Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Training for Professionals

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Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Training for Professionals

For many, social media has already become their way of life, enabling them to interact with friends, colleagues and just about anyone with ease. However, the existence of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms did not just open the window to a new form of communication and interaction, it also paved way to a new form of marketing for businesses. Regarded as social media marketing, it is a marketing strategy aimed at using these social media networking websites as a platform to expose ones business to their target audiences.

Pursuing a social media marketing strategy can be a very complicated process, but with a proper training course to guide you, you will be able to take a good grasp at it in no time. This is what the Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Bootcamp will be all about. This two-day bootcamp will teach you what you need to know about social media marketing, from the basics to using it in promoting your business on various social networking platforms.

Here’s a brief outline of what will happen during the bootcamp session.


Introduction to Social Media

  • Defining Social Media

Before knowing how to use it, you must get a good idea as to what social media is. You will be provided with an in-depth explanation about it here.

  • Myths and Facts  

Like many others, social media also has proven facts and baseless rumors. As a future social media marketing practitioner, you must be able to know which is which. More about that topic will be discussed here.

  • Case Studies

You are not the first business owner who will be tackling social media marketing and certainly you won’t be the last. But that’s a good thing, because you will be able to get a good idea how social media marketing has affected previous businesses, both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) types.

  • Reason for Using

For a final push, you will learn here why you should keep using social media for your business.



Twitter, alongside Facebook, is one of the biggest social networking platforms today. It is one of the most important platforms that you should focus your social media marketing efforts on.

  • General Information

In this part, you will learn the basics of Twitter, like the terms hashtag and tweet. You will also know it matters and why your business should be in here as well.

  • Twitter Applications

In here, you will be taught how to make a proper Twitter account for your business. There are also various tools out there that supports Twitter. You can use them to bolster your marketing efforts so you will also be taught on those as well as Twitter’s compatibility on mobile devices.

  • Your Twitter Presence

In here, you will learn how to make the foundations of your Twitter profile. This would include following the right people or groups, searching for possible competitors, using Twitter lists and more.

  • Marketing Twitter

To draw in people to your business, a good marketing strategy is necessary. That also goes the same in Twitter. You will need to be able to use that 140-character tweet limit to the fullest as well as the Twitter feeds. It is also important to monitor your conversations and finding ways of contributing your own opinions. This will be further discussed here.

  • Advanced Twitter Marketing

Once you get the hang of the basic marketing strategies on Twitter, it’s time to step it up a notch. In here, you will learn about Twitter ads, measuring your profile authority using Klout, using analytics tools to measure your Twitter metrics and more.



Currently the flag bearer of social media, Facebook boasts 1.39 billion active users every month and most likely, that also includes you. You should not be surprised why joining Facebook is a must in your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Facebook Fan Page

A fan page is technically the face of your company in Facebook so it’s only natural to make the most out of it. In here, you will be able to use the Timeline feature to maximize your reach to your audience, create posts and updates that can catch their attention and provoke engagement. You will also learn how you can create and nurture a Facebook community here.

  • Facebook Marketing

After growing the number of your followers, the next step is using the other features in Facebook to promote your business to them. You will learn here how to use photo and video sharing to your advantage, as well as the tagging feature and more. Using polls and surveys efficiently will also be discussed here.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook also offers direct advertising methods for businesses as well. Effective usage of these and methods of tracking your progress as well as determining which factors to track will be the main topic here.



This social platform is Google’s counterpart to Facebook, and while the latter is far ahead from the competition, Google+ still has enough authority to be considered as a social media giant.

  • Learning the Basics of Google+

Google+ can be quite complicated and clunky for some, but there’s a good reason why so many businesses have registered in it – Google. You will know more about the story in detail here.

  • The Layout of Google+

Like Twitter and Facebook, Google+ also has an entirely unique look and feel to it. Knowing how to locate the necessary buttons and properly navigating through the platform will be the main topic here. You will also be taught how to use the search feature to look for relevant conversations where you can pitch your professional opinions in.

  • Google+ Marketing

Get to know more about Google Plus’ features and how to use them for your marketing campaigns here. There’s building circles, joining hangouts and more. One big plus to this platform is that it affects your overall SEO rankings as well.

Instagram, Yelp and Foursquare


These three social networking platforms have their own unique uses. Instagram is mainly for photo sharing, Yelp is a major review site for businesses and Foursquare is a networking platform that lets you tag a business, mark them on a map and place a review. All of these are also vital in your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Introduction

In here, you will be given a more detailed look on these three social networking platforms as well as various terms related to them.

  • Navigation

These platforms all sport different ways of navigating through them and knowing how you to do just that will make it easier for you to conduct your marketing efforts here.

  • Factors that Will Matter Here

Each platform has its weaknesses and strengths. By determining these factors, you’ll also be able to know what needs to be done so to make your marketing campaigns here a success.

  • Case Studies

This topic will talk about various businesses that have included these platforms in their social media marketing campaigns.



In a nutshell, LinkedIn is a social networking platform for entrepreneurs. People can post their professional profile and backgrounds here, look for a probable employer or employee and find people that they can do business with.

  • Introduction

As said above, it’s a social hangout for business-minded people. For your social media marketing campaigns, you can use it like a database for potential business partners. It can also be used to find various businesses or people that are relevant to your business and the industry you’re group in as a whole. More of that will be discussed here.

  • LinkedIn for Business

You will be taught how to optimize your LinkedIn profile here to garner the exposure you need for your business.

  • Advanced Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn also has various features that you can use to further your marketing efforts. Familiarizing yourself with them will open up more opportunities for you. You will learn more of that here.



Pinterest is another photo sharing social networking platform that popularized the phrase “Pin It”. While having a profile now can only be done via invitation, either from an already registered colleague or from Pinterest itself, it is still a very viable option for social media marketing.

  • Introduction to Pinterest

In here, you will get to know what Pinterest is all about. This includes how to browse through it as well as how to observe proper business etiquette while inside the platform.

  • Pinterest Marketing

Various marketing strategies related to Pinterest will be discussed here.

Content Marketing


If social media is the tool that will expose your business to everyone, content is the information that you will deliver to your audience so that they will start interacting with you.

  • Introduction

You will know the details about content marketing and the reason why “content is king”. You will also be shown various case studies regarding this topic as well.

  • Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is a very big subject and has various methods that needs to be executed for it to be effective. You will be able to learn all of it here – the right keywords for your content, how to create it, sharing it to your target audience and more. You will also learn how to track certain metrics related to content marketing.

Additional Topics

Making Your Own Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

While social media is a great tool for businesses, there will always be times where it can create complications for the business owners as well. Here, you will learn how to avoid those by creating a social media policy that will always be upheld. To make a good one without sacrificing the benefits of social media, you will have to make references from case studies and other examples as well.

Building a Social Media Team


Executing a social media marketing campaign is not something that you can do alone. You will need people that can properly help you with that. That topic will be discussed more here and will teach you how to pick the right people for the job. How much you will be paying your social media marketing specialists will also be discussed here.

Aside from the basic learning course, the speakers will also impart on you their own thoughts on social media marketing. After this course, you should be able to determine the important factors of social media marketing. You are also expected to efficiently plan an effective social media marketing campaign for your business.

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