Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real estate has been a business that takes on a much more hands-on approach when it comes to transactions. However, with the advent of online media and the internet, online marketing have become a viable option for selling properties. Along with the traditional methods, having an online marketing campaign would prove to be very efficient for real estate owners.

Setting Up Your Goals

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Just like any marketing strategy, having a certain objective is important. You may have a couple of goals to achieve, but generally, your online marketing objectives should boil down to these:

  • You need to be able to make people interested in buying real estate into noticing you and then convince them into doing business with you.
  • You should be able to reduce the costs of your offline marketing (e.g handing out posters and the like).
  • Make your schedule much more open for you.
  • Consistently catching up on the latest marketing trends as well as anticipating the future ones.

Online Marketing Myths

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Online marketing is a step forward so it’s not something to be scared of. As a real estate agent, you need make use of every efficient marketing method you know to attract potential clients and online marketing is one of them. However, there are some that have the belief that it’s going to be counterproductive. Here are some of these myths.

  • There are Good and Bad Leads

Good and Bad Leads

No there aren’t. When it comes to online marketing, it all boils down to how effective your methods are and if they’re reaching through the right people. And when you do generate leads, then your methods are effective.

  • It takes Too Long to Take Effect

Too Long to Take Effect

Yes, it may take quite awhile, but it won’t take years to see your effort bearing fruit. With how people tend to use the internet and social media nowadays, your online marketing strategies would yield more results compared to your offline ones in a short, yet realistic span of time. It won’t show up instantly, but if your methods are effective, you’ll easily see a change in your traffic rates in a matter of a few weeks to a couple of months.

  • It’s Too Costly

It’s Too Costly

No, it’s not. You may need to have a budget for your online strategies, but there are also methods that you can employ for free. You can promote your services online via Youtube or in various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Those are free, yet effective online marketing strategies.

Online marketing is also a strategy that provides long-term benefits. As you gain online reputation, your credibility rises and that brings more clients to your doorstep. What you’ll pay for these will surely be worth every penny.

  • It Doesn’t Work


If that ever happened to you, then that could only mean two things – either you’re not doing it right or you’re simply doing it wrong. Online marketing is already proven to work and it will continue to do so even more since online media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Your Online Marketing Strategies


There are various online marketing strategies that you can employ to boost your real estate business. Here are some of them.

  • PPC – Interaction is the main purpose of having a site for real estate. When you make one, you need to be able to make your site make them do what you want them to do. With PPC, clicking on your linked contents would surely generate some leads and profit for you so do that.
  • Online Ads – This one works the same as the PPC strategy. Though they won’t promote your site themselves, they help redirect more users to ours.
  • Blogs – These can be pretty efficient to use as it can increase user interaction on your site. Posting relevant information here (with regards to real estate and your services) would also be beneficial to you and your clients as they may have questions with regards to your businesses that can already be answered by the articles that you have previously posted here.
  • Property Listings – There are various directories out there that collects information on certain things. Property listings are just one them. Finding these directories and listing down the properties you’re selling will widen your target reach. In short, these listings will help you find more clients.
  • Directories – Just like Property Listings, only bit more general. You can list down your business here along with the others that come from various fields. These directories widen your target reach and also increases your overall SEO as well.
  • Video and Social Media – Social sharing has become quite rampant nowadays. Use that to your advantage and share your business within various social media. Also post videos about your business on various video sites like Youtube for more online exposure.
  • Mobile – In the recent years, mobile searches and usage have increased drastically. In fact, there have been more mobile searches than desktop ones. Your website should be able to cater clients coming from both sources. Having a mobile friendly site would surely help in gaining more traffic.

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Offline Marketing

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While there are more online marketing methods that you can use, you mustn’t try to ignore using the traditional way of promoting your business. Offline marketing can be just as effective so try to use them as well. Meeting with people, posting print ads, business cards are just examples of offline marketing.

As You Do Online Marketing…

As You Do Online Marketing

As you start your marketing campaigns, you need to take into account some important facts first.

  • Remember that what you’re doing isn’t for you, but for your clients. That’s why everything about your site must be for them. Make it easier to navigate, provide them with the needed information and simply don’t give them a hard time browsing through it.
  • Always be dedicated and persevere on your business. Success doesn’t happen overnight, unless you won the lottery. Take care of your business and attend to it constantly as it grows.
  • In your online marketing, you need to constantly be aware of the following – your current target audience, the statistics of your business (website), the content of your site and the behavior of your target audience (e.g like how they react or anticipate call to action buttons).
  • Take care of the technical problems regarding your site before you starting your online campaigns. A badly made site will easily turn off people, and you only have about five seconds to convince them that your site isn’t.
  • Regardless of how effective your online marketing is, all it will ever do is redirect users to your site. It won’t mean anything if they don’t convert into profit. That’s why once you get the leads, you need to respond to them, follow and nurture them with care until you fully convert them into profit.

Starting Your Campaigns

Starting Your Campaigns

Real estate business is just any other field of business out there. That’s why it also follows the traditional ways of online marketing as the others. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to draw people, and these method will make your job much easier and will give you a much more efficient result.  

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