Subway ® Slashes Marketing Budget To Unleash their New Meat Stack sub

Last Update: Jun 7, 2022 @ 1:27 pm
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Subway® Slashes Marketing Budget To Unleash their New Meat Stack sub

For a limited time from October 5, 2020 to January 5, 2021, Subway ® is rolling out all of their meat in their fully-loaded “Meat Stack Sub” that’s definitely worth your every peso. With layers of chicken strips, pepperoni, sliced chicken, and salami, the new menu is probably the only order you are going to make for the new few months especially since it’s a feast all by itself.

Subway’s New Meat Stack Sub

Take a look at that fully packed filling! What more could we ask for a more delicious sandwich experience right? However, this new option came with a cost for the international submarine sandwich brand.


In their FB page, Subway disclosed that they were “sandwiched” in their budgets this year and were only left with two options.

Should they add more meat to their subs (a type of sandwich made from a cylindrical bread roll split lengthwise) or provide more budget for their marketing?

But for Subway, the choice was obviously clear. And that is to provide this new hypervalue menu that can even be considered as an early Christmas or Year-end gift to their customers and patrons and even more so for the sandwich lovers out there.

Subway’s Meat Stack Video Ad

But in their efforts to market and deliver this new sub, they had to lessen their marketing campaigns which resulted into a low-budget-looking ad to promote their new menu. The ad is 20-seconds long and abruptly greets its viewers with a statement that their “advertisement was made by an intern on budget”.

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It then transitioned to show the process of how they created the ad using a software that is similar to Microsoft Powerpoint. In their caption or blurb, they disclosed that they didn’t spend a penny for a copywriter in order to make this happen.

Lastly, to properly get their message across that they’ve slashed their marketing budget. They’ve added hashtags such as #LessMarketing4MoreMeat. If you’ve got 20 seconds to spare, check out their budgeted video ad below.


Subway Meatstack
Subway’s New Meat Stack Sub

But enough about marketing, let’s move on to the meat! Literally, the new meat stack sub is both a feast for the eyes and our mouths. And if you still have room to spare, add in a chocolate chip cookie for only Php 20 as your dessert.

For dine-in and take-out, customers can choose between the 6-inch Ala Carte for Php 165. Or opt for the 6-inch sub combo with a 16-oz drink for Php 190. But if you really have a big appetite and craving for this delicious sub, we do suggest the full experience by choosing their Footlong Ala Carte for only Php 320.


However, with the cautionary reminders provided by the government against COVID-19 and on-going quarantines in different areas of Luzon.

Subway does offer a safer alternative to still get a chance to munch on their fully loaded menu. You can check on Grab and LalaFood App to help you purchase the sub and enjoy it at the comfort of your homes and offices but with a little add-on price for the delivery.

You can refer to the added prices below but do take note that the charge for the delivery will vary according to your distance.

  • 6-inch Ala Carte – Php 206.25
  • 6-inch Combo sub with 16-oz drink – Php237.50
  • Footlong Ala Carte – Php400
  • Add-on chocolate chip cookie – Php25

In addition to the meat stack sub, Subway is also offering a special deal for their 6-inch Meat Stack Ala Carte. For only Php 250, you can get a 6-inch Smoked Chicken Sub to help invigorate you for the rest of the day.


SUBWAY’s Helpful A.I. for pick-up orders on Messenger, “BOTTY”

Although, chances are that you might be the one to line up for their Meat Stack Sub on your way to work or drop by for a quick taste on the new menu. So Subway has enabled a seamless transaction with their helpful chatbot named “BOTTY” via messenger.

Subway will take away the frustration of having to wait in long lines for your meals. And it’s both convenient and easy to use BOTTY as it works in 3-simple steps: OrderPay, and Collect!

Once customers have decided on what they’ll have, BOTTY via messenger will provide a summary of their orders and the total amount to pay.

BOTTY via messenger will provide customers with an order number and will keep them updated on the status of their transaction. BOTTY will then alert them when their order is ready for pick-up. Just present the payment and you are ready to go.


Although it is sad that the New Meat Stack sub is only available for the 29 Subway branches in Luzon. And the Subway branches at RCBC PlazaFestival Mall, and Ayala Manila Bay are currently closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But if they can resume operations during the promo period. The Meat Stack sub will also be available at these branches. So for our lucky fellowmen in Luzon, don’t miss out on the New Meat Stack Sub and let us know how they taste.

You can find the closest Subway branch is to you with list of branches down below:

subway branches
Subway branches in Luzon


The campaign was inspired by existing and real problems of the advertising industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Budget cuts for brands and agencies all year around are happening and can limit or put on hold multiple marketing campaigns.

But creativity has always been best exercised during a pinch. And since the Subway Meat Stack holds a lot of value in their meat. It was an interesting angle to ride out and actually mention: that Subway had put so much meat in the sub that they ran out of marketing budget.


ad placement

For the campaign’s art direction, Subway wanted it to be “super lo-fi”, a term for the music or sound where imperfections are deliberately shown. And this was applied as the campaign was done on a non-creative tool or a plain presentation software.

While Subway surely took the joke of using simple presentation softwares into ads. The campaign isn’t only for humor but also aims to touch on the situation that many advertising agencies are currently facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the result of the campaign has been clear that with its budget cuts, the true value of the product has been successfully portrayed. And even with limited resources, just by having a good advertising team with limited budgets doesn’t mean that they cannot come together to make a campaign that is both refreshing and fun.


The Subway restaurant chain continues to evolve the dining experience, offering guests in more than 100 countries quality ingredients, as well as robust flavor combinations while serving over 6 million made-to-order sandwiches created each day.

All subway restaurants are owned and operated by more than 20,000 Franchise Owners, who employ many people in their communities. The Subway experience is also delivered online at, through, and the Subway® App.

Subway® is a Registered Trademark of Subway IP LLC. ©2020 Subway IP LLC

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