Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing for Business

Last Update: Jul 7, 2022 @ 11:58 am
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Are Mobiles really effective for Internet Marketing?

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Mobile marketing has been evolving rapidly, especially since recent statistics say that there are nearly six billion smart phones in the world. You can barely step outside your house without seeing someone checking their phones for messages or updating their Facebook page. Statistics show that 74% of shoppers use their smart phone to look up the facts of a product they are considering buying and nearly 90% of those searches end up in a real purchase.

Mobile marketing has been shown to have very impressive response rates from customers. For instance, 70% of all of the mobile searches conducted are reported to end up with the person taking some sort of action in the next 60 minutes, according to Mobile Marketer. By comparison, the same amount of online advertising takes readers a month to react to.

Mobile Marketing Methods Just Scratching the Surface

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Just about all businesses are starting to realize just how valuable mobile marketing campaigns are to their bottom lines. In fact, as far back as 2008 more than half of mobile phone users were already responding to mobile marketing advertising, and it has only gotten better in the last five years.

However, there are many kinds of mobile devices in the world besides smart phones, and it’s estimated that in the next few years everyone will be connected to the online world by everything from their phones to wearable mobile devices such as Google Glass and more. Technology changes are rapidly becoming a normal occurrence and business owners need to keep abreast of any and all innovations that involve mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Includes Many Different Tools


Mobile marketing can consist of using advertisements which are placed strategically beside busy interstates, on posters or buildings, at a bus stop or even on product packaging. It is found in the form of Quick Response Codes or QRC placed on these things, as well as a call to action for potential customers to download apps for their mobile devices in order to get coupons or discounts, etc.

Mobile ads can be as simple as a streaming ad on a movable billboard or as complicated as having to download the appropriate app to make it appear. But whatever format it appears in, it is doing well and earning big profits for companies all over the world. A business has countless ways to market their mobile ads. They can print a QR code on their business cards, or place a link to a mobile site on their blog or social media page. They can offer a free product code or other discount to get a potential customer to link to their mobile site or sponsor a contest through their product packaging.

These things make it fun for people and turn bored consumers into loyal participating potential buyers. They help to get your brand well-known and in the minds of people and that’s what it takes to get traffic to your website and get people to trust your brand and recommend it to others. Mobile marketing should be kept short and sweet and get right to the point. That’s what attracts today’s fast paced world, not long and drawn out content.

Everyone is in a Hurry, Mobile Marketing Meets that Need

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Speed seems to be everything and today’s consumer grew up on fast food and instant gratification in their blood. Mobile marketing is a fast paced method of advertising and if done correctly, it will get the attention of potential customers, as well as helping your business to maintain the loyalty of old customers. They all want useful and relevant and up to date information and they want it NOW. It’s up to you to come up with the mobile marketing campaign to give it to your targeted audience.

All in all, Mobile marketing is a growing trend that is here to stay. As more and more consumers use smart phones and other types of mobile devices, more businesses will jump into the mobile marketing world. Don’t let this new type of advertising pass your business by. Take advantage of mobile marketing and join in the fun, and profits that this form of advertising can bring.

The most effective ways to use Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a form of direct marketing via mobile devices that can connect to the Internet. It is the very popular and one of the most powerful advertising mediums due to its very personal nature. It can be a great boon to both large and small businesses, but you must learn to use it effectively.

Why is Mobile Marketing so Special?

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As more and more people get mobile devices, and at last count approximately six billion people all over the world have or have access to a mobile device, mobile marketing is going to just keep getting bigger and stronger. People are very attached to their phones and other mobile devices and rarely go anywhere without them and it’s estimated that 80 percent of smart phone owners are never without it.

Mobile Marketing is faster than other forms of advertising. People tend to actually read the texts they get on their phones, and are less likely to avoid them or delete them like they do email. If a message is timed properly, a business can immediately snag a new customer by sending them a coupon for a restaurant around lunchtime, or by sending them an advertisement about a hotel right around the time people go on spring break or a holiday vacation.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

web marketing

Mobile marketing makes it easier to get interaction into your message to your customers and potential customers. You can form these mobile messages so that all your customer needs to do is click a link on their phones or point their smart phones to a handy QR code on your packaging while they eat their breakfast in the morning. It hits the customer where they live, work or play and you can’t say that about every type of advertising campaign. That makes mobile marketing special.

However, you do have to learn how to better use mobile marketing strategies. For instance, you have less space since the screen on a smart phone is so small. You have to make sure to get that valuable message across in a short and sweet fashion and hit the important factors. If you don’t get their attention, then you may not get that all important sale. However, if you do it right, then studies say that more than 70 percent of all mobile searches turn into a sale or other action in less than an hour! This is much quicker than old-fashioned print, broadcast or even online media efforts.

Mobile marketing is good for local businesses

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With apps like Fourscore and other check-in apps, local businesses are racking in the profits by mobile users. There are several types of apps, as well as other things like getting listed on the local sections of Google and the other search engines. So if you aren’t on these directories, you had better do it now or risk losing patrons.

Google reports that more than 95 percent of people with smart phones use them to look up local businesses and then nearly 88 percent of them go there to take some sort of action, possibly even a sale. Customers can merely text their zip code to a specific code for a retailer and obtain a text showing all of their nearest locations.

Customers Stay Loyal

loyal customer

All effective mobile marketing campaigns must be directed to a specific target audience. Once you do that, they normally stay loyal customers, especially if you do things like enter them into fun contests when they opt-in with their information, and then you can use that data to send them future data on sales, give them exclusive content and discounts, and other customer loyalty type of things.

Mobile marketing invites feedback from customers, and this can work to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you treat your clients. Therefore, always remember that you have to give those targeted customers good customer service. Be sure to answer questions, give help, etc. You can lead them to things like your social media sites to provide feedback, or even to other venues like a blog or website.

The bottom line is that Mobile marketing is here to stay and its power is only just becoming understood, so get with the crowd and use it in your advertising campaigns.

The power of Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

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Mobile Marketing is here to stay and all businesses, especially the small ones, need to get going with a mobile marketing campaign. Studies have shown that more than half of all searches for a business are done with mobile devices. That’s why if you have to make sure your customers can find you on their smart phones or other types of mobile devices.

One way to do that is through location based marketing. Location based marketing is a way to make it easy for potential customers to search for a business near to where they are at the time they are checking their phones. This is especially true for small businesses, who need to attract customers fast, and what better way to do that than get them when they are already close to your location. Here are a few of these location based methods you can try:

Get Listed in Mobile Directories

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First, be sure that your business is listed in online directories like the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo, as they all have mapping systems built right into their searches. Once you are in these directories, make sure that you keep the information up to date and current with accurate contact information.

Send out some location based coupons, promos


Coupons and offers can drive foot traffic into your store. If a potential customer is looking to buy something at your location, then can do a search and find a coupon for it, then that is double the reason for them to come and buy it from your small business. There are services like Groupon or Living Social that offer ways for you to entice customers through mobile means.

SMS marketing


Even non-smart phones usually can send SMS or text messages, so this is another great mobile marketing tool. When you send out text messages to customers or potential customers they can choose to opt-in and later you now have direct access and permission to send them ads, promos, discounts, etc. to make them even more likely to shop with you.

Plus, text messages cost a lot less than other kinds of marketing methods, and that is good for the budget of a small business. Plus, you are hitting the potential customer where they “live” because most people take their phones everywhere they go.

Check-in mobile marketing strategies


Lots of smart phone users think it is fun to do things like check in to a business or location using their smart phones. If you provide some incentives to your customers to check in with you by advertising about it on Social Media like FourSquare, then you will be attracting the sales that you need to stay in business. You can offer discounts, etc. and that will make people more likely to want to check in with your business and go there to buy things.

Online Reviews Help Promote Your Business


Consumers also many times want to know if a business is any good before they waste their time either online or offline there. So, studies show almost half of mobile users go onto their phones to read reviews on sites like Google Plus and if you have a lot of positive reviews, they are more likely to go shop with you.

Use Mobile Messaging along with other methods

Mobile marketing for a small business will succeed the most if you pair it up with other campaigns like email ads, placing QR codes on your packaging or business cards, creating FB or other social media accounts, etc. All of these things can be interconnected in order to reach your potential customers no matter where they are at work, home or play.

The bottom line is that 84 percent of small businesses using mobile marketing methods report increases in new customers. That should be a very good incentive for all small businesses to get involved as much as possible in a mobile marketing campaign. Mobile marketing is here to stay and will only get bigger as mobile devices get better and more widespread. So, if your small business isn’t doing Mobile Marketing, don’t hesitate to design your plan today!

Mobile Marketing for Business Dos and Don’ts

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Mobile Marketing is a great way for your business to skyrocket to success and make good profits. However, this is only true if you do it in the right fashion. Here are some Mobile Dos and Don’ts that Mobile Marketers need to follow:

Mobile Marketing Dos

DO understand your customers’ needs


It’s vital to really know what is important to your customers, especially with mobile marketing. As fast as you can send out your mobile marketing ads, an unhappy client can delete them, so learn all you can about what your customers want and need.

DO pay attention to timing


It’s important to pay attention to the times you are sending out mobile messages in mobile marketing. It’s best to try to pair it up with things like sending restaurant coupons out at lunchtime. Try to match up what you are doing with the way people use their time, it’s true that time is money!

DO optimize your sites for mobile marketing


Whatever website, blog or account you have, if you are promoting things to people with smart phones, then you must make sure there are mobile optimized versions that your smart phone customer can view properly. The screen on mobile devices is smaller, for instance.  Everything on your regular website doesn’t have to be on the mobile version. Just put in exactly what is needed to supply your customers with a way to see and buy your products or services because if it isn’t user friendly they won’t use it at all.

DO follow your clients wherever they are


Be sure to make your company easy to locate during a mobile search, because if they can’t find you, then you aren’t going to be able to get any orders or make any profits.

DO combine mobile with other marketing venues


Even though mobile marketing is great for you to make profits and new customers, you need to combine your campaign with other marketing venues like social media sites, email, broadcast and print for best results.

DO use mobile innovations


Customers enjoy using things like apps, Quick Response or QR codes and coupons they get on their phones. This shows your brand is current with today’s technology and it helps you to reach your customers in many ways. Allow your customer to do things like use check-ins, get coupons, etc. and they will become loyal to your company.

DO personalize your messages


Mobile phones are a more personal means of communication. Therefore it works well to call a customer by name in your marketing strategy. To do this you need to target your campaign to people that opt-in on your previous emails or messages.

DO keep things simple


Customers just want the fact, they don’t want a long drawn out pitch on their phones, so only put in the important facts. They don’t want to have to scroll through pages of text on their phone.

Mobile Marketing Don’ts

Don’t try to every new idea if it causes you to neglect your customers


It’s fine to use the latest technologies, but at the same time you have to do it in a way that doesn’t neglect your targeted audience. If you care more about technology than your customers, you will lose profits, not gain them. Work out a plan to find out which of the best new innovations will work well for both your business and your clients.

Don’t give customers too many choices


Don’t confuse your customers by offering way too many choices. Once again, mobile marketing is a bit different and you need to give them exactly what they need, not what you think they should have. Your call to action must be simple and direct. Lead the customer to where you want them to go.

DON’T do any bait and switch


Smart phone users have a short attention span, so they don’t want the hassle of a captivating offer that doesn’t follow through. Get to the point and don’t make it hard for customers to do things like compare prices or find products. If your customer has to hunt around on your mobile site to find what they want, they will ditch it and go to one of your competitors.

You can also opt to execute all the DO’s and DONT’s  by hiring a certified mobile marketing team or an experienced mobile media marketing strategist.

Why Mobile Marketing for Businesses is a Must?

mmsimage source: Online Marketing Institute

Mobile marketing is doing wonders for all kinds of businesses large and small. One reason for that is because studies have shown that about one in four people world-wide either own or have access to smart phones or some other sort of mobile device. With a market this large, it would be crazy for any business to ignore such as great opportunity to use mobile marketing campaigns.

Statistics are Huge for Mobile Device Usage


Studies from 2012 showed that 80 percent of smart phone owners never leave home without out it. Smartphones have become the norm and you see them literally everywhere whether it is at home, in the airport, in stores, while waiting at the bank or doctor, etc. In fact, the study went on to say that more than one-third would rather give up their television instead of having to turn in their smartphone!

Nearly two thirds of the smartphone owners access the Internet on it several times a day and then use it to send emails, search for things on Google, go to social networking accounts or go to video sharing sites. All of this makes it simple for all kinds of companies to do mass types of advertising and get the attention of a targeted audience through mobile marketing methods.

Mobile Marketing has higher conversion rates


Mobile marketing allows businesses to promote their products to targeted audiences easier. This is in part because they can reach their audiences in real time instantaneously and do things like present relevant content during a live event such as the Super Bowl where they can offer products relating to the event or give their audience a chance to play games or contests related to the event to win things like free pizza if it’s a pizza company.

Plus, businesses can do Facebook chats or other instant communications to help build their brands quicker and easier. All of this translates into loyal customer and a better return on investment for marketers. Engaging the customer this way has been shown to help build a brand much faster than other forms of advertising, and it’s much cheaper too. A marketer learns their customer’s needs, likes, dislikes, etc. and can use that info to develop better products and services.

Strategies of the Best Mobile Marketers


The best mobile marketers use progressive strategies. This means that they start small with sending texts to their customers and letting them opt-in for getting more content in the future. Then, they may use pre-programmed calling to selected customers, and progress on to allowing them to download content like videos on their mobile websites. All of this helps to build a company’s network.

In order to use mobile marketing successfully you must put together a good database. In order to make it more than just a huge number of cell phone numbers, you should get your customers and potential customers to opt-in so you can send them frequent texts or other content. You can entice new customers to do this by putting QR codes on your packaging or on posters in stores or at airports and bus stops. Then, they can download coupons or discounts and that can get them hooked into going to your website and possibly becoming paying customers.

Mobile marketing strategies can fail if you merely randomly send content to people. They will get annoyed and that doesn’t build good customer relations. Customer want interesting information, along with coupons, discounts, funny little greetings, etc. Act like a friend, not a no-name business person. It will help your ROI increase, as well as make for happier clients.

Mobile marketing strategies are an effective way to broaden your customer base; however, in order for these strategies to be successful, they have to work on multiple mobile platforms. If not, you risk losing customers due to technical problems.

Use Mobile Apps to Direct Customers


Another great thing for businesses is all the new and available mobile apps. If you want more customers then create a mobile app that is able to be used by customers that gives customers something they can use. For instance, Barnes and Noble offers free WiFi in their bookstores, but if you have one of their mobile e-reader Nook devices, it can also pick up exclusive content about the store and be used to download e-books, etc.

The bottom line is that yes, Mobile Marketing is effective for all types of companies and they need to get on the bandwagon and develop a mobile campaign now!

Highly Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

ALLERTA-FRODE-3image source: Mobile Marketing Italia

Ensuring that your company is using mobile marketing strategies effectively and help tremendously in building your brand, as well as in selling your products and services. It’s vital that all businesses have a valid mobile marketing strategy or they will be left behind in today’s mobile-centric world. Here are some examples of highly effective mobile marketing strategies you must incorporate into your marketing plans:

Mobile Optimization of Business Websites Business-Websites

It’s estimated that at least six billion people either own a mobile phone or at least have access to one. That means that many more people are using mobile phones to go online, so it’s vital to ensure that your business website is optimized for mobile users. That means that you must test out the mobile version of your business website to see how it looks and if it is user friendly for smart phones since they can’t normally download a non-mobile optimized website properly. This is in part because the screen of a smart phone is so much smaller than that of a computer, plus they don’t use the same sort of operating system as a computer.

Use SMS Text Messaging


Currently, one of the least costly ways of reaching customer using mobile marketing methods is through SMS text messages. It’s very cheap to put together an SMS marketing campaign and easy to implement one. If you put together a good enough plan, and implement it well, then our business is sure to get a very good return on its investment.

Make Use of QR Codes

QR Codes

The QR code or Quick Response Code is that funny looking square shape graphic that is now showing up on everything from posters to product packaging. It is an extremely versatile and very flexible mobile marketing tool. The QR code doesn’t cost much to produce and can be used in so many different ways that it can be put on almost anything to help attract potential customers. You can put it on your business cards, emails, letters, advertisements, and just about anything. They can be used along with other advertising venues like magazines and newspapers or even added onto your business website. They invite your customers to interact with your company and are very effective in getting new customers and clients.

Build Your Mobile Marketing Client List


It is also vital to build and maintain your mobile marketing list correctly. You will turn off potential customers if you are too intrusive. No one likes getting spam text messages, so it is vital to get people to sign up on your opt-in subscriber list. You should also include a way for the people to opt-out if they so desire. You can do things like offer discounts to your subscribers that no one else has access to in order to give an incentive for people to opt-in.

Timing of Messages is Important

Timing of Messages

It is also important to time the sending of your messages so that you will get the best response to your mobile marketing. Therefore, you need to learn when is the best time to send a message to get the best response, such as sending out a message announcing a lunch special right around lunchtime between 11 am and 1 pm when most people are thinking about eating lunch. This strategy will help you to have a better chance of getting a response from the people who get your messages.

Be sure to track your campaigns


Another important aspect of mobile marketing strategies is to keep track of how your campaigns are doing so you can see which ones are working the best. For instance, you should number coupons you send out so you can track the ones that are used. You should also put the target audiences into specific categories so you can see which category is reacting the best to what mobile marketing campaign. That way you will know the type of things to send out and which targeted group is likely to respond the best in the future.

The bottom line is that when choosing mobile marketing strategies your business must learn how to use them correctly. Once you have incorporated some of these effective mobile marketing strategies you are bound to see a major upturn in the profits and benefits that your company receives.

The Mobile lead generation fever

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Business owners all need leads in order to get new customers and mobile marketing is one of the newest and most dynamic way to generate leads that has appeared over the past few years.

Smart phones, for instance, have totally changed people’s lives and how they access the Internet, communicate with others, and especially how they search for and buy things. But in order to use it properly, you need good strategies for lead generation.

Mobile Marketing is Still Young


Mobile Marketing is actually relatively young compared to other advertising methods like print, radio, etc. It is predicted that by 2015 more than half of all of the traffic online will be coming from some sort of mobile device, and a quarter of all pay per click will also be done on a mobile device. In order to get leads, a mobile marketing campaign must be designed to meet the demographics and trends of the people using mobile devices.

The majority of all lead generation strategies are straightforward. You merely design some sort of appropriate content on a landing page and then you promote it all over the place on everything from a blog to social media sites. But if you are creating it for mobile users, you have to optimize it so that they can read it easily on their smart phones, because if it isn’t readable, you have just lost a lead and a potential sale.

Here are six ways to help you to get a better chance of receiving leads via mobile advertising:

1) Use Progressive Profile Forms


It’s hard to fill out all those forms on a mobile device like a smart phone. The screens are so small and people don’t like having to type so much. Plus, many of the regular forms are just too long for mobile devices. If the user gets too frustrated, they won’t finish filling it out and will just go to your competitor and see if his site is more mobile-friendly.

The answer to solving this problem is a progressive profile type of form. A progressive profile lets business owners replace the fields in a form that were previously filled out when your potential lead goes to your site. That allows the forms to be shorter and helps you to optimize your site better for mobile users.

2) Make short and simple call to actions

short and simple space

When using mobile marketing for a call to action, you must understand how the whole thing will show up on a mobile device. You don’t want to distract your potential lead since the screens are so small. You want a clear, simple image with text that is just the right size and tells them what they want in just a few seconds. Make sure that all of your call to action pages fit this criteria!

3) Give coupons, discounts for loyal clients


Discounts and coupons are a great way to generate leads and many will work well with mobile devices. You can send out things like promo codes, loyalty discounts, etc. that they can use by logging into to your mobile site or by showing you the coupon on their phones. This is a great strategy to get a new customer to come into your business.

4) Optimize Content for Mobile Marketing

Optimize Content for Mobile Marketing

Be sure to put more than one link in your content that can be clicked to get to your site. Don’t wait until the very end to put the link to where you have your landing pages. Use bold headlines and make them short and simple to understand. The idea is to get their attention and get them to click on your link, go to your landing page and buy something. Don’t bore them to the point where they don’t even try to browse your site.

5) Your Phone Number should be a link they can click


Anytime a person picks up their smart phone they are doing some sort of action whether it is checking Facebook or searching for a product they want to buy. Some people just browse with their phones while they are waiting in line to stay active. So, if they go to your site, you want your contact number to be clickable. That means they can click on the phone number and talk to you immediately if they have a question concerning your products and services.

6) Text Messages are Great


Do a test message campaign. For instance, if a potential lead could walk into your store or wait at a bus stop, put up a poster that says, “text us for a $10 coupon.” It’s a good ploy to get the potential lead to do it and try your products and services.

Are big companies using Mobile Marketing?

20180103183645-smartphonesimage source: Entrepreneur

When it comes to using Mobile Marketing methods, it’s not only small businesses that do so. In fact, many well-known big businesses have branched out into using mobile marketing and it has worked out extremely well for them. Here are some examples of how big companies are using mobile marketing:

Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels Image source: www.marketing91.com

The Hilton hotels chain efficiently uses text messaging to attract potential and regular customers. They use this opportunity to give people information on things like discounts and reduced rates that can only be accessed through the texts. They also take advantage of sending these out at a time of the day when people are likely to be looking for hotels for both business and leisure travel.

McDonald’s Restaurants

McDonald's Restaurants Image source: www.restaurantbusinessonline.com

McDonald’s restaurants uses mobile marketing by printing things like QR codes onto their food packaging. When a customer clicks on it with their smart phone they sometimes win a prize or get a coupon or a lot of other types of things. This promotes customer loyalty.

Walmart Stores

Walmart Stores Image source: www.southernliving.com

Wal-Mart stores have mobile marketing tools that in the form of apps that help their customers to shop and find prices of things, etc. They also use mobile marketing to get people interested in upcoming sales and promotions.



Pepsi uses mobile marketing such as texts to get people interested in events that they sponsor such as the last Super Bowl game. People can vote using the texts or download wall paper for their phones or watch videos on their phones all through the Pepsi promotions. This helps build Pepsi’s brand and loyalty of their customers.

Heineken Beer

Heineken Beer Image source: www.heineken.com

Heineken uses mobile marketing somewhat like Pepsi does so people can access their features while watching things on TV like football games. They let customers play games during a real game to predict things that happen in the game. This is fun for customers and helped brand image and recognition.

Cornetto Projection Mapping

Cornetto Image Source: www.selectaphilippines.com

Overseas companies also use mobile marketing to help their big businesses. In Cornetto, Turkey an ice cream company called Cornetto Ice Creams started a projection mapping game for their customers. Five people could play at once and if they won they got a code for free ice cream. It didn’t need an app so it was easy for all mobile users to access and play.

Danoo Interactive Content

Danoo Image source: www.crunchbase.com

Another form of mobile marketing uses on-street experience. Danoo is a digital advertising solutions company and they used Bluetooth technology on their digital screens to let people download the same content they were watching on the TVs. They also gave them this content for free. Then, they could view it and it gave potential customers an idea of the type of work Danoo did and they could decide if they wanted to hire them. The screens were located in busy areas like cafes and airports.  It was fairly successful and almost a third of the people downloaded the content.

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters Image source: www.theverge.com

The AMC theater chain offers customer a mobile application to buy tickets from their phones, watch trailers for movies, manage their loyalty accounts and find AMC theater locations. They say they do it because they want their customers to know that they can be wherever their patrons happen to be.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures Image source: deadline.com

Paramount Pictures used NFC technology to get fans to tap their smartphones onto a screen at airports to download exclusive mobile marketing content about the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. This is like the technology that some people can use to pay for items at the checkout by tapping their phones on a display.

Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz India Image source: www.mercedes-benz.co.in

The car company produced a mobile website that allowed their patrons to get information on their products, see pictures of the new vehicles in a gallery, and see pricing information and see information on area service centers. Plus they could easily get from their regular website to a mobile one.

Ford Motor

ford Image source: auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Ford has a My Ford app and it works with the Ford Focus electric cars. Owners can monitor the battery on their car, use mapquest, lock or unlock the car with their phones, and even find their car in a busy parking lot.

So, big companies definitely are using mobile marketing for business strategies to their advantage.

High Quality Mobile Marketing Tricks

mobile-marketing-statistics-to-skyrocket-your-marketing-strategyimage source: MonsterInsights

When it comes to mobile marketing, businesses need the right sort of tools in order to become successful and benefit from this relatively new and exciting form of marketing. Here are some of the best high quality mobile marketing for business tricks to help them to succeed using this sort of campaign:

Give your customers the information they need to find your business


It’s no good to have a business that no one knows anything about. Therefore, business owners must share all of the relevant data on their company in as many ways as possible. This means using social media such as FourSquare check-in so that your customers and potential customers can use location based apps to find your business easier.

Use quizzes or other interactive media to interact with customers

interactive-quiz Image source: rockcontent.com

Another way to get the attention of potential and current customers is by giving them things to interact with such as quizzes, fun contests, surveys or other similar things. People like these sorts of things because they are fun and entertaining and don’t even realize they are learning things about the company sending them out. They can generate good customer feedback and at the same time give businesses valuable information on their customers’ likes and dislikes. Plus it puts the business in the spotlight and helps to build brand awareness.

Don’t send unnecessary messages to customers


Never bore your clients with unneeded texts. They want to see relevant and up-to-date content or fun things they can interact with like games or contests. If you start sending out worthless content, you will lose customers, not gain new ones.

Always make customers number one

customer satisfactory

All mobile marketing adverts must be based on the things your targeted audience would want to see and that meets their needs. You must learn your customers’ needs in order to retain them, so get as much information as possible about your potential clients and you will be much more successful selling your products and services.

Make all mobile websites compatible with mobile devices

responsive in mobile

It’s great to have a mobile website since nearly everyone has a smartphone and uses it to access the Internet for many thing from messages to finding stores, getting coupons, and learning about businesses and their products. However, if you don’t optimize your mobile site so that it can be seen and navigated easily by mobile users, then they will be worthless to your bottom line. Smart phones have small screens, for instance, so you need to redesign your websites when you move them to a mobile platform so they can be easily read on those sized screens.

Place mobile capable maps onto your sites

mobile capable maps

It also helps businesses gain customers when they put maps onto their sites that are usable by potential customers trying to find their stores. Plus, you can place QR codes onto posters or product packaging to do the same thing. This especially helps when a potential customer is seeking the nearest business that meets their current needs.

Offer discounts or coupons


A fantastic way to get the attention of new and current customers is by offering a coupon or some sort of discount to entice them to try your business. For instance, place an ad on your packaging that says for them to go to a particular mobile site or click onto a QR code and get a $5 or $10 code to use on your mobile site or to show a coupon at the counter when they go to your physical store location. It works to promote customer loyalty because you can get them to opt-in and sign up for more discounts or special messages with other relevant information.

Make it easy for customers to both opt-in and opt-out

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While all marketers want to gain a list of potential customers, it doesn’t do anything but annoy people and cause bad PR for your business if you make it hard for people to also opt-out of your messages. So, be sure to make it simple for your customers to either opt-in or opt-out to gain good karma for your company.

All in all, mobile marketing can be a very profitable advertising campaign for all businesses small or large. Just be sure to incorporate some of these tricks into your mobile marketing strategy.

Can you really make money using Mobile Marketing?

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There are more than 250 million mobile subscribers in just the United States, and millions more in other countries all over the world. Mobile phones outnumber computers and that means that mobile marketing is set to become the next evolution in marketing schemes, as well as one of the strongest and most powerful marketing tools for all kinds of businesses. It is well on its way already in developing into a way to make billions of dollars.

Mobile Marketing is becoming a very popular and appealing type of advertising that many businesses small and large are using to keep in sync with today’s fast paced world. Since just about everyone has a smart phone, it’s a super way for your company to get in touch with your targeted audiences and convince them to become your newest customers!

Recent research shows that more than half of all smart phone users use their phones to look up a product online they are considering buying, with more than a third of them going ahead and buying the item using their phones. That shows that the mobile marketing strategy you use could definitely work to garner more sales and profits if you do it right! But the main thing is that all businesses need a mobile marketing plan or they will be losing out to possible profits to be made using this newest form of selling their products and services.

You Need a Good Database of Phone Numbers

Good Database

Before you can make any money with mobile marketing, you need to build a good sized database of cell phone numbers. You can do this by collecting your potential customer’s cell phone numbers via an online opt-in form on your website or that was sent through email or texts. You can put the form also onto your social network pages in Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, etc.

It’s best to make sure that any ads you sent out to your potential customers doesn’t seem spammy or pushy, otherwise they won’t pay attention to your marketing scheme and will just delete any correspondence they get from you. So, make it short and precise and of real value to your potential customers. This will help to grow your brand the right way and make you more trustworthy.

Use Certain Kinds of Information to Attract Customers

Use Certain Kinds of Information to Attract Customers

Be sure there is a mobile version of your website and that is what you use when using mobile marketing methods to send out ads. These are specially created so that your business website works well on a mobile platform. Some information that people like to see includes maps, and other things that help them to find your location. Be sure that your site loads well and looks good on all kind of mobile devices for best results.

Mobile Market Projected to Skyrocket

Mobile Market Projected to Skyrocket

One of the main reasons that mobile marketing is expected to do so well in the future is because today’s culture makes all things mobile a vital part of our lives. People are always looking for ways to make better use of their time, plus they carry their phones around with them everywhere they go and already are aware of how accessible things like the online world can be using them instead of using old methods like print, radio or even using the Internet on a laptop or desktop.

Mobile devices have completely changed the way we perceive all kinds of communication and businesses need to get on board with these new technologies so they know how to send their messages through media like text, graphics, video, etc. for mobile phones and other types of personal communication tools.

So, in answering if you can really make money using Mobile Marketing, the answer is yes, a thousand times yes!


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