Leading Cool Coworking Spaces in the United States

Last Update: May 28, 2022 @ 10:33 am
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Leading Cool Coworking Spaces are the breeding ground for people with a knack of creativity and those who want to be their own bosses. It’s no wonder why most startup companies, especially those tech related ones, are born here. The USA has a very long list of these spaces and each one has their own way of warming up to their tenants. Now, we don’t have all the time in the world so we’ll be making the list short.

Here’s the list of the 10 Leading Cool Coworking Spaces that you can find in the USA.

Fueled Collective

Leading Cool Coworking Spaces - Fueled Collective

This posh coworking space is located right at the heart of New York, on the 11th floor of 568 Broadway in the SoHo district – and they insist, just as their motto says, that it’s not an office, it’s a collective. They’re the next door neighbors of start-ups Foursquare, ZocDoc and Thrillist. The whole place has a unique mixture of antiquity and technology as you can find flat screens and apple TVs perfectly blending in with the old english design of the place.

Now what do they offer aside from the beautifully positioned and designed place? Why food of course. You get fresh popcorn everyday, chocolates on the snackbar and ice cream all year round for free. They also have a ping pong table and a great couch, perfect for those times when you just want to laze around and take a break for a while.

Fueled Collective has 12 startups currently comingling with each other and for 700$ a month, you can be one of them.

WeWork Labs

WeWork Labs

Wework Labs is found in 24 places not only in the USA but on other parts of the world as well. This is another option when picking a partner for your innovative entrepreneurial plans. WeWork Labs will make sure that you’ll be focusing on your job 100% of the time – they’ll handle the rest of it themselves. They offer great Wi-Fi connections, free beer as well as great tasting organic coffee.

Membership fees start for as low as 45$ a month up to more than 3 grand for a 6 person private office – this varies depending on the branch you’re in.

Projective Space

Leading Cool Coworking Spaces - Projective Space

Currently, there are only two branches of Projective, both located in New York – though the one at SoHo has been closed down for a more favorable place in the future. The room design features simple elegant motifs with a bit of vintage in them. It comes with free WiFi as well as other amenities like the meeting rooms and more. It’s the home of a mixture of tech start-ups, entrepreneurs and developers.

The costs for having a coworking space here? It’s 535$ per person/month.

New Work City

Leading Cool Coworking Spaces - New Work City

If I had to describe this place in a sentence, it would be that New Work City is a coworking center for everybody who’s looking for a place to work to. The place opens from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon and offers access for anyone so long as they bring their own work and will not make a ruckus for anybody. Because of that, the place has to put a limit on how many people can use it at one time – the current limit is at 80.

Membership starts at free to 375$ a month for a full time use of its facilities.

Ace Hotel Lounge

Ace Hotel Lounge

This place is what you would call an informal coworking space. Ace Hotel is also found in New York and offers the lounge open for everyone and well, this is the result. Like minded people bent on making innovative ideas flock here making it one of the trendiest place to work. Pair it up with Stumptown Roast coffee and a very strong WiFi and you might not want to move yourself when you start sitting in one of those couches – unless you want to go for a bathroom break that is.

Membership fees? None of that here. You can enter whenever it’s open.

Citizen Space

Citizen Space

Currently Citizen Space has two locations to offer for its tenants – one in San Jose and the other in San Francisco, California. They offer the same amenities and features that other coworking facilities have. However, the one thing that might set apart this one from the others is that it allows pets to be carried inside. However, the management will only carry that rule if the pet behaves accordingly – it’ll have to go home with you if proven otherwise.

This coworking spot offers the basic facilities for it to support a thriving start-up. It has meeting/conference rooms ready and of course, it also has WiFi and free snacks. Prices for occupying a desk can range from 8$/hour to 425$/month.



CoCo is another cool place to hang out if you want to meet people with innovative ideas such as yours. There are four locations this coworking company can offer you – in uptown and downtown Minneapolis, Lowertown St. Paul and Fargo in North Dakota. Each one offers the basic necessities, like coffee, water, other facilities and recreational rooms like the Game Room which can be used as a meeting room – there’s even an Xbox and a Wii console here.

Rates vary from 1 day per week drop-ins of 70$ to 1800$ per month for a group of 8.

Hera Hub

Hera Hub

Available on three locations, two in San Diego and one in Carlsbad CA(with a new franchise being opened in Washington, DC), Hera Hub has a very unique feature – it’s an all female coworking space. Entrepreneurial women will view this place as a haven meant for them as they can collaborate with fellow businesswomen here. The place features the complete necessities needed by coworking space with great art designs and free coffee as well.

You’ll need to inquire the management if you want more details regarding the pricing of this place. However, it is on a monthly basis so you could back out whenever you feel like it.

Jellyfish Cartel

Jellyfish Cartel

This place began its operations on 2012 headed by Culturebrain founder Sharon Ann Lee. Jellyfish Cartel, as what Lee said, is a creative space for thinkers, makers and doers. It’s located in LA, California and boasts a very artistic and colorful design throughout its studio. One of the most noticeable art pieces are the terrariums created by Lee herself – living plants and grass encased in boxes shaped into letters.

Aside from the designs the place is also a very functional workspace complete with two conference rooms, a kitchen and a small studio.

Link Coworking

Link Coworking

Located in Austin, Texas, the place is a bustling community of self serving entrepreneurs and developers. Link Coworking offers great rooms as well as services – you can hire their Linkterns, Link’s interns that can support you in your projects and more. You can only hire the Linkterns when you avail the Executive Member Package though, but it’s a small price to pay for a lending hand.

Aside from the rooms and desks, the place also has a great view of the outside through its glass window panes. Its other services includes free benefits like WiFi, snacks, beverages and more. Price for having a permanent desk here ranges from 300$ to 500$ and paid monthly or annually, depending on your preferred choice.  


Coworking is where your mindsets meets the ideas of others. It is a place where you collaborate with people like you, learn things from them or create great things with them. These Leading Cool Coworking Spaces have seen people that have been great start-up founders come and go through their doors. It’s about time they open up to you too.  



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