The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Facebook, it is an online networking site which allows users to post pictures and videos, send messages and reach out to anyone in a few easy clicks. Facebook advertising is also considered in here. Apparently, it has been recognized as one of the top social media platforms used by the present generation. On the existing year, more or less all and sundry has an active and registered account in the crowd-favorite networking site.

In spite of age and gender preferences, more and more people are engaging themselves with the different social activities available to everyone which explains why almost half of their total time is spent on Facebook alone. Facebook has a huge total of users with a surprisingly almost two billion people with registered accounts all over the globe based on the latest figures. Ever since it was kick started back in February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his other partners, it had opened a lot of opportunities not only for the account owners. Nevertheless, what most people are not sentient of is the wonderful news that this website also had finally open up new doors to a wide diversity of industries from the different parts of the Earth.

Due to the numerous social media sites arising today, business owners of small, medium and large enterprises had started to take advantage of the internet as a medium to increase their public influence and profitability. Some of them put up their own online stores, while the others opted for network marketing through the use of blog sponsorships, website advertisements and self-promotions. Among the options, the most popular platform used by most entrepreneurs is Facebook promotions.

“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” –  Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay

Small-time business owners confirmed that it is truly a struggle to bring in their newly improvised products into the local markets especially if the business had just been born. Given the fact that competition is without a doubt tough, there are also a lot of gigantic conglomerates out there which already had established an outstanding impression to the public and remarkable reputation to the business industry. Conversely, in the course of the application of newly established advertising methods, these start-up firms are able to draw level with their competitors and rise their way up to contend with superior brands.

Advertising had come a long way ever since it was first used. As early as the 18th century, advertisements had begun to kick start. However, it was limited only to newspapers and magazine. In Ancient times, wall and stone painting is used as a method to spread word about a certain product. Moreover, verbal advertisements were previously done to continue selling various products with the advantage of cutting the costs for paper and other sorts of materials that can be used to create a printed advertisement. According to what has been told, ads had progressed soon enough into sign boards, calligraphy papers and as well in copper printing plates. After a quantity of years had passed by, it had improved notably and doubled up into more substitute offers such as television commercials, flyers and posters, and down to social media marketing. In particular, the facebook advertising is one of those tactics.

“Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.” – David Ogilvy

Just recently, Facebook has enhanced the buy and sell groups which were originally created by their users, and also the whole advertising platform in general. Also, the world’s favorite website had finally offered additional options for every organization in relation to promoting their brand. Presently, businesses were granted the option to display their banners in the website, create sponsored posts which will be visible to almost all users, and more. On top of it, with the new advancement made by their system, every product prices can now be easily encoded into a post without the need to type the whole details. It saved a huge chunk of time and effort especially when an entrepreneur intends to post about his product in various Facebook groups.

Likewise, a Sold Button was integrated into every buy and sell groups for the sake of buyers to easily verify if a product is still offered or not.

Facebook pages are also makes a great way to advertise a wide assortment of products being sold by a starting enterprise. The site now allows the viewing of every enterprise’s catalog. Through these Facebook pages, the targeted potential market can easily receive recurrent updates about the up-to-the-minute item or promotions one business has to offer. Since small businesses cannot afford to spend a fortune on bigger advertisements, they were provided with a free advertising method which might be the key to become one of the biggest and successful companies not only in the local industry but also internationally.

However, although Facebook advertising can be relatively easy for some, there are a lot more business owners who are still clueless about the whole idea of advertising and how a small enterprise can benefit from doing a marketing strategy in one of the free networking sites available to man.

This informative eBook will provide the readers with all the necessary tips and steps every novice entrepreneur should learn when it comes to advertising – the background and history, and the recommended application for each strategy. Continue reading further and be a knowledgeable business owner at the end of all chapters.

1.) The State of Social Media in the Philippines

ph-social-media-20170130image source: Rappler

Social Media started to have a big impact on the lives of the Filipinos ever since the country’s technology had improved drastically. Back in the early days, internet was only used to retrieve different kinds of information which are not available on local libraries. But from the time when the first social networking platform named Friendster became popular, the countrymen had started to build their own identities on the web.

As of January 2016, a big percentage of the total population was identified as active internet users. Specifically, the rates are 47% social media users and 40% mobile users. The We Are Social team conducted a research just this 2016 to show the digital statistics in the Philippines. Also, another data gathering from the researchers of Information is Beautiful had found out that the Philippines is the number one country acknowledged as best in social networking.

Facebook was branded as the most active social media platform with a whooping 26% rate. The second on the list is the Facebook Messenger with 23%. Lastly, Twitter and Instagram also made it to the top which had garnered 13% and 12% respectively. Also, more than 34% of tech savvy Filipinos visit the internet every single day, while the 45% of the population go online at least once a week. During their time of their surfing, an average Filipino internet-user spends up to 21.5 hours each week in various sites.

Despite of the Philippines’ average speed of 3.2Mbps in terms of the net connection speed, which is undeniably slow compared to the global average of 5.1Mbps. The country had once again taken the lead with a total time spent of 5 hours and 12 minutes – which is the highest among other nations.

2.) How Important is Social Media to the Restaurant Industry?

How-can-restaurants-use-social-media-to-increase-footfallsimage source: Thrillax

Before anything else, what is Social Media anyway?

According to Business Dictionary, it is defined as: “Primarily internet or cellular phone based applications and tools to share information among people. Social media includes renowned networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which also take in bookmarking sites namely Reddit, Pinterest and Tumblr. It involves blogging and forums and any aspect of an interactive presence which allows individuals the ability to engage in conversations with one another, often as a discussion over a particular blog post, news article, or event.”

Social Media is one of the most effective methods used by many to keep themselves updated about their acquaintances’ lives, current events, latest trends and more. And this is what businessmen have taken advantage of – information sharing, in view of the fact that a lot of people share their personal experiences, achievements and the like to their friends.

Why do people engage in such? It’s because people wanted to build a connection with someone else. People want to strengthen their existing relationships and build new ones whenever possible. Be it a classmate, teen idol or even a pop star.

As what the Buffer Social had said, “We do this because we want to maintain relationships. When we favorite and like each other’s posts, we add value to the relationship, and reinforce that closeness.”

A certain topic can easily circulate on the internet the minute you hit the post button. Every friend or follower will reshare or reblog your post, which will reach many more other people and later on will be read by a large number of people in different parts of the world.

For an instance, if one consumer gets a negative experience or dissatisfaction with a company’s service or goods, that person can easily spread the news like a wildfire in a few clicks.

The question is: What is the significance of social media to a company and how possibly will it influence a buyer’s assessment when it comes to purchasing?

Social media is the best possible way to reach potential buyers all at once. If a certain page has, say about forty thousand likes in total, there is a huge possibility that the whole population will be able to see the ad in their news feed. What’s great about it is that, people love sharing what they love. Once a satisfied customer had seen a Facebook advertisement with appealing message, that person will surely share it with his/her friends. Plus, they might as well tag people in that particular ad once a user liked what he/she had seen on the advertisement.

Through a networking site, business owners can start establishing a better connection with their target market. An entrepreneur may opt to use Facebook to share their past clients’ positive feedback about a product or an item, which will be useful to encourage more people to make a transaction with a business.

Still not convinced? Here are a number of examples of the biggest brands that attest how powerful and influential social media can be to a business.

The first example for that is the issue with a popular yoghurt drink – Dutchmill from famous brand Monde Nissin. When a netizen posted a video of her complaint about a spoiled pack of yoghurt drink, the story had become viral after a few days. Thousands of consumers mostly are parents, have seen the post regret purchasing their product and vowed never to acquire the drink again.

Even though Monde Nissin had quickly apologized for the occurrence and pulled out their remaining stocks in supermarkets, the negative impression left by the incident will be quite hard to erase.

Second is when a mascot from a famous fast-food chain — Jollibee, goes around and helped the local citizens such as the traffic enforcer, an elderly crossing the street, and even helped push a car which broke down in the middle of the road.

The recorded incidents earned thousands of good reaction from the netizens and were even aired to a local television network. Then later on, the story had generated to a fairly acceptable raise with their number of sales.

Third one is when a popular pizza chain, Domino, improvised the easy order ability through the use of social media. By simply adding a pizza emoji to a user’s tweet or by using the hashtag #EasyOrder, the pizza store’s system will be able to detect it and place a customer’s order online.

Domino’s marketing strategy was proven to be effective for the reason that almost 50% of their customer orders are placed through the internet.

Next is when Chili’s glazed their bun in the course of using an egg glaze. The deed was made to catch the netizens’ attention, especially those who love posting lip smacking foodstuff and tagging them as food porn.

The fourth example is when Krylon, a spray paint company, join forces with 127 Yard Sale to transform ordinary scrap materials into something new and useful. After all the processes have been done, the yard sale was put up to Pinterest and took advantage of the site’s buyable pin feature.

Accordingly, Krylon’s Pinterest numbers of followers increased by unbelievably 4,400% in total. In addition, the company revealed that the project gained $2.7 million total earnings with only $200,000 as a capital.

Next is when WestJet airlines created a Christmas project to make their passengers’ wishes come true. The airline company asked a few travelers to tell their wishes to a digital Santa. What they did not know is that, a special team was formed to heed their wishes and make them come true. The squad bought the preferred presents of the selcted passengers while they were traveling and surprised them later on with the gift after arriving in the baggage counter.

The project was filmed and uploaded, which had become a viral video. Incredibly, it earned more than 30 million views which had brought a good impression and sales increase for WestJet.

After the social media has been defined, and how it could affect a business has been rolled out, the next topic to be discussed is: Why is it important for a restaurant industry to engage in social media activities? Is it really a must to do so?

The answer is yes. A business should be able to engage in a set of marketing strategies through the use of Facebook. Since the technology has advanced already ever since it was first introduced, business are not trapped anymore with websites and newsletters—which nobody reads anyway. What’s more, as formerly mentioned, a lot of citizens nowadays have an account and therefore it would be a great chance to seize the day and make the most out of that one big shot.

If a business’ viewers saw how vigorous an organization is in their Facebook pages, there is an immense probability that users will visit not only your page but your store as well for reference or simply to look around and discover what they could obtain from a specific enterprise.

The internet has a whole lot of different posts about food – pictures and videos of mouth-watering dishes, the preparation of each of them, description and most especially: reviews – may it be good or bad.

Given that the web has everything people wants to know or see, netizens are taking advantage of those to decide whether to try a restaurant or not. Since almost everyone considers taste as the number one basis for purchasing a food product, many of them relies on the internet for reviews and feedbacks. If you think they don’t read those, you are wrong. Clients make time to comprehend a quantity of reviews to distinguish whether a business is worth every penny. Nowadays, there are a lot of sources where one can get that kind of information. It can be a simple post or a whole blog review about it. Still, it is not only the food alone which is incorporated in a prospective customer’s criterion. There is also the ambiance, location and the service. No one wants to dine in a restaurant which provides terrible service because a customer’s purpose for visiting a food business is to be able to enjoy a nice dish comfortably.

3.) Why Market Your Bar and Restaurant in Facebook?

restaurant-marketing-featured-image-1024x512image source: Integrated Insight 

Facebook is the fastest way to introduce a business to a wide array of audience. A lot of posts trend on Facebook first before it goes viral on other networking sites, which is the same case for businesses. With just a few tags and shares, a business’ sales may increase drastically if the advertisement is appealing for them.

In the previous chapter, advertising and Facebook have been discussed and their relativity has been clearly seen as well. Hence, why would a business owner fancy marketing his firm on the crowded Facebook site? What are the reasons enough to convince a small enterprise to take time to build their business’ reputation in the said networking site?

First and foremost, advertising on Facebook is absolutely at no cost. The only probable charge a small enterprise will pay for is photo editing for a banner or a simple graphic advertisement. The rest is free and won’t even cost you a single dime. Considering the fact that a small enterprise has just begun, it is understandable if it is a bit lacking when it comes to capital. And when it comes to financial issue, the best shoulder to lean on is no other than Facebook. No need to apply for business loans just for the sake of advertisements, since everything on Facebook is without charge.

There is free posting, and there is no requirement to pay for the amount of time that an advertisement is up nothing like in commercials. Businesses pay thousands of money only for a few seconds of airtime. However, on Facebook, an old advertisement can easily be reposted any time no matter how frequent an owner wants to see his advertisement.

On the contrary, enterprises can also opt for a paid premium option, wherein and advertisement can be seen almost everywhere in the site. Surprisingly, Facebook’s premium advertising service can be affordable enough.

Secondly, Facebook can deliver your advertisement to billions of people from different parts of the globe. If a business is updated to latest trend where most people are interested with, the followers and buyers will double up in no time. Say for example, if an owner has a t-shirt printing business, he can incorporate designs which captivate the attention of buyers. It can be a statement shirt or a fandom shirt, which is the most popular these days.

Third is to be able to communicate with clients more effectively. Customers appreciate fast and prompt responses, especially when they are genuinely interested with something. Also, through this opportunity, customers with negative experiences regarding the business can easily be persuaded by giving them a compensation for the trouble that an incident may have caused them. By doing so, the other customers intending to engage in a transaction with a company will be confident is doing so, if they know that a business knows when to admit their mistake and how to put a remedy on it. Just like what the doctors say, prevention is better than cure.

Fourth reason is that Facebook allows targeting and retargeting. It allows a business to ensure that certain group of people sees their advertisement and delivers the message as effectively as possible. There are a lot of customers who are interested with different matters, which explains why audiences with akin interests are capable to be targeted. Also, customers who are near a business’ location will easily be reached using a Facebook ad.

Fifth, most consumers use this social media platform to know and reach out to more business or enterprises which they can buy from sooner or later. Usually, there is a huge percentage from the population who are looking for items that your business offers. Through the use of Facebook, they will be able to connect themselves to you which will guarantee a boost in the figure of sales in the near future.

And lastly, advertising on social media is amusing, uncomplicated and less hassle. Businesses are able to hear directly from their customers and potential, without missing out on what they think about your organization and as well as the products you are selling. It’s easy because you are able to do a lot of things in a just a few taps or clicks; it is also less hassle because there is no need to outsource other employees just to understand the purchasing power and decision of every single buyer.

4.) Step-by-Step Guide in Optimizing your Bar or Restaurants Facebook Page

facebook-business-page-1200x675-croppedimage source: Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of posts in the internet regarding Facebook advertising and how should a business implement it such as guide posts and videos. However, most of them are not precise and mostly short which leaves the readers still confused about the whole process.

Nevertheless, in this chapter of the eBook, the Step-by-Step Guide in Optimizing your Bar or Restaurants Facebook Page will be tackled and discussed thoroughly for the understanding of the readers which will guarantee of the perfect mastery of Facebook advertising.

Let’s say for an instance that a business owner is now convinced about how the Facebook site will be able to help a small enterprise in its overall aspect and its other wonders. Indeed it is a good thing, but it can also turn into a bad thing for some. Facebook advertising, though it may appear relatively easy for a few, is also not quite simple. With a wrong move, everything that a business had built in the social media platform will be turn to waste. Therefore, every action which concerns the business’ overall operation should always be carefully thought through to avoid any mishaps.

How can a business avoid such a thing? The answer is: Always follow the right path. Sure, there is no problem if a business owner wants to incorporate new methods as a part of marketing strategy, but it should not also be overdone. A business can still ride on with the latest trend without the need to spend as much as how the other brands spend on their marketing tactics. A business only needs one corporate and sturdy plan to be able to reach the top and be one of the most successful brands. There is no need to rush the processes just so a business can be able to compete with other firms. Although competition is somewhat good, a business should not be stretched beyond its limits, because all these brands started as a small enterprise as well; which means, your business is not really left out at all. The organization’s perseverance, teamwork, well-laden goals and passion are the secrets as to why many brands had succeeded and had been recognized by most consumers.

If a small enterprise aspires to be one of the biggest conglomerates in the country and even in the overseas, they need to plan their steps and processes thoroughly to avoid some setback along the way. If you are still clueless about how to do that, here are some of the steps you can incorporate in your own firm to ensure that you are taking the right direction.

1.) Set your objectives.

CO_1016_Feature1_760x456image source: Chief Learning Office Magazine

How do you wish Facebook to positively affect your business? What specific area in your enterprise do you want to be improved through the use of this social networking site? What are your overall expectations?

Objectives can be set for the whole company, a certain process, a specific division or team, or to every individual employee inside the firm. This is usually established to challenge the employees while reaching for a goal which can be beneficial for the overall condition of an enterprise. However, it should not only benefit the company alone, but also the people working for it. There are a few workers who love the thrill and the challenge itself but there are also some who prefers the competition between them, and both of these are usually fueled by a great set of objectives.

What are your business’ objectives and goals to attain in the small and the long run? It should be direct and concrete if you want your business to bloom delightfully.  For the small run objectives, it should be the kind of goals which are easier to achieve and will contribute to the brand’s impression to the public. While for the long run, it should be something that can be achieved through the combined efforts and activities done in your short term goals. Having a connected set of goals will be helpful to the certain areas of the business, given that it can be viewed as hitting two birds in one stone.

2.) Plan thoroughly.

services-flat-design-people-concept-business-services-project-management-product-development-vector-illustration-concept-100633818image source:

How will you apply your objectives and plans in your firms through the use of Facebook and what kind of output do you want to expect?

This is the second step which should include the series of steps, methods and processes that should be done to meet the objectives that were generated in the first place.

A business’ plan should be described well to determine if it is, without a doubt, sufficient to meet the particular set of standards in order to launch a specific method smoothly. Also, the ways on how to apply the new and existing techniques should be clear and precise so that a business may be able to foresee the possible outcome of a method. In addition, by doing so, an enterprise will also be able to create a counter attack or immediate remedy if the plan goes awry in the near future or at some point of the process while it is being put into practice.

In addition, business plans can also be used to refer to whenever an enterprise loses track of its next action along the way. It also serves as a map to ensure that a business doesn’t disregard its direction and its main purpose for being created in the first place. A sturdy business plan attracts and motivates employees as well. When they see that an enterprise is dedicated on improving the business’ operations and brand name, they tend to participate actively with great enthusiasm in the hopes of being able to be recognized as one of the contributors whenever an enterprise comes to a success.

3.) Create the business’ Facebook page.

Facebook_Business_Page_Guide-v2-01image source: Sprout Social

As mentioned in the previous chapter, a Facebook identity is most commonly used by the consumers if they are to consider purchasing from a certain enterprise or not. If a person can’t see any advertisement or available reviews about a business, they will assume that is non-existent or had already closed its doors. Facebook Advertising is used for it.

In creating a Facebook page, it is advised to hire a professional Social Media Content Manager who will produce engaging posts which will persuade the past and possible clients into building a harmonious relationship with the business. It is necessary for the reason that not all people can become a Social Media Manager. An enterprise may not have enough capital to cover the service cost for a Social Media Administrator, but once it is invested in, a business will be able to see the positive outcome brought by an active and engaging visibility in the internet world.

4.) Include pictures of your products or services.

the balance

Image source :

Pictures are an essential part of a business’ Facebook page. It is important since consumers use it to create an assumption about the product or service that they can avail, and to set a proper expectation about a business.

The first important graphic that should be seen by the enterprise’s online audience is the logo of the company. It is necessary as it will affect the impression of a customer towards the business. The more unique the logo is, the more chances that the people of the internet will be able to remember it and distinguish your business in an instant. However, if a business owner will settle for an ordinary and dull-looking logo, a customer will just have it mistaken for other businesses around the vicinity. Make sure to know about Facebook Advertising.

5.) Make sure all the information is accurate.


Preferably, the target market likes it when they are provided with all of the references and background about a product or service being offered to the public and the company who produced them as well.

Consumers have gotten stricter especially when it comes to brands. Most of them won’t purchase at all or even try what you are selling if there isn’t any vital information which is available for them to see. Usually, they review the components of a product to assess if a product is made of quality materials and if it is safe. The Facebook Advertising is one of many ways to market effectively.

It is extremely important that all details entered in the page are certified true and with sufficiency for the ease of the potential customers. Often times, they use a firm’s Facebook page to know where their exact location is, when do they open and close, what certain products or service they offer and how could it benefit them. Customers do not like it when they have to send a message to a particular page and wait a long time before they get a response, so it is so much better if these details are already included in the page. Because when things like that happen, customers turn away and opt for its other competitor instead. And sure enough, a business owner doesn’t want that to happen, so we should avoid it at all costs.

Expand to Facebook Ads.

Facebook-Ad-Sizesimages source: Sprout Social

A Facebook page can already contribute a lot for a business’ marketing strategies and number of sales. However, Facebook do not set limits for business owners with regards to advertising. The people’s favorite networking site is also offering what they call targeted marketing. Facebook Advertising is very crucial upon promoting businesses.

With this special privilege, businesses are allowed to send out advertisements to specific age, gender, ethnicity, interest and area that they wish to reach. Some might think that this premium option is costly which is not suited especially for those businesses that had just started their operations, but it isn’t. Facebook ads are especially made to be reasonably priced to be able to help each enterprise that wishes to cut costs effectively without being compromised of what they had paid for, regardless of how big or small it may be. Hence, try to know further details before using this strategy such as face

If you are unfamiliar with the whole process, here is a detailed instruction regarding Facebook ads:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook site and log into your own account.


Step2: Go to your business’ Facebook page and select the advertising link ( and click the “Create an Ad” button.

fb ad

Image source:

After this, you will have to select an objective which tells the site what kind of goal do you intend to achieve through the use of Facebook advertisements. There are Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, Click to Website, Website Conversations, App Installs, App Engagement, Event Responses, and Offer Claims.

Step 3: From then on, a series of steps will be provided by the site for the user’s reference. Make sure to follow instructions in their proper order to successfully create your ad without hassle. For the type of advertisement being required, you can either choose to create a Facebook Ad or opt for the Sponsored Post.

A Facebook Ad is what the kind of advertisement which appears on the left side of the site regardless of what the user is doing (i. e. scrolling through the news feed, viewing photos and videos, or sending messages). On the other hand, a Sponsored Post is a certain post which appears in the middle of a user’s news feed. The facebook advertising is very much considered in it.


  1. Choose your destination tab. This is the specific part of the page where your ad will point to.
  2. Create an attention-grabbing, brief title for your ad.
  3. Write a short paragraph about the ad which will be posted in the body. Just like the second one, it should not be boring and long.
  4. Choose an image. If possible, it will be a better option if a business owner will hire the services of a graphic editor to be able to ensure great quality ads.
  5. Preview your ad, and make revise some parts if necessary.


  1. Choose a story type. Facebook offers three options such as Page Like Story, Page Post Story and Page Post Like Story.
  2. Input the needed information if there’s any.

Step 3. Review your story and create necessary changes if possible.


Step 4: Indicate your ad’s Targeting Preferences.

This step allows a business to choose who will be reached by the Facebook advertisement. Select the country in which you would like your ad to be displayed at. In addition, you have the privilege to choose up to at least 25 countries. However, if you will be marking more than one country, you won’t be able to refine your targeting to specific parts of a nation.

Lastly, specify the demographics information that you would like to be reached by your ad. Certain users can be targeted by encoding specific interests or likes, and connections on Facebook.

Step 4: Set-up your Campaigns, Pricing, and Scheduling options.

Campaigns, Pricing, and Scheduling options

In this final step, the business owner should select a certain payment method he wishes to pay through and indicate your budget for the ad campaign.

Next is to scroll down to the Pricing preference and click on the Set a Different Bid (Advanced Mode) option. This certain button will provide you with a set of recommended bid ranges which are currently on the lead in the auction for the other ads similar to what you had chosen.

Again, you will be asked to choose between CPM (Pay for Impressions) and CPC (Pay for Clicks). Just in case you are not sure which one to go for, here’s a tip: Pay for Clicks would make a great choice since the click-through rate is relatively low at 0.1% generally.

The last step is to click the Review Ad button to confirm if all of the information you had encoded earlier are accurate and precise. There are different rules to know when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Now that you have encoded all the necessary information, your business’ Facebook ad is good to go!

Secret Tips for Effective Social Media Strategy for Restaurants and Bars from Experts

How-To-Make-a-Successful-Social-Media-Content-Planimage source: Technoroll

For the final chapter of this eBook, the secrets to a successful Facebook advertisement will be disclosed exclusively for you, small enterprise owners. Try to consider the Facebook advertising because the advantages are proven.

A firm may think that since they already know the state of social media in the country, how it may affect an industry, and its step-by-step process, they can already launch an effective online campaign. It may be true for some, but it might not also be the case for others.

Here are some tips that you can use to increase your chances for sales through the use of the internet:

Stay consistent with your brand’s own style. Nike is one of the companies with brief and straight to the point kind of ads, but still manages to make it to the top list. They do not attempt to mimic other company’s approach, but rather wows the market with the elegance brought of their products simplicity. Facebook Advertising.

Perform contests and giveaways.  Survey Monkey and Amazon are two of the international organization who often persuades their audience a number of contests and huge giveaways. These are the reasons why their market visits their online stores – to keep an eye for their special promotions, which still leads to brand awareness and increased number of sales. Try to consider the strategy of Facebook advertising.

Create engaging contents. In this tip, Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s are the most popular examples to give. One thing that the three companies have in common is their witty and extremely hilarious posts which can indirectly encourage people to engage in a conversation with the brand. Although the both of them are on different ranking, they still manage to compete with the others through this weapon.

Take advantage of occasions. Every country has a whole lot of occasions to celebrate. Some of them are holidays, but there are also a lot of local celebrations which business owners can take advantage of. Say, the occasion is Saint Patrick’s Day; a restaurant owner may offer a limited edition food menu in honor for the said event.

Create limited time offers. This trick has been one of the most popular strategies created by a number of businesses. Some of them provide half-price value for their menu, which is usually set only for a short period of time (i. e. 10am-11am, Mon-Tues.)


Indeed, the Social Media has made a great impact not only to the surroundings, but also to the lives of millions of people all over the globe. It had also enhanced the marketing strategies used by a range of companies not only to amplify their brand awareness, and also in their public reputation and generated income.

However, exploring the wonders of the internet should be done with extreme caution. Even when it is generally useful for a business, it could also be harmful in a way where a brand name would be affected. Before entering into a marketing strategy, it should be thought through to avoid facing any unexpected situation and to be able to maximize the privileges granted by Facebook advertising.


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