The Critical Areas of an Ideal CoWorking Space

Last Update: May 28, 2022 @ 10:51 am
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Want to know what are Ideal CoWorking Space that most of the customers and clients are looking? As of today, the need for office workspace has shifted into a more interactive and user friendly type. These are what we refer to us Coworking Spaces and they are selling like hotcakes as of the moment. Despite that, self employed workers and startups have their own favorites when it comes to coworking spaces as well. There are a few factors that they were critical about and it would do well for Coworking Space owners to know these – they are their potential clients after all.

Ideal CoWorking Space

They Prefer Small to Large

They Prefer Small to Large

Most people who works in a coworking space likes the idea of working with other people. However, as the saying goes, too much can never be good, spaces that take in too many people is a minus in terms of appeal. Survey shows that 54% of these guys prefer working in a space with only 20 people or less in it. When asked if they prefer a coworking space with more than 50 people, only 4% said yes – 21% said size doesn’t matter.

Complete with Facilities

Complete with Facilities

A Coworking space needs to have the right things that will enable people to work properly in it. Fast internet connection is definitely one of them, followed by printing devices such as printers, fax machines and the like. And they’d like a cafe and kitchen too, for those times when a cup of coffee is in need.

Meeting rooms are also things of great importance. The same goes for closed rooms for those discussions that must be held in private. People favor coworking spaces with a mixture of these rooms to offer for increased working flexibility.

And though coworking spaces need certain equipment, there are also things that they’d rather leave out of the box. One of these would be the recreational areas. In contrast to the “work at your own pace” air of coworking spaces, surprisingly, majority of the people tend to ignore these recreational spots (e.g pingpong tables, dartboards and such) and would rather choose to work while drinking coffee. Only a quarter of them said they’re important, half remained neutral and the rest said otherwise.

Social Factors

Idea Coworking Space

The main reasons why coworking spaces are so popular is because these places are like converging points of like minded entrepreneurs. Putting it frankly, people like it because of the company of others. They are able to cohabitate with them, share ideas with them and potentially start a partnership with them. This is one of the reasons why coworking spaces have been the breeding ground of various startups over the years.

Affordable with Flexible Schedules

Renting a coworking space is pretty affordable compared to renting a traditional office space. And because the costs aren’t so high, it’s a pretty good deal for self employed entrepreneurs and small companies alike. And one of the best things that makes coworking spaces appeal to people so much is their flexibility in working schedules. In contrast to corporate working hours, people can choose when they can work here – coworking spaces that offer more flexible time frames are better.



Another vital point of coworking spaces is their geographical location and the establishments around it. The most favorable part, according to Deskmag’s survey, would be near a food establishment, well, for obvious reasons. They also want a supermarket nearby and would greatly love it if there are various office services nearby (though it would be better if the coworking space would have those facilities as well).

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