Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Last Update: May 31, 2022 @ 10:27 am
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Every day you hear news about the latest updates on technology. There are ads that pop up once in a while featuring phones that introduce new features such as face scanner to unlock it or better quality of taking your photos like a pro.

There’s also news on Samsung introducing Bot Care prototype which can aide an elderly take vitals and track sleep patterns on their own.

Digital Marketing Trends - Technology
In businesses, more and more companies are slowly migrating to more digital platforms in order to keep up with competitors.

Technology in taking care of the older generation is slowly being introduced through voice assistants, high-tech sensors, and automated pill dispensers. (

In businesses, more and more companies are slowly migrating to more digital platforms in order to keep up with competitors.

Even small businesses and startups are looking for ways to step up their efforts so as not to get left behind by the fast pace changes in the business landscape.

For some, it’s a do or die decision since the digital technology can be a bit overwhelming at first.

However, if you don’t start now, you’ll really get far behind the race.

In the 2018 Digital Report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, statistics show that there are now 4 billion people using the internet. This is about over half of the world’s population. (

Digital Marketing Trends - Digital


The report also said an average internet user spends at least six hours each day poring over their devices.

In fact, the availability of more affordable smartphones in the market has also contributed to the growth of individuals now gaining access to the internet at the tip of their fingers.

According to the report, mobile devices have even surpassed desktops and laptops in the share of web traffic at 52 percent.

In Asia-Pacific alone, the number of people who have mobile connections even surpassed the number of the population here at 4.318 billion.

This could translate to how individuals are becoming more reliant to the technology in the 21st century.  

This report alone can tell you how massive the consumption of individuals have changed for the past years.

Talk about the massive updating you need to do in order to keep up!

It’s a daunting task, don’t you think? Well, doing it all alone can really be burdensome.

However, if you look at the brighter side, there’s always a way to make it work for you and your business.

How? By doing the best that you can in your field of expertise and hiring the best team to work for your other needs like digital marketing.

Yes. You read it right. Outsourcing is key to making a smooth entry and transition to the digital world.

Digital Marketing Trends - Outsourcing


Trainings will cost you more and you can’t really be assured that you can have competent employees to work for your digital marketing in pronto! It takes work experience and time to make them the experts that your company need.

If you are not yet convinced that you should outsource a team of digital marketing experts, allow this article to take you to a walkthrough of the digital marketing trends that you should watch in 2019 and how a team of experts can help you get these trends up and running for your own company.

1. Chatbots

Digital Marketing Trends - Chatbot


The statistics earlier in this article would really tell you how people are becoming more and more social. This means there is this need to be always connected even to their service providers in times of need.

In the industries of service and e-commerce, this would really mean a 24/7 customer service that they can talk to and help them answer their needs anytime.

Your outsource team of digital marketing experts can help out install a chatbot for your website or even in all of your social media accounts.

You can ask them to set-up a chatbot that answers most of the frequently asked questions about the products and services that you are offering. This really helps create a notion that the user is actually talking to a real-live customer service representative.

It saves time and cost not just for you but also to the end consumers. They save up time in waiting for answers and save them cost in their telephone bills since most of their questions about your products and services have been already answered by the chatbots.

2. Video Marketing

Video Marketing


You have to face it! You can’t do a quality video marketing without the help of a crew!

While there are those individuals who say it’s a piece of cake, then, they’d probably missed to check your video production skills.

You know that human beings are visual people. They tend to stay on your webpage or your social media account if they see a lot of very good visuals.

How much more if they see a well-produced video marketing of your products and services, right?

Joe Rinaldi, one of the web designers for Hubspot, video marketing has been the “medium of choice for marketers looking to distribute content and increase engagement”.(

Have you noticed more and more people are doing vlogs? Vlogs or video blogs is one of the major trends in content marketing.

Doing live videos are becoming more and more popular among the younger generations too.

But the question is, how do you make one? Where do you begin?

This is where your team of outsourced digital marketing experts can help you. They are the ones who have been there and done that.

With their knowledge and expertise, they can create vlogging ideas for your company. They can team up with an influencer and talk about your products and services.

They can also help you in doing live video streaming of your big events like product launching, sneak peak to your upcoming new product line, or your other company events.

This can suit local businesses as it increases awareness of the consumers about their products and services.

Videos are now considered a great source of information especially for consumers making purchasing decisions for digital marketing trends.

3. Voice-Powered Searches

Digital Marketing Trends - Voice Power


Have your observed how being reliant to technology has changed the way you live?

Instead of typing your questions on Google and wait for the webpage to generate a list of results, there’s now Siri and Alexa, among others that help you interact and get the results you need.

While this voice interaction still has its limitations by giving you a limited answer in contrast to the whole list of answers that Google gives you when you type your question, it cannot be denied that this has been a technology disruptor in how people do things.

How do you get Alexa to talk about you when a potential consumer looks for products and services that you are offering?

Michael Tasner, CEO of demand generation agency No Joke Marketing, wrote on Forbes how optimizing your website for voice search can help you rank higher in the search list. (

Tasner highlighted first the importance of understanding what your prospects are searching for.

If you are in the service and hospitality industry, chances are you wanted to be in the top ten lists of searches that first pops up on Google.

A digital marketing expert like Tasner can provide you the detailed way of how to achieve this, the same way that a team of outsourced digital marketing experts can also deliver the same results.

They would help you incorporate the questions and phrases throughout your website. So, the next time a consumer asks Alexa on the hotels and restaurants that are open beyond 12 midnight, your company would pop-up on the list of top preferred results.

4. Getting Personalized

Digital Marketing Trends - Personalized


You’re probably one of those customers who hate getting an email from a company offering services that you don’t need, right?

What do you do about this? You immediately delete them from your inbox and from your trash bins permanently.

This is one attitude of consumers nowadays that you should look out for.

According to Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, an average reader only has 15 seconds to pay attention. (

Now, if you can’t keep your consumers reading your email more than that, then, probably, you are not doing things right.

Hubspot writer Amanda Zantal-Weiner showed samples of how personalization in your digital marketing efforts can help boost your company’s appeal to your regular consumers and to your potential consumers, as well. (

She made Amazon as an example of how they use the purchasing history of their clients to do recommendations of products and services that they might want to check out.

They get to know your likes and interests through your purchase history and similar products and services that may be appealing to you.

They really get to know their consumers, right?

Personalization is a way of customizing your marketing efforts to fit into what your customers need.

Let’s go back to the email messages you’ve been getting about promos and discounts from your favorite brands and companies.

You know they got your attention when their email specifically offers promos and discounts on the items that you really love.

This is how your team of outsourced digital marketing experts would also work on your personalization efforts in all the channels and platforms that you’re on.

You wouldn’t have time to look on all the nitty gritty details of your consumer purchasing history and other data. Your lone marketing officer wouldn’t have the luxury of time to also do this.


With the help of your outsourced team, the personalization job can be done and backed with researches and analysis.

You can expect that they give you products that have value for money because they are already experts at what they do.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Your reaction upon hearing these two words would perhaps involve shock, disbelief or comments like “out of this world”.

Science fiction movies may have contributed to your perspective of artificial intelligence but it has nothing to do with alien technology.

This year, it is seen that artificial intelligence is an increasing trend if not for all businesses due to the customer service solutions it provides for the companies using it.

A study from Forrester Research Inc. showed that there is a 58 percent figure of business and technology professionals that are researching about artificial intelligence.


However, only 12 percent of them are actually using AI technology for their companies.


Is it really that hard to venture into using AI technology for your own business?

Apparently, there are already technology start up companies and other digital marketing companies that are seeing the solutions that AI can offer especially to improve customer experience and support.

Two of the AI technology solutions that we have previously mentioned are voice interactive tools like Siri and Alexa and the personalization strategy being successfully used by Amazon and Netflix to utilize users online behavior to tailor fit their products and services to their consumers.

AI technology solutions ranges from knowledge engineering, robotics, speech recognition, natural language processing, natural language generation, image analysis, machine learning, deep learning, sensory perception, and cognition.

The variety it offers and what type of AI solution will fit your company will depend on your needs and your company portfolio.

Your team of digital marketing experts knows how and what AI solution you should implement and also digital marketing trends.

It helps to know that they do things that work and really deliver results.

You can focus on the core of your business and can be assured that there’s no slacking off in your marketing efforts.

Now that you got the latest digital marketing trends you need to know for 2019, you may ask, “Where do I go from here?”

One direction you should take is to look for the best digital marketing companies that are available in your area.

Google can help you get started with the list of these companies but screening them and choosing the right one will all depend on you.

You can have this article serve as a guide in your search for the best digital marketing team that you can work with.

This year will really bring you a lot of exciting new things for you and your company when it comes to digital marketing trends.

With the wider options for marketing nowadays, there are enough ways to attract more customers and convert them into your own regulars.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that digital marketing team you need and start your way to success!  





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