Top Website Design Tips to Consider to Prepare Your Site for Local SEO Success

Last Update: May 28, 2022 @ 10:35 am
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Have you consider some of the Top Website Design Tips for your website? Building a site has always been an exciting process for any web site owner. You have all the freedom in the world to create something that you’ll show to everyone.

However, sometimes we get too excited that we tend to forget some things that aren’t relevant to how a site looks. Aesthetics is an integral part in web designing, but that should never end there especially if you want your site to rank up well in SERPs.

Local SEO is something that mustn’t be ignored when designing a site that’s intended for local business. Alongside its creative designs, you must also make sure that your target audiences can easily take a good look at it. Here are some tips for that.

Top Website Design Tips

1.) Planning And Research

Planning And Research

Before you even try web designing, try to iron out all the facts needed for the creation of your site. Who are your target audiences and how are you going to reach out for them? Market and keyword research need to be done beforehand and not afterwards.

If you already have a site created and you’re planning on a redesigning process, then be sure to look up at the data that you have gathered so far. Look for the techniques that have worked until now and try to implement them in your new site. That way you won’t have to start from scratch and instead begin with a solid foundation of proven marketing techniques.

2.) The Framework of your site


This is where web designing takes place. Your site has to be made with efficiency and visibility in mind. Will they be able to see my site? Will they be able to access it easily? Put these questions into account when picking the right web design for your site.

There are a lot to choose from, but if you’re going to target audiences who are both mobile phone and desktop users then the best way to go about it is through the Responsive Design. However, even though going Responsive widens your target reach, it will be costly – that’s why you need to prioritize planning over anything else first. The said design also is also great for SEO marketing in general, which means it’s also works well with Local SEO.

If you’re redesigning your site, then you must already have information as to what pages in your site get the most traffic, which of them doesn’t or if your site experiences an overall high bounce rate or not. These information are very important as to how you’re going to structure your site so that it can produce high traffic conversions.

3.) A Universal Link

Universal Link

Google refers this to a term called “canonicalization”. Basically, it means that your domain name will only have one form and any other else will be redirected to it. And of course, you need to apply this into your site. So if you pick over, then make sure pick the first one and use it on your entire site.

If you’re redesigning a site, make sure to keep tabs on your pages, most specifically the ones with the most conversion rates and put a 301 redirect on them so that future access to the previous links will be redirected to the new ones that you have set up.

4.) Use Schema


When the webcrawlers crawl into your site, they will be looking into your site’s HTML layout. As such, you’ll need to help them index your site by supplying them with structured data about your site. A Schema markup can be efficiently used to opt your site to Local SEO by utilizing your NAP (name, address and phone number) information.

5.) Internal Linking

Top Website Design Tips - Internal Links

Internal links or links that redirect to other pages in the same site are just as important as organic inbound links coming from other sites. You need to set these up so that those Google’s pet spiders can easily index those pages and show them in the SERPs. You can make your site easily accessible by the webcrawlers by developing an HTML sitemap or XML sitemap for them.  

You need to do this correctly if you don’t want the search engines to index the wrong page (e.g bad links). This can be done by using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

6.) Local Content

Top Website Design Tips - Local Content

Lastly, you need to provide great local content for your site. This will further push your site in Google’s local listings. Local content may include articles with keywords aimed for Local SEO (with specific locations related to the location of the said business). You should continue to do keyword researches on your local area so that you’ll be able to know what are the most competitive keywords in your place.

These articles may be placed in a blog spot within your site. However, you need to make sure that your blog has to be consistent – if you want informative articles then don’t put anything else in there. Your visitors wouldn’t want a commercial pitch on your product if when what they want is more useful information about it.

Another thing to take note of is your company’s NAP. Always make sure that they are placed in an obvious spot in your homepage and also in every other page on your site as well.

Are you satisfied with our Top Website Design Tips? If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment us here below!

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Ruben Licera Jr is a new media enthusiast and has written several articles on internet marketing specifically web design, search engine optimization and social media management. You can follow him via  Google+ and Twitter.

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