Why Local SEO is Important for Small Businesses Growth

Last Update: Jul 7, 2022 @ 11:25 am
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Do you want to know why Local SEO is important? If you’re thinking that the necessity of having a website as an online outlet only applies to those big companies which are tending to a global target audience, then you are utterly wrong.

Local operating businesses need their own website just as much as those companies do. And of course, you’ll also need these sites to be optimized for SEO. In the cases for small businesses, their sites need to be opted to Local SEO.

As to why you should, here are some reasons.

Why Local SEO is important

1.) Exposure on a Local Scale

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The main reason why you’re having a site for your business is because you want more people to notice your business. This is basically what SEO and Local SEO are used for. The only difference is that Local SEO will target the people in the area that your business is located, making it more applicable for you as a small business owner.

For example, local SEO works like this – your business is a restaurant operating in City Y. If a person  types “restaurant City Y” into a search engine, chances are that your website will show up on the search results. It will also work if that person only searched for “restaurant” so long as he is geographically tracked by the search engine in City Y. Basically, search engines will automatically search for the establishments near that person.

The good thing about local searches is that people are more likely to come to your place seeing as it’s not that far from them. They may not have heard it before, but seeing them in the top list of their local search query is all the chance you need to turn them into potential clients.

2.) The Second Outlet of Your Business


By constantly providing content to your site (like a blog section), your clients will have a better idea as to what your products and services are all about. By putting a contact form or chatting software on your site, you’ll be able to provide support and tend to them online.

Citations will further help your site to gain more traffic too. These are all necessary Local SEO procedures that will make your site better which will become an even more important part in the growth of your small business.

3.) Potential Partnerships

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Another integral part of the Local SEO process is link building and social sharing. And in this process you can potentially meet new people that may be able to help your business grow in the future.

Meeting local bloggers and site owners may open windows of opportunities. You can start an event together as a promotion for both of your businesses or exchange links with each other. Not only are your sales benefiting from it, but you’ve also got yourself a partner that you can do business with in the future.

4.) A Profit Driver

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If done right, Local SEO will help bring your site needed online exposure. You can expect your traffic rate to jump up especially if your site is listed on the top spot for it’s relevant local search query.

However traffic won’t do anything good unless you can convert them into a profitable customer.

No matter how effective Local SEO is, in the end, it only works to drive people into your site. The only way you can convince these customers and convert this traffic into sales must be done by none other than you and your team.

By playing your cards right, Local SEO might just bring you the needed sales to boost your small business.

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