6 Things You Should Have on Your Homepage to Help Convert Website Leads


Is your website helping you convert more leads?

Your homepage is what makes up the website lead’s first impression of your company. Don’t just settle on generating leads and start upgrading your conversion strategy with these 6 things that, based on Spiralytics, should be evident on your homepage to increase your website leads.

1. Be Aware of “The Fold”

Based on Lone Fir Creative, this so-called “the fold” goes way back to the early publishing days when newspapers were folded and placed on newsstands, and everything that is placed “above the fold” is what entices people to grab and buy one. And up until now, it’s still used by websites as the bottom of the homepage, which can be seen without scrolling. To boost your website leads, you should be optimizing this element to catch visitors, encourage them to dive further into your website, and captivate them to engage with your brand.

Above the Fold
Below the Fold

2. Draft a strong company overview

A description of your business is a must when it comes to your website’s homepage, and you should keep it concise. According to experts, your website is great if it passes the 3-second-rule. You can pass the rule by

  • Summarizing what your company is all about in a brief headline
  • Consider adding a few sentences that describe the problems your company solves, your offers, and what you stand for


3. Design an Easy-to-Navigate Menu

Being a great website doesn’t end with having just a great above-the-fold structure. You have to make the overall setting appealing and a comfortable space for visitors to scan through.

When it comes to navigation, less is more. Your content should be simple to interact with your website leads and not contain excessive amounts of information. Your website’s design should direct visitors to your exact desired location.

Keep your website’s navigation bar to a maximum of 5-7 elements such as:

  • About Page
  • products or services.
  • Pricing
  • Contact Page
  • CTA
  • Homepage
  • More like a dropdown 


4. Creating a Lead Magnet

Having lead magnets is one of the most effective ways of having website visitors engage with your company and creating sales leads. Lead magnets, also called gated content, are valuable offers or incentives that brands provide in exchange for gathering contact information. Lead magnets may be in the form of

  • Samples
  • Trial subscriptions
  • Downloads of content
  • Free consultations
  • Demo
  • Webinar
  • Whitepaper
  • Mini Guides or Ebooks

To improve the possibility that a lead will want to take the offer, make sure to give information that isn’t readily available elsewhere.

The contact information must include first and last names, as well as email. However, based on your offerings, you might wish to request further information, such as providing the option for website leads to self-identify to assist you in how to market to them.


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5. Include 3-4 CTAs

CTA is the famous call-to-action element (such as “Book Now“, “Click Here“, “Download“, “Sign Up”, “Learn More“, etc.) that are used on websites to grab the attention of leads and to have them take a specific action. As it is critical to have the appropriate CTAs above the fold, they should also be seen all over the site, especially on the Product/Service Page, About Page, and lead magnet.

Each CTA should speak to a distinct point in the buyer’s journey to guarantee that you’re using your best sites in your CTAs.

  • Awareness stage-link to your lead magnet 
  • Consideration stage-link to your Products/Services Page or About Page
  • Decision stage-link to your pricing page


6. Include Your Contact Information

Having a website without putting any contact information or any means for website leads to reach you is just a waste of resources. If you don’t place proper contact information, search engines may never pull your website up on the results page and leads may just look for alternative companies.

Your contact information may include

  • Your company’s email address
  • A phone number for your customer support or sales team.
  • A chat application for leads for quick and easy communication.


Your website must be a tool that helps you gain customers and partners, and such a website needs to be made with just the right features and elements. So start assessing your website if it’s the kind that converts leads, make the needed changes, and don’t even dare to be disheartened if there are no prompt changes in your leads because improving your website lead conversion strategy always goes a long way. Wait for your moment and keep on making your website and strategy better.

Ruben Licera

Ruben Licera

Ruben Licera is one of the Philippines' international award-winning communications professional and digital marketing experts. know more about him at www.RubenLicera.com

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