Successful Real Estate FB Ads and Why They Work

Last Update: Jul 1, 2022 @ 2:12 pm
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Real Estate Facebook Ads Is Important

Realtors or property brokers are the links between homebuyers and sellers. They conduct rent, sales and purchase of properties and present them effectively using real estate facebook ads.

However, why are real estate Facebook ads crucial in the real estate market?

Why are Real Estate Facebook Ads Important?

In the past, realtors used to rely on networking to gather their listings. However, as more audiences are surfing the net to find, purchase and sell their homes.

The trend is only going to increase especially as the younger generations are so in tune with the internet in their daily lives.

So what are the top reasons realtors use social media for real estate advertising? It is because they are responsible for:

    • 26% of promoting their listings
    • 25% in building or maintaining relationships with existing clients
    • 21% is for being visible on social media
    • 13% for finding new prospects
    • 5% enjoying the job
    • 3% helping network their listings with other professionals

This shows that advertising on Facebook will allow you to reach potential customers right where they are. And you can even target them locally in their demographics and promote your ads based on their interests and groups.

How to Set Up Your Real Estate Facebook Ad Campaign

Creating your own real estate facebook ads will need you to define your goals.

But once you have your objective in mind. You will need to define the right audiences.

Facebook has just updated their targeting options which prevent discrimations n housing, employment and credit advertising. So it;s no longer possible to target based on age, gender and zip code.

They are also building a new search tool specifically to search all real estate ads to help build a campaign that fits within the rules and will still work effectively for your business.

Lastly, after choosing who you want to target. You’ll need to be consistent in your brand position on how you are different from your competitor’s services and products.

Leverage on your strengths and lead your consumers to act.

Effective Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples

15 Successful Real Estate Facebook Ads Sample

So how does a successful real estate facebook ad look like in the market? Here are some of our favorite and powerful examples of real estate ad campaigns that helped agencies outperform their competitors and succeed in their local market.

1. Focusing On Customer Pain Points – Vakil Housing

We’ve got a Facebook ads example executed by the Vakil housing. The real estate company had used the customer’s pain points to create a powerful real estate ad.


The message was clear and concise. It said “Keep your whole family together”.

It wasn’t about just the house but was about creating and starting a home with the family together in one place.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the ads had a lot of engagement especially from expectant parents who wanted to start a family in a bigger area.

Vakil Housing did their research and understood what their target customers needed.

It comes down to the thought that the more you know about your customers and the problems they face. The more we can effectively respond to their unique needs.

This is why you should use your customer’s pain points whenever you create your Facebook ads and probably answer core question such as:

  • What problems are they facing when searching for houses to buy?
  • Why would they want to sell their homes?
  • What are they interested in?

In order to create effective real estate facebook ads that will produce an interesting offer.

But do keep in mind that Facebook isn’t just a platform where you can advertise. People are actually looking for ways to solve their housing problem here.

So use your customer’s pain points, answer the core question, create effective and helpful real estate Facebook ads in order to connect your audience to your brand on a personal level.

2. Use Your Satisfied Customer Testimonials – JSP Realtors

The internet is the place where people look for solutions. However, a smart and careful user knows that it is laden with scams and other problems – this is why people look and turn to reviews and testimonials.

JPS Realtors had done exactly that, to create a real estate Facebook ad that compiled their testimonials from customers who had bought or sold their houses with their company.


Notice how transparent and organic these images are in their Facebook carousel ad campaign? While, it is good that you tell how great your real estate services are. Nothing can beat when it is your customers who are doing the talking.

Remember, people believe in the testimonies of others who have already experienced the services they are about to use.

All you need to do is create stunning real estate Facebook ads that will build the bridge for people to trust your agency a whole lot more.

It will build your brand and it will break every objection that your prospects will have.

Share personal stories to make a connection

You can also take your testimonials a step further by using a monthly ad that features an interview with a customer. Ask them questions that’ll get them to share about their experience with you and their impressions of the process you have done.

Don’t forget CTAs to get people to click the ad and head over to your website.


3. Using Facebook live for A virtual tour of a property – John and Mellissa Steele

John and Melissa Steele are San Diego Realtors. In this real estate facebook ads example, Mellisa used the platform to create a live eight minutes personal live tour of the home that they wanted to sell.

It was a detailed virtual tour and that answered a lot of important points without it sounding too scripted.


Of course, Facebook isn’t the only platform that offers live streaming. So, as a real estate agent, you can use those platforms to create a virtual tour and even answer questions live.

4. Using the Carousel Ad format –

While we are talking about the Facebook Ad platform, let’s take a look at how, a UK real estate company showed different listings of their properties.


If you want to get the most of your ads and listings, the carousel ad format can provide you a series of images that your viewers can scroll and view different listings and images of the house.

It is not good enough to show only the exterior, so make the most use of your ads money to provide them with angles from your listings.

5. Exotic Drone Footage – Blue Hawaii

Given that Hawaii has wonderful landscapes that can’t just be appreciated in one angle. The Blue Hawaii Kai made full use of their video ads.

They showed the stunning cinematography, partnered with soothing music and fun fonts that creates a sense of serenity, stillness that combine luxury and leisure.

Even if your ad isn’t in a tropical paradise, you can learn from this example to recreate a good stage or ambience using your drones.

All you have to make sure is that you shoot on a sunny day and use filters that’ll brighten your landscape and interiors.

You might also want to do test shots on the best drone flight path that’ll best highlight the property.For example, you could use a drone to fly down onto a property. This helps to show the details of the property in a dramatic and wide view.

Afterwards, move closer to show the driveway, the lawns, and the front door. It will result in an amazing and unique sight which is what you are aiming for.


Drone shots will also do well when used in an album. So don’t just take videos, use those images as well in your ads. Focus on the features that are most important to your buyers and use the gallery to showcase the exciting aspects of the homes you offer.

6. How To Appeal – Domain Group

One of the most successful facebook ad campaigns were done by Domain Group’s use of automation technology. They turned their  most useful and successful Facebook content into ads that resulted into thirty times more engagement than that of their previous campaigns.

To do something similar, you have to check and track your best-performing content and reuse it. Don’t forget to analyze your content so that you can understand the reason behind its success and create more content just like it.

The Domain Group focused more on real problems faced by their target market. For example, they understood how it is to live in a cramped apartment.


So this specific ad worked for people who wanted to practice space-saving techniques in their homes. Of course, the clean and crisp images and a simple copy played part in appealing to the curiosity of its viewers.

7. Retargeting using dynamic Facebook ads – Riley Jackson Real Estate Inc.

While they may look similar to carousel ads, dynamic products ads are about targeting customers who had previously visited your website and products but who left before completing their purchase.


They are those types of audiences of which you don’t want to let go or go cold. It is important to retarget them in order to encourage them to convert or purchase your products.

The benefit of doing this ads is that you are able to minimize the number of conversions missed at the last state of your sales process.

When you create a retargeted ad, all you really have to keep in mind is that you are reminding your visitors to return to your site and buy something. But this time, your ads can include the property, its address, price, property type, and other details.

8. Aspirational Appeal – Pulte Homes

Pulte Homes ran a campaign focused on one message, “We help people build the life they deserve.”

But what does this do?

It’s actually a type of marketing strategy called Aspirational marketing or appealing to one’s imagination.

The thought behind this strategy is that people don’t see the world as it is. It is shaped by our knowledge, emotions and experiences.

Similar to a product, we don’t just see it’s features, we see what we can do and achieve with it and what it will say about us.

With Pulte Homes, they focused on consumer  aspirations rather than their products and services. The ads work because of their focus on consumer aspirations.


They targeted clients who believe they deserve more than they have. In other words, they are inspiring potential clients by validating how they feel and that they can help achieve their dreams.

This strategy has a far stronger chance of conversions than a simple showcase of photos and beautiful housing. It is about applying your company’s mission with helping people reach their goals.

9. Insider Knowledge – Your California Realty

Your California Realty ran a Facebook ad campaign that shared or appealed to insider knowledge. Where they are promoting the types of products that have lowest homes in one of the priciest parts of the country.

buy-malibu - Real Estate Facebook Ads

This means that they are clear on  their targets who are budget minded luxury shoppers. And selling listings is a bit of an art form, which means that buyers are looking to get the best possible price at the end of the day.

10. Home Evaluation – Roger Prasad

Roger Prasad a realtor from Silicon Valley Real invited their prospects for a free home evaluation.

Home evaluations are effective real estate facebook ads that can help you get free leads without having to do cold calling.

The goal of your appraisals is to determine a property’s market value so that it will bring in a price that’s competitive in the open market.

OGRogerPrasadAppraisals must be done specifically by covering details that includes, general data such as nation, region, city, and neighborhood which will be analyzed through a:

  • Sales Comparison Approach
  • Coast Approach
  • Income Capitalization Approach

Either approach must be done by a skilled professional who is involved in real transactions and benefits from basic understanding of different methods of real estate evaluation.

11. Transparent Ad Copy –  Boston Proper Real Estate

The most challenging aspect in real estate is building your consumer’s trust. When someone is making a huge financial decision that’s going to impact their day to day expenses, they want to ensure that the party they are working with can be trusted.

And trust can be really hard to establish since there have been plenty of real estate horror stories circulating around the web. However, to build on this trust. You just need to be as transparent as possible to make sure that your lead never feels like they’re being duped.

When creating your real estate Facebook ads, you must attach a realistic imagery of what the listing looks like and be direct in your ad copy.

You want to tell the audience what they are going to get even before they click and look for the information such as price, square footage, location, number of rooms, etc.

Take a look at the exemplary job done by Boston Proper Real Estate, they provided detailed descriptions with their listings. And informed their audiences with information they are bound to ask which included heat and water.

Boston-Proper-Real-Estate - Real Estate Facebook Ads

12. Giving Advice – and provides valuable advice for its Facebook ad viewers on what they can use their money on to invest and when would be the perfect time to do it.

Their campaign provides a compelling content for the apartments that they are selling. Check it out below.


Of course, your real estate facebook ads don’t have to be exclusive about selling properties.

So you might want to consider running ads that are giving advice on home maintenance perhaps.

Once people click on these ads of yours, you can redirect them to your landing page with access to other blogs and content you have on your site.

realtor - Real Estate Facebook Ads

But remember, the more you know your audiences, the better. Think about what they are looking for and consider their pain points and offer them solutions.

13. Real Estate Pinterest Boards – Gill Gasset

Bill Gasset is just one of many successful realtors with engaging Pinterest boards. He pins so regularly that followers can get fresh content multiple times a day.

And they range from tips, tricks, photos and even DIY projects for home improvements.

If you want to be part of a social community and reach potential buyers and sellers, create a pinterest board.

Pinterest is a virtual search engine that is a beast separate from Facebook and Instagram. It’s not just a recipe or guide, it is also a search engine and can help your audience with their buying decisions.

Gasset - Real Estate Facebook Ads

Pinterest is also a great platform to stay in touch with your clients without being too annoying. Encourage them to try your boards that they will enjoy visually. And if you think that these things and topics are what your clients will love and care about then pin them and use them with your communication plan and turn former clients into repeating clients.

14. Show off how great your customer service is – Century 21

Did you know that one of the leading causes of customers churning from your offers is due to poor customer support?

Real estate is not a one-time transaction. It is about building a long-lasting  relationship with a client with whom you can act as referrals or people who can provide you with listings to buy or sell another home and even advertise about how committed you are in supporting them.

Check out Century 21’s ad below.

Century-21 - Real Estate Facebook Ads

This ad shows a short direct copy that states how the agents have gone above and beyond what is expected of them.

Their CTA is personal and is designed to speak to certain individuals.

Take those points into consideration. Run a series of ads that’ll show you examples of how great your customer service is in taking action.

Use a personal approach and build that social proof. Your audience won’t hold a lot of weight into your words but they’ll trust the experience of those who got your services first hand.

15. Capitalize on SEO and use hashtags – Neveen Farah Los Angeles Real Estate

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy behind getting more eyes for people to discover you online.

Based your blurbs and hashtags on keywords that your audiences would use in their area. Such as “real estate agents in miami florida” and so on. Use them into your ad descriptions to make it easy for your users to find specific content in social media.

Neveen-Farah-Los-Angeles-Real Estate Facebook Ads

In the example provided above, the agent included her name and phone number in the ad. This makes it easier for people to contact you or you can add a “Send Message” button where they can directly start a conversation via Messenger.

However, you don’t want to go overboard with this approach so that you can increase your chances of attracting a wider range of people. And only use hashtags that appear on a few hundred posts for your content to be visible.

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Real Estate Facebook Ads Works

Why These Real Estate Facebook Ads Worked?

These real estate facebook ads work because you are building an ad around the right audience.

The very first step has always been about understanding who you are targeting. And address their pain points and create ads that are relevant to them.

Your ads must connect with your audiences on a meaningful level. They don’t need fancy languages and images. All you need is transparency and quality.

Of course, you might want to use psychology in your targeting. You may start with:

    • How hardworking your customers are
    • How they feel about deserving these listings
    • How wise are they in managing money
    • What are the good decisions they make
    • How well do they care for their families

However, you don’t need to say these in words. Use the right image to send these messages that you want to convey. Show that you also share their values and respect the qualities you see in them.

Lastly, don’t lag behind in captivating graphics. Be creative and make easy to read copies. Don’t try to explain anything but try a copy that creates an immediate response.

Add in a compelling call to action and create a proper landing page that can help convert your audiences into clients.

You might also want to check what your competition is doing and do it better. Test your ads and track your analytics and optimize your ads to get the most leads.

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