Digital Marketing Jobs Training in Siquijor, Philippines

Last Update: Jun 4, 2022 @ 1:13 pm
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Digital Marketing Jobs Training in Siquijor, Philippines

After the 14 days of face-to-face E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Jobs training in Siquijor, Philippines, 20 out of 22 scholars finishes the course with 13 graduates emerged as medalists.

During the graduation ceremony on October 15, 2019, seven completers were also given special awards other than the 13 medalists.

These awardees are Mark Hinaut for Best in Website Design, Kharene Patarlas (Best in SEO), Generose Cayongcong for Best in Content Writing, Paebo Abatayo and Jovelyn Ysulan as Promising Virtual Professional Awardees, Apple Angelie Tompong (Promising Virtual CEO Awardee), and Denise Sarmiento as Outstanding Digital Professional Awardee.

Moreover, the other graduates are Julie Rose De Las Nieves, Japhet Mark Gahob, Keith Ervin Daitan, Mary Joy Viernes, Gio Suminguit, and Neresa Maglangit, Marife Suminguit, Echel Daboda, Jenette Largo, Ariel Viernes, Stephen Kilat, Jasie Paculanang, and El Joy Duhaylungsod.

Although, two trainees were not able to finish the course, a certificate of participation is still given to Alger Etom and a certificate of attendance for Serge Vincent Namias.

The said training was organized with the partnership of Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), Department of Trade and Industry, the Local Government of Larena, Siquijor, and Mr. Ruben Licera, a recognized Cebuano digital marketing strategist.

During their graduation, Generose Cayongcong, the Best in Content Writing awardee, said that words are not enough to describe how blessed and happy she is to be part of the training and to meet Ruben Licera, who coached them throughout their Digital Marketing Jobs Training in Siquijor, Philippines.

She is also thankful for the advocacy of the DICT that helps people to earn more in the freelance industry.

Digital Marketing Jobs Training in Siquijor

During the whole duration of the training, the scholars were taught on web development, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media content planning and creation, business blogging, building a freelancer profile, data privacy, cyber crime law, and digital marketing ethics.

Then, they were also trained on branding for companies on its products and services, product photography and content writing, and customer relationship management.

All of these aim to develop and promote the online freelancing profiles of the trainees for their 21-day online campaign.

Moreover, these also help them effectively promote the products and services of their partners which are the micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Larena, Siquijor. These MSMEs are:

  • Dapdap Sunset Grill Homestay and Catering
  • CG’s Pugon-Baked Goodies
  • Chef’s Joe Cuisine
  • Cafe Jose
  • Elena’s Bakery
  • JGFaV Food Products
  • Fairy Sweets Peanuts
  • Tating’s Ice Cream
  • Dalahikan Grill Masters
  • Chef’s Joe’s Homestay
  • Rest and Relax Guesthouse,
  • Katugasan Ecohouse
  • DJ5 Southville Guesthouse
  • Hugh Cafe/Hakbal-Bato
  • Douglas Woodpecker
  • Clara’s Travel and Tours
  • Kking’s Sign Builders
  • Cuadra Party Needs
  • Cuadra Videoke Bar
  • Replica Manor

Paebo Abatayo, one of the graduates who was the Promising Virtual Professional Awardee, posted that although the training was challenging, it was all worthwhile.

“With all the lessons that I’ve digested mentally, I feel like superman. Superman in the sense that I am already equipped with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) technical skills, thus I am confident that I can soar high with it one day,” he added on his Facebook post.

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Coach Ruben Licera


All throughout the duration of the training, Mr. Ruben Licera, a recognized digital marketing strategist and a sought Filipino motivational speaker from Cebu, trained the scholars on e-commerce and digital marketing.

For the 14-day training and 21 days of campaign, Coach Ruben molded the 22 scholars to become an all-around digital marketing and ecommerce professionals.

According to Coach Ruben that when they started the training, around 75% of the scholars haven’t heard of digital marketing and ecommerce before.

However after the comprehensive coaching, 20 scholars proved that they can complete the training with 13 of them emerged as medalists and seven with special awards.

More than the accomplishments of the scholars, Coach Ruben was also taken to their personal stories.

“I am drawn into the scholars individual stories of courage, and the strength that they had pulled together to form a solid bond of support during times of need,” Coach Ruben said.

The recognized Filipino motivational speaker also thanked the scholars on believing in him.

“Succeeding is possible, when you believe in the things that you can do and the strength you can build with others. Thank you for the trust in empowering you achieve the dreams you want,” Coach Ruben added.

This training was the first engagement of coach Ruben in Siquijor and he was thankful to be part of this worthwhile activity.

DigitalJobsPH Training


The above mentioned Digital Marketing Jobs Training in Siquijor, Philippines is just one of the seven training courses offered by DICT through their program called, “DigitalJobsPH.”

Formerly called Rural Impact Sourcing program, it is a job-ready training that motivates people in the rural areas to do online freelancing as a means of livelihood.

Part of the program is also to help MSMEs increase their market coverage by building an online presence.

Thereby, together with the local government units across the country, DICT aims to provide Digital Marketing and eCommerce Course to aspiring online freelancers and local MSMEs.

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