Digital Marketing Seminar – Workshop for the Tourism Industry

Last Update: Jun 27, 2022 @ 11:21 am
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Tourism is one of the few where the effects are most apparent. Now, people have more access through the internet through various mobile devices. In turn, travel companies offer them the capability to make deals and bookings on their mobile phones and the like.
If you are in the tourism industry, venturing in digital marketing is now a must. With so many prospects found in the online field, learning how to use it efficiently is tantamount to the success of your business. So, are you ready to ride the wave?
Ready up as you are invited in this exclusive seminar-workshop that will teach you all about digital marketing for your tourism business and how you can be good at it.

Who’s Invited?

Aside from you, the event will be attended by other business owners who are aiming to expand their marketing campaigns by learning how digital marketing works and how they can use it to boost the exposure of their brand. Marketing specialists will see this as an opportunity to widen their expertise when it comes to promoting tourism businesses and services online. And finally, website developers wanting to create a better tourism website for their clients in the future can also learn a lot of things from this workshop.
To get the best learning experience, it is requested that you bring your laptop with you. Wi-fi is prepared beforehand, but it is also recommended that you bring a backup just in case.

The Facilitator and Mentor


This workshop will be jampacked with the discussions of the different aspects of digital marketing which will be conducted to you by Ruben Licera Jr. of RLcomm International. This event will be divided into two parts, the Morning and the Afternoon Session, and are broken down further to several topics.

Morning Session

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing and Lead Generation
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Digital marketing is a broad subject that is further divided into various categories. These include search engine optimization (SEO)content marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) to name a few. You will learn the general idea behind these as well the process of generating prospects for your tourism business.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Building Online Communities
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For any kind of business, providing great customer service for your clients is top priority. That also goes the same for those in the tourism industry. In this part, you’ll know what CRM is all about and how creating an online community can provide a great opportunity for you to interact better with your viewers.

  • Develop a Content Plan
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What every tourism-themed business needs for their website aside from images of their pristine locations and hotspots are good stories backing them up. Devising a good content marketing strategy for your website will be the main topic for this part.

  • Website Platform Choices
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Functionality and accessibility – these two are the main factors that you must take into account when picking a website for your business. Your viewers must be able to access it, regardless of which device they are going to use. In here, you will know which is the most preferred website platform for your tourism business.

  • Accepting Online Booking and Payment
Digital Marketing Seminar - Online
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An online booking and payment system will make the lives of your clients a whole lot easier and hassle-free when they want to tend to your tourism business. That is why you have to provide it to them if you want to be satisfied with your services. Learn all about it on this part.

  • Data Privacy Law, Cybercrime Law
Digital Marketing Seminar - Data Privacy
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Afternoon Session

  • Search Engine Marketing Techniques for Lead Generation
Digital Marketing Seminar - SEO
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SEO and SEM are the two factors that will make your website visible on search engine results. Optimizing your website for your preferred keyword phrases, using banner ads and organic link building are just some of the techniques you need to apply to properly rank up in the SERPs. You will learn more about that here. Make sure to know about the Digital Marketing Seminar.

  • E-mail Marketing for Lead Generation and CRM
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Sending newsletters to your clients can easily be treated as spam if not done right. In this part, they will teach you how to do E-mail marketing efficiently, creatively and successfully.

  • Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation and CRM
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Facebook and Twitter are not just platforms used to keep up with friends online. They are already viable tools for marketing all types of businesses, including yours. Learn how to use them to not only promote your brand, but to socialize with your viewers as well.

  • Mobile Marketing for Lead Generation and CRM
Digital Marketing Seminar - Lead Generation
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Most people surfing online nowadays now prefer using their smartphones and tablet to access the internet – this is based on the latest mobile statistics. Knowing that should give you an idea why you need a good mobile marketing strategy for your tourism business. See yourself attending the Digital Marketing Seminar.

  • Digital Marketing Metrics
Digital Marketing Seminar - Metrics
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Measuring your progress since you started your digital marketing campaigns is a must. You’ll need those numbers to determine which part of your strategy needs fixing and which ones should be maintained.

Picture of Ruben Licera
Ruben Licera
Ruben Licera is one of the Philippines' international award-winning communications professional and digital marketing experts. know more about him at
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