Effective Web Design Tips from Top Australian Web Designers

Last Update: Jun 25, 2022 @ 12:58 pm
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What are Effective Web Design Tips? A company’s website lacks the physical means to convince its visitors to tend to their services. That’s why they have to find a way to convert them into potential clients without always having to meet them in person.

The best way to do this is by having a website that can easily capture your visitor’s attention and make them say “I want to stay here a bit longer.”

Want to know about what Effective Web Design Tips?

How to do just that? Well let’s have our experts answer that question below! Here are some web design tips from the top Web Design companies in Australia.

Effective Web Design Tips

1.) Simplicity


Sophistication can sometimes bring more harm than good to a site when it comes to attracting more visitors. Make sure that the moment they see your webpage, they’ll know exactly what your site is all about and what you can offer for them. Don’t make them travel in circles before giving them the information they need – I’m pretty sure they won’t have the patience to do that as they can easily look for another site.

2.) Your Homepage


The homepage is the most important page of your website, seeing as it’s mostly the first page that your visitors will see. And knowing the fact that there are a lot of sites with the same niche as yours, your visitors will basically glance over your homepage to see if you have what they’re looking for. You only have a couple of seconds – use those seconds to grab their attention by tweaking your homepage.

There are a lot of factors that will be involved when setting up the appropriate homepage for your site. First, you’ll need to know who your target audience are and what you want them to do on your site. After that, you can offer your visitors something after getting their information details. Keyword phrases must also be implemented here for SEO reasons as well.

After determining these variables, you can then start working on your homepage. Start with your banner and go from there. Your contact information must be visible enough, add some good, and informative, content about your services. Also you can put some photos and testimonials up from your clients about your services and more.  

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3.) Flexibility


With people using different type of devices to connect to the internet, it’s only natural that site owners have to adapt their sites to this change by making them more accessible to these devices. Making your site compatible to mobile phones can bring in a lot of potential traffic as it widens your audience reach. However you have to make sure that your mobile phone users have the same experience with their desktop counterparts when browsing your site – sometimes problems arise when the image sizes or resolution in your site doesn’t scale with the phone’s screen size. By making your site easier to load and to make it easier to access, even by those running devices on low bandwidths.

4.) Call to Action

Call to Action

As have been stressed in the previous steps, you have to tell your visitors what they need to do on the page that they’re in. You need to put CTA (Call to Action) buttons to help them proceed to the next step towards buying from you.

If you want them to call you, then put a call button. If they want a free quote, then put a ‘Free Quote’ button in there. Remember that they’re there for a reason and it’s your responsibility to make sure that they can connect to you more easily so you can provide them with the services they need.

5.) The Usual Form

The Usual Form

Though sites vary in aesthetics and purposes, they share several similarities as well. A company logo placed on a conspicuous part of a page linking back to the site’s homepage is a good example. You need to be wary of these things and apply it to your site. Not doing so will leave your visitors confused, as they expect those things to be on your site as well.

6.) Navigation 1 – Browsing Patterns

Navigation 1 - Browsing Patterns

Set your site the way your target audience usually browse websites. Although it can be tricky to know the exact way your customers are explaining to browse your site, there are patterns and you could use that to determine your web design process.

Some would browse a site via search tabs and some would browse through onsite CTAs – some would be more inclined to browsing image induced sites and some would prefer texts. Try to cater to all of them by applying these in your site.

7.) Navigation 2 – Sitemaps

Effective Web Design Tips - Navigation 2

Sitemaps are a page or a section where you usually list the location for all the webpages on your site. This makes it easier for anyone, including yourself, to navigate the whole site and see how many pages are in it all in all. It’s also a good way to opt your site for SEO.

8.) Quick Load = Quick Access = Better

Effective Web Design Tips - Quick Load

Having HD images littering your site isn’t always good – it can even be bad sometimes. You have to take into account that you’re creating the site for your visitors. You have to make it accessible enough for them to browse around without any difficulty, otherwise, those loading pages would result in you losing traffic.

9.) Consistency with the rest of the pages

Effective Web Design Tips - Consistency

Theme-wise, you don’t need to go overboard when designing your other web pages. Just apply the same design to the rest of them.







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