7 Video Marketing Blogs, Influencers, Guides you should follow in 2018

Last Update: Jul 6, 2022 @ 2:57 pm
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Here is the 7 Video Marketing Blogs which can help every influencer who aspire to produce great quality contents for videos. Nobody wants to lose but not everyone is playing to win every day, but as a person who is involved in the fast-paced world of business, it is only right for you to always set your eyes on the prize, because the only way to rise above the raging flood is to keep swimming upwards, eyes always trained on the way above it all where you are safe from destruction.

You know how many industry dominants are flushed out of the game because they are not as adaptable as the new players and because they have failed to invest in research and development, and so they ended up in bankruptcy. Don’t let this happen to you, always look for a way to improve yourself and your business, invest in technology and innovations, because change is really the only thing that is constant.

However, no matter how adaptable you can be and how amazingly innovative, if you have a failing marketing department, it would result to sales decrease and your brand would eventually devaluate. The word of mouth and how the general public views your products and services can determine if your business would stay and grow.

Thus, be informed and updated in the winds of change in the advertising department and invest in getting the best of the best for your marketing team, because the pay-off is definitely huge.

Currently, video marketing has become the new trend and if you’re falling behind, better catch up real fast before the year 2016 ends by browsing through the 7 video marketing blogs, influencers, and guides that are listed and explored below!

7 Video Marketing Blogs

There are a lot of amazing video marketing blogs out there, but who has the time to check them out, right? Advertising is a busy world with hectic schedules and you can only do so much research before you get too exhausted to do the actual work. So just get some tips and maybe patterns from the chosen 7 video marketing blogs that we listed just for you below.

1.) Youtube

wjoel_1777_180403_youtube_003image source: The Verge

This is pretty obvious, but you can learn so much about video marketing if you would take the time to surf around youtube, the Father of Online Videos, and there are thousands of marketing channel that is seemingly tailored just for you! This is said to be similar to Google Analytics, which you can also check out since it might help with data tracking for your online video ad, and Youtube’s blog is one of the most popular, thus would give more than enough content, where you can glean knowledge every day. Dedicate just an hour and you would surely learn a lot and you would be producing that video ad of yours in no time at all!

2.) Wistia


This is said to be the Father of “forceful” video hosting site, because the team behind Wistia would give the best and in-depth analytics regarding videosT so you can dive in deep with them if you want. You are also allowed to share video clips in private using this site and learn how to control media players and its functions.

However, it is not merely a smooth and fully functional video player as its blog can offer a lot of advise and insider tips about everything from strategic marketing angles and even as to how videos can be produced with the comprehensive do’s and don’ts.

The content would certainly be useful especially for marketers who need more guidance with regards to video marketing campaigns and how to create them. There are more 7 Video Marketing Blogs which are apparently used for today.

3.) Tubular Insights

Tubular_Home_Socialimage source: tubularlab.com

Currently in the business world, this is the primary source for news, analytics, insider tips, and even up and coming trends in the advertising department particularly video marketing campaigns.

And so if you think that SEO is dead just because long-forms and content marketing is almost on the way out (not really, but compared to video ads, it is not as useful right now) then you got to reevaluate that line of thought, because SEO is alive and kicking!

After all, you have content in your video ad and you would need to put catchy descriptions for your videos, so in order for people to find your video-add, Tubular Insights is full of experts for making your videos SEO’d so that you would rank higher in search results than other videos posted online. 7 Video Marketing Blogs is now available.

4.) Social Media Examiner

NewBackimage source: socialmediaexaminer.com

From the name itself, you would be able to guess the target and expertise of the Social Media Examiner as it is mostly about the foundational knowledge regarding video marketing on social media (obviously!).

This video marketing blog teaches you on how powerful Social Media is and if it is used by marketers strategically, it is the most effective platform for your video ad because people does not go a day without checking their social media accounts and scrolling through the timeline.

Social Media Examiner is filled with interviews from experts and influencers, professionals and other businessperson involved in advertisement, and so this is really helpful especially if you are new to the video ad scene. It also gives you the most comprehensive analytics with regards to social media movement and traffic.

5.) Vidyard Blog


image source: vidyard.com

Similar to Wistia, Vidyardis another sturdy video hosting site, reliable video marketing blog, and it even has an archive of sorts so you can browse through the older content in order to get varied ideas and compare notes from another timeline to the timeline of advertisements now.

However, it is largely focused on the technicalities and the process of creating the video itself, just passing through and giving an overview about the content strategies, but aside from that, it also helps many businesses build communications with their consumers because of their amazingly crfed online video.

Check it out since they provide really interactive videos and you can learn a thing or two from them.

6.) Adverblog


Sometimes, we watch advertisements and we suddenly turn into critics, but we can’t help it. We judge so small details, deriving humor form it, but now you get to watch another person do that for you, which kind of exciting, really.

Adverblog is different from the rest since it has a collection of video advertisements with commentary, pointing out mistakes, teeny tiny details, and of course, highlighting the good points, which is really helpful and useful as it gives you a first-hand overview of the essential parts of a video ad.

You would certainly learn from them since they have been in the video marketing blogs since 2003 and has drawn a lot of crowd ever since.

7.) Magnet Media Films


With the vision of think, make and do, Magnet Media Films is a focused video marketing blog and would be a great inspiration for you as they cover the production of the video itself, how to optimize it depending on your brand and your vision as a company, and it also allows for brainstorming so that you would be able to development the most perfect angle in dealing with video advertisements.

Written content plus amazing motion graphics is sure to give you the best infotainment while you are learning.

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7 Influencers to Follow

Sometimes, reading can feel a little too tedious and once you get crank in your neck, you would also develop a cranky attitude, because of excessive exhaustion, but this is the fastest way to becoming burnt out and you really don’t want that to happen. So why don’t you follow these influencers who could simplify things for you and help you create the best video marketing campaign that would make your boss hug you in glee.

7.) David Murdico



He is the Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner at Supercool Creative and that is not just a made-up name! Supercool Creative is actually a digital creative agency that provides particular needs for a marketer like you such as conceptualization, exploiting the ripeness of social media marketing, interactive of online video ad and of course, production of the video ad itself.

David Murdico is a speaker about video marketing campaigns and the most comprehensive video production online, he even managed to publish 300 papers about the said topics, and thus an amazing influenzer for you to follow for more added knowledge.

6.) Mark Robertson


Remember the ReelSEO that we just mentioned earlier? Well, Mark Robertson is the founder that you have to thank for and now you got to follow him for updates because he has managed to establish a primary info and data source and his site is not slowing down in its growth, especially now that video marketing is the hottest advertising angle.

He is able to create the fusion of three important elements in his videos—digital, technology, and social media! With just enough info, strategic graphics addition and meticulous editing process, he is able to produce highly shareable video campaigns.

5.) Tim Washer


He is the Senior Marketing Manager at Cisco, but at the same time, well-versed in comedic gigs, not as the comedian, but as the writer and eventually becoming a producer. He is a frequent speaker to various corporate seminars and convention and is highly received because he is able to impart useful tips in each convention as a speaker.

He is amazing in using humor in delivering his speech so optimum learning is guaranteed because the mind and body is absolutely engaged, not a part of you sleeping, so you better watch his seminar videos because it’s really inspiring and makes you realize how much the people needed the little laugh more than anything nowadays.

4.) James Wedmore



Founder of the Video Traffic Academy, James Wedmore has a credible background in production of various videos.

He is a renowned experts of increase traffic, shareability, and not only that, he can somehow translate all of the views into sales, which is a huge accomplishment in the business world.

He also has a youtube channel and he sometimes, conduct seminars online, which he dubs as “webinars” so be sure to find some time to attend!

3.) Bruce McKenzie


He is the head and co-founder of the 2-minute explainer, which pioneered one of the most successful types of video marketing today, the explainer videos.

Before he became a founder of full-time video marketing blog, he has been an executive for broadcasting firm and marketing executive of Fortune 50, hence, you can be assured that he knows what is talking about because really has a lot and varied experiences in the marketing world.

He has risen to popularity due to his short, direct to the point, and entertaining explainer videos that garners a lot of followers since its posting online.

2.) Tyler Lessard


He is the CMO at Vidyard, which is part of the video marketing blogs above so you may check it out. Tyler Lessard is a firm believer that the video is the way of the future and that there is really no going back from it thus it is time to harness the power of video ad while it is still new.

He is often at seminars and the focus of his discussions is around video marketing strategies and analytics of the behavior of the consumers in viewing videos. If you have the time, you should really try to attend his seminars because you would surely learn quiet a lot.

1.) Josh Rimer


Since youtube is the number one video marketing blog, we have included Josh Rimer here in the list since he is a renowned and celebrated youtube blogger with his channels focusing on the ups and downs of video marketing campaigns.

He also produces and even does the hosting, not only for his youtube channel, but at OUTTv, a national LGBT network in Canada and the show is entitled: The Sassy Scoop and he post this on his youtube channel as well. He mostly teches people on how to get the attention of netizens surfing youtube and how to create interesting videos that would them click the subscribe button, asking for more!

Guides You Should Check Out

Okay so reading can be tedious, but it is really the best way to learn, especially if you want to master the subject matter and gain knowledge full with all of the details. Books, especially, those which are written by experts of the marketing subject itself is going to be the best food for thought that you could have while researching about video marketing!

1.) The Fortune Cookie Principle by Bernadette Jiwa


Try getting this read as it tells the tale of how your brand could achieve maximum visibility to the general public and by increasing the awareness of your brand, you must also build the reputation of your products and services because first impression really does matter. This book includes a step-by-step guideline of actionable tips for you to follow!

2.) The Power of Visual Storytelling by Ekaterina Walter


Just the like the first book, it emphasizes the need to tell the story of your brand, but this time focusing on using superb visuals and graphics to your advantage. After all, pictures tell a thousand words and the aesthetics would take care of your shortcomings in the content.

3.) Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi


Joe Pulizzi, a renowned author in the content marketing world and the person who has made such a buzz in his strategic marketing angles, has written this book in order to explain the basics of content marketing and how it is the first step into achieving the best content for your video ad. The book further encourages marketers with different actionable tips as to how to attract customers and keep them engaged.

4.) Youtility by Jay Baer


Jay Baer has written a marketing book around a certain theme as he outlines and gives an overview of the many differences between increasing sales and building the anticipation of the consumers. He emphasizes how many video ad would hype the people up, but after the initial good sales outcome, the ere is a plummet in the market, because it did not garner a loyal follower, just a one time, big time kind of people.

5.) Your Brand the Next Media Company by Michael Brito


Yes, video marketing is the new face of advertisements, but without awesome content then the consumers would just walk away because you cannot offer anything new and anything relevant.

Thus you should know that marketing your brand is not an impossible thing to do, but it’s very tricky and Michale Brito is going to teach you how to think and work like you are the head of a media company!

6.) Video Marketing for Dummies by Kevin Daum


Nope. You have the idea and probably the concept playing inside your head repeatedly, but there are still a lot for you to know and Kevin Daum have put together a book for your benefit, with specific tips that would help you in your journey in the advertising world.

7.) Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2017 Edition – How to Use Social Media for Business Paperback by Jason McDonald Ph.D.


Jason Mcdonalds always take extra care in making sure that you can use his books to the fullest and this book actually has worksheets for the strategic planning you got to do.

The book even includes video for your training, worksheets in PDF format, step-by-step guideline for social media marketing tips especially for the key players such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Local, Instagram and Twitter. This is highly recommended for hands-on training without having to get a physical mentor.

We hope that the lists of 7 video marketing blogs, influencers and guides that you should follow and use as a foundational knowledge really added a whole lot of value for you as a business person and as a marketer! If there is anything that you want to add, feel free to contact us, because there is collective learning is still better than competition.

Sure, healthy competitions help all of us grow as a person, as it forces us to leave our comfort zones, where growth can be found. So continue growing, learning new things, and setting up goals because everything is totally possible if you would only believe that you can do it.

And you can totally produce the best video marketing campaign in the upcoming year because you are now armed with enough and really specific knowledge about how you should do it and who you should probably follow and use a model.

Then someday, you would be the model of marketers for posting an eye-catching and heart-stealing video ad that would make the world taken with a delightful surprise!

Did you learn from this post? What do you think?

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