Top Social Media Companies That We Should Watch in 2018

Last Update: Jul 17, 2022 @ 11:24 am
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What are the Top Social Media Companies for 2018?



A great partner to those pursuing social media marketing, Unmetric can supply you with information on your social media analytics. Aside from that, it can give you a very detailed report on how your competitors are doing on social media – or just about any company or organization that you want to track. It can track their activity, the number of likes they currently got on Facebook, the number of followers they’ve gained on Twitter on the last month and much more.

Kenshoo Social

Kenshoo Social

Just like Unmetric, this is also a tool that you can use to help further your social media marketing. Kenshoo can be used to detect target audiences, measure social metrics, create social media marketing campaigns with that are effective, efficient and affordable at the same time. It even allows you to manage and optimize your Facebook Ads to make sure you get the most out of it.



A social media networking platform with a twist is the very definition of Bubbly in a nutshell. This is a platform where you can upload audio files in your account and have it shared throughout the platform to share it to everyone. Accounts can either be created or be synced via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.



While we already have a couple of review sites up and running, another one wouldn’t hurt, right? Well, Frilp is another great addition to that. Just like the others, you can look for various establishments like hotels, restaurants, fast food chains and the like in places you’re not familiar with and look for the best one based on the recommendations by your friends or the other reviewers who have reviewed the said establishments.

One can join Frilp via their Facebook accounts. The system will then uses your social network information to locate places and establishments that have previously accommodated one of your contacts.


Top Social Media Companies - WeChat

This innovative messaging app has already gone viral in various parts around the globe. Packed with features like Group Chat, Video Calls, Walkie Talkie and the Shake makes this one nifty tool to use when communicating with friends or just about anyone who uses it as well. BuzzFeed, a major news website, has partnered with WeChat to integrate its latest news and content with the messaging app.


whisper sh

As the name of this social media platform suggests, Whisper is where you can come out of the closet, tell your confessions and guilty pleasures, without getting found out. Every post in here is posted anonymously so you can practically rant all you want and nobody would come suing you.


This is another great messaging app that you should get your hands on. Apart from its capability for enhanced messaging (i.e it allows video calls, photo and video sharing, stickers and more) it also provides exclusive feeds from celebrities, brands and TV shows.


Top Social Media Companies - Quicket

One-stop-app for all your travel needs – this is the motto that Quicket tries to live by and till now, still continues to deliver. Their mobile app, available on iOS and Android, is able to book you into a flight within minutes, selecting which is the best seat on the plane and even tells you who’s sitting right next to you if you want. Quicket is based in Munich, Germany and is founded by Fred Finn and Djois Franklin Sronipah.


Top Social Media Companies - Meetey

For those people who want share their enjoyable moments with the people around them, here’s Meetey. The app anonymously connects users and allows them to share memorable contents with ease. It only shares the happenings in your local area so it’s great to use if you want to keep track of the happenings around you or you want to share some great moments with the people in your neighborhood.

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