, the results were quite basic and there were plenty of errors in the results too.

But slowly, voice search has become a preferred choice for businesses and personal use. And it is expected to also participate and improve SEO and revolutionize eCommerce completely. So, by adding voice search plugins, your business will be able to offer convenient features that users are accustomed to.

And since they are becoming prevalent. You’ll also want to consider using the keywords related to how people speak versus how they type. You can also answer questions in your content since people searching are likely to ask, and creating content to cater or suited for those will greatly improve your results.

3. Dark Mode

Dark Mode
Image by dreamhost

Have you ever considered using dark mode themes for your website? If the concept fits, you do have people or users that will prefer dark mode over light mode. 

This has spurred the sudden shift in designs where even the popular Google Chrome has optimized the app interfaces for their dark mode. Which asks a good question, should your WordPress have a dark mode too?

Ultimately, dark mode is an ultra-modern design that provides a vibrant impression with impeccable clarity and visibility. It even helps reduce eye strain and it can help your viewers to focus on the content and image that you are showcasing.

There are plenty of WordPress themes that come in with a built-in dark mode, so it doesn’t mean you stay with one look only. You can allow users to easily switch between light and dark designs.

4. Virtual Reality

One of the most interactive and impressive ways to showcase your website is by offering VR experiences. From real estate, tour, travel and photography, VR creates an immersive benchmark with profitable returns.

It can help empower your buyers to solidify their decisions that are based on trust and satisfaction. VR isn’t only reserved for games and movies, it has revolutionized the web designing industry by being able to focus on real content and strengthen the trust of users with demos.

5. Interactive 3D Content

Image from premium.wpmudev.org

But of course, VR’s are still over the price range for some businesses and audiences. So we can offer a cheaper alternative that still provides solid results and will still gain attraction.

Various companies are choosing seamless interactions especially since it creates a professional impression from the customers. And it also optimizes campaigns while enabling productive content.

Although we agree that this concept is not entirely new. 3D design is gaining popularity. But definitely use this more than just a visual experience and be interactive in your menus, and maps.

6. Motion Effect Animations

A big part of offering an entertaining experience for users is to add attractive animations to your web designs.

While this is also not a new concept for WordPress web design trends. This will go mainstream in WordPress for 2021 since the signs of the trend appeared on announced motion effects including scrolling and mouse animation plugins.

This effect will certainly open plenty of doors for you while allowing your website to be more attractive with animated experiences based on user movements.

7. Oversized Typography

Big Fonts
Image by aThemes

Another way to tell your story online in a trendy way is to use great typography. Great website creators will offer you more than just the basic fonts. So therefore, it’s important to research your theme and the platforms it’ll work on.

Unique fonts can help you go a long way. The same with minimalism and boldness. They help to align your brand making them easy to read and responsive. 

The best way to use this theme is by using it on your headlines but also learning how NOT to overdo it. Remember, be functional and note the rule that less is more. Especially since a unique typography will lose its appeal once you overuse it.

8. CSS Grid

While this may get too technical, but basically a CSS grid is to enable it to get its own driver’s license. This means that your website has a responsive type of grid that adapts and changes dramatically depending on where it is displayed on your viewer’s screen.

You have already come across this design where the page elements will shrink or reorganize based on the size of the window. This can be done for mobile devices and standard browsers.

It’s a fair conclusion that CSS grid lines are going to become a famous WordPress web design trend.  

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9. Mobile-Friendly Designs

Image from UseThisTip

While we are talking about responsive designs, let’s talk about mobile devices. The number of internet users using mobile devices has long surpassed the number of desktop users.

This is the turning point of web design and usage, you can no longer customize as you please since you need to check if your designs are also ideal for mobile users.

10. Microinteractions

The whole purpose of this wordpress web design trends list is to make you focus on the small details. And one of these details are the microinteractions.

As the name provides, the concept refers to your content where people provide their reactions in various ways. This is not only limited to Facebook reaction emojis.

Facebook emoji

Microinteractions allows you to give your site a living feel. They help provide that feeling that you are really interacting with the content rather than just staring at a static wall of texts.

Take a look at the example below, the image is set that it’ll perform a “pop” animation when the cursor hovers over it.


And in other instances, some pages will give you the option to highlight the text and directly share it on social media.


11. Slants and Diagonals

Image by dreamhost

Making your site deviate from the usual look of the usual straight formats, like using slants and diagonals can give your website a modern feel. 

The slanted lines may be an unusual format but they provide a stylish look and they are fully customizable with plenty of choices.

12. Customized Illustrations

Image by complete themes

Most websites are using stock photography and animation with their text. However, to create a unique identity. You need to commission illustrators to design your visual branding.

A customized illustration can establish your personality and to tell your story with just the images alone. And an illustrator doesn’t cost a lot. It’s cheaper than commissioning a whole lot of photographers whenever your site needs a fresh look.

Unlike most of the WordPress web design trends we’ve discussed, there is no easy solution for this. The key to succeed in this is to find an illustrator whose style will match with your site.

And make sure that you pay them their due. Talent does cost money and nobody really wants to work for just the exposure.

13. The Power of White Space

White Space
Image by dribble.com

That white space gives you a lot of room for your content and it will attract and please the eye of visitors. It makes your site appealing and clutter-free.

If you want your readers to know exactly what you want to say then use this theme to create a harmony between your web design and user experience for a more delightful impression for visitors.

Using white space designs allows you to give focus on what matters, easily give the catch to your reader’s brain, and help evolve their creativity.

14. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps
Image by SimiCart.com

Have you ever wanted to try an app but didn’t want to download it? This is the case for plenty of smartphone users and ultimately they opt not to download the app.

So what can you do to remedy this? Providing progressive web apps is the answer! A PWA offers the app-like experience and performs similar to the original app without  having to download it.

The benefits of having a PWA is to have a faster loading time, better user experience, more flexibility and higher security.

While progressive web apps have been in the market for quite a while. But has become popular with smartphones.

15. Use and Focus On Your Data


Numbers do not lie. And your data is one valuable asset for any organization. When you have useful information on hand, you can personalize your activities and design according to it.

This is how brands can help develop their services since it can help make the customers stay longer on your web pages. Also, search engines can take into consideration that can help improve your own rating.

Final Thoughts

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Image from Inc. Magazine

It is not possible for a regular person from a non-technical background to keep themselves updated with all the new features released for WordPress.

As such, hiring the right agency to develop or add new features to your website can help bring your ideas to life.

Keep in mind that we aren’t recommending that you depend completely on your developers. It is still necessary to have your own knowledge of the upcoming and popular trends.

We hope you got a glimpse on how WordPress can boost your brand and we hope that you can try to incorporate these trends to reach new business heights.

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