Quotable Quotes from Top Local SEO Companies in Australia

Last Update: Mar 3, 2022 @ 2:48 pm
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Want to know some of the Top Local SEO Companies in Australia? Local SEO has been around for some time and many companies have already employed this marketing strategy to increase their salaes locally.

There’s a couple of Local SEO companies out there offering support to local businesses but only a few are cut out for the job of giving the best local SEO. And they all have a thing or two to say about it.

Here are some quotes from the top Local SEO companies in Australia.

Top Local SEO Companies

“Lay the Foundation with Quality Website Content”

Travis Thorpe, CEO of Boostability

Travis Thorpe

Everything begins with your site. And the content in it is its body. With a strong body, it’ll be able to stand strong and move forward. That’s why having excellent web content is imperative for any site.

Google’s algorithms as well as the other search engines have continuously been optimized. Their systems have become more intelligent and will be able to detect and penalize those sites that won’t follow the guidelines that they have set up. Keyword stuffing is already a thing of the past. What the system wants are content that viewers will find useful and relates to what the site is all about – provide the system with what they want as it will impact greatly on your rankings.

“Give away valuable information”

John Broadbent, COO of Netmark

John Broadbent

No one is going to care about something that they don’t know. As the owner of your business, it falls upon you and your team to properly spread out information regarding your niche, products and services to everyone else. There are a bunch of outlets to go to – social networking sites, blogs, forums, message boards and more. Make sure to constantly feed everyone the information they need regarding your site.

Bare into mind that viewers could easily know the difference between a good and informative content to a sales pitching article – and of course they prefer the first one to the latter. Make sure your content are non-promotional and more on the topic of giving information, advice and solving the problems that your viewers usually get. Bluntly put, create a content that your viewers would WANT to read.

As long as Google exists, SEO is a feature businesses will need to apply”

Nick Bell, Owner of Web Marketing Experts

nick bell- image source: variety.com

The most used tool that any person can will go to when searching for something is undeniably Google – it’s the search engine that sits on the top of other search engines. That’s why businesses have to make an effort for their sites to show up in its search results. This effort is what we now call SEO.

SEO is the practice of being able to understand what Google wants for it to put our sites into the top of the search results. And because everybody is basically doing the same thing, the competition becomes very fierce in same niche searches. But there’s simply no way around it. So long as Google is there, as well as the other search engines, we have to play by their rules.

Failure in doing so would either result to your site not shown in the page 1 results or worse, it would get penalized and bring you down further under the search result pile. There’s a saying that goes like this – the best place to hide a dead body, is on the page 2 of the Google search list. That basically explains everything.

“Google HATES cheaters. Cheaters never prosper!”

Bianca Board, Managing Director of Web123

Bianca Board

Back when Google was still lenient when it comes to link building, link farms popped out like mushrooms and propelled their clients’ websites to the top of Google’s search results via massive numbers of artificially created inbound links. Their rise was short lived as Google retaliated by ignoring these link farms altogether – they couldn’t hit all but have hit most of them. Thus, all those sites who are benefiting from these farms virtually “disappeared” from Google’s search page.

Over time, Google has strengthened and modified its search algorithms to make sure only relevant content shows up on the top rankings. Now, employing keyword stuffing and link building basically tells Google that you want your site off the page 1 search results of relevant keyword search. If you want to rank up, do it the straightforward way and not the “shortcut” which would actually do you more harm than good.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, marketing manager, musician or entertainer; the digital world is progressively evolving! The real question is, can you be seen and be found on the online platform?”

Jasmine Batra, CEO of Arrow Internet Marketing

Jasmine Batra

This pretty much self explanatory. With all the progress companies have made about their online marketing, you shouldn’t be left out on yours. And it’s never too late to start now. All that matters is how good your marketing strategies are including your SEO plans.

Just bear in mind though – while doubling your traffic rate on your site is never a bad thing, the most you should be concerning about is how to convert those traffic into business opportunities. In the end, it’s the conversion that will rake in the money for your business.



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