360 Marketing Agency: What, How and Who to Hire

Last Update: Sep 15, 2022 @ 6:21 pm
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Do you want to reach as many customers as you like for your brand, product or services? More than buyers, do you want your brand to be top-of-mind brand for your ideal customers?

Targetting customers is quite challenging especially for businesses who can’t fully determine the people that they actually want to reach and understand their demands due to lack of knowledge and proper approach of connecting with them. However, for companies like ESTRAT 360 Marketing Company, customer-centric approach is our cup of tea.

In this article we share to our our first hand insights on 360 Marketing and the guide that you need to consider in hiring one.

Why Hiring 360 Marketing Agency is Important

What is 360 Marketing?

360 Marketing is a data-oriented type of marketing that targets all potential channels where you can find your customers and their points of contact to promote your brand in a more diversified audience. Displaying your business in every place that can be found by your customers will not only attract more eyes but also increase your brand reputation.

Understanding 360 Degree Marketing Campaign

From discovery to purchase, 360 Degree Marketing campaigns will allow you to cover the whole buying cycle for your customers wherein you are providing a synergy of messages that can reach them wherever they are – both online and offline, capture their interests, and lead them into their journey of actually buying from your business.

The 360 Marketing Campaign Sample

One of the most influential 360 Marketing campaigns up-to-date is Coca-Cola’s “Enjoy Everything Campaign” for its partnership with NCAA March Madness tournament that was able to help them strengthen their sponsorships from displaying humorous ads to different audiences in multi channels such as television and print media to amplifying their Live mobile app’s social media presence that has captured the hearts and attention of several people.

The Solid 360 Marketing Strategy for Business

Even if you want to incorporate different elements of 360 marketing from Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, Content Creation to PPC, SMO, Website, and Offline Marketing all at once in your future campaigns, you should still be mindful of its overall quality. Ensuring a holistic approach while still having a dynamic perspective in executing your meaningful campaigns for your customers’ will make them want to buy your products more and potentially boost your sales.

360 Marketing Campaign

How to Create 360 Degree Marketing Campaign

For starters, it may be hard to fully comprehend the hows and whys of 360 degree marketing given that it is a product of adapting to newest trends in the marketing industry especially with its shift to the digital space. However, here are some helpful tips to help you create your own 360 campaign.

Get Some Inspiration

You don’t have to fully copy the marketing campaigns of successful companies in the industry, but only take it as inspiration where you can acquire some ideas that will help you develop your own campaigns with even more effectiveness.

Determine Your Target Market

Even though 360 marketing requires you to cover all marketing channels to reach more customers, it doesn’t mean that you will target everyone rather, focus on those people that can potentially be interested in your business.

Identify Your Purpose

Do you want a specific marketing campaign for your new product? Are you only aiming for a general rebranding? In order to have a clearer path and understanding of your objectives, it’s best to determine your purpose first instead of basing on trial and error.

Plot Your Funnel

Never neglect the importance of a marketing funnel because this will serve as your guide in developing the most effective strategies, together with your gathered data that will surely ignite action from your customers as they navigate from one stage to another.

Cohesive Approach

As we aim for customer-centric approach, you have to make sure that messaging flow consistently across different platforms. Simple inaccuracy in your campaign can already reduce its quality and effectiveness.

Set Measurements

Not all need to be measured


360 Marketing Campaign Samples

5 Successful 360 Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns can help your business to deliver a meaningful message about your brand to your target customers so make every second counts! Here are the 5 most successful 360 marketing campaigns in the modern day:

Always’ “Like A Girl”

Launched in 2014 by Always, a leading feminine pad brand. Like A Girl aims to fight gender stereoypes among women and redefine their natural actions. Through their combined marketing in traditional media such as spearheading activations in schools and universities to digital media which utilizes different social media platforms in empowering women of all ages with the #LikeAGirl, they have reached 90 million people.

Coca-cola’s “Share Coca Cola With A Friend”

With Coca-cola’s effective strategies of targetting the millennial generation which represents the most recent customers, they were able to influence their customers to upload some images with the Coca-cola brand in their social media accounts, raising their visibility and sales by 2%.

Old Spice’s “The Man You Could Smell Like”

Launched in 2010 at the Super Bowl, Old Spice was able to capture the attention of several people with its campaign that has mixed humor and intrigue, gaining over 52 million views on Youtube and even spots on television and radio advertising platforms.

Bubbaloo and Bazooka’s “Balloon Tournament”

With the goal of inviting the younger audience, ranging from 12 to 18 years of age, to engage in a balloon contest, the union of Bubbaloo and Bazooka were able to capture their attention and convince them to participate through promoting in children-filled areas such as shopping centers and even in an interactive web platform with the help of every child’s kryptonite which is an amazing prize to whoever will win the said competition.

Papas Lay’s “Final of the Champions League”

Papas Lays’ smart strategy of targeting the champions league’s fans in promoting their products wherein customers can take a photo or video of their lays bags with an image of a half face and fill the other half with their own face to be uploaded online where they can win tickets to the most anticipated sporting event, has earned them more customer’s trust and loyalty and even boosted their sales even after its 75 years in the industry.

360 Marketing Expert

Who are the 360 Marketing Experts ?

360 Marketing Experts are marketing professionals who possess expertise in integrating different marketing elements and covering several channels into one effective campaign with a cohesive message that can help businesses reach global audiences despite of their demographics.

What is a 360 Marketing Agency

Like ESTRAT 360 Marketing Company, the 360 marketing agencies onsist of highly skilled marketing experts that specialize in the strategic implementation of strategies to reach the target market and generate the required return on investment (ROI).

Why Hiring a 360 Marketing Company is important to Businesses?

With over 4.55 billion active social media users in the existing year, businesses should still not neglect the 61% of total population that still trusts content that are conveyed through newspapers rather than reading them online.

360 Marketing companies will help you provide a more effective user experience for your customers despite the channels that they are using, because this modern approach can navigate all your customer’s touchpoints throughout the journey.

Especially now that 82% of customers are more attracted and engaging to brands that can offer personalized content and experience for them given that this will not only make them stand out from the competition, but also make their customers feel special.

Moreover, 83% of marketers are now more aligning their purchase decisions to quality over quantity wherein bombarding them with countless social media postings and press releases on printed media will not make them inspired anymore, so always ensure that you focus more on enhancing the quality of your campaign even if you only have one – enough to make them support your brand.

360 Marketing companies will also help you make your business stay in the minds of your target customers wherever they are as you establish authenticity and credibility across multiple marketing channels using different marketing tools depending on the needs of your audience.

Through this, you can easily boost your brand’s visibility and even your ROI as you gain more customers given that 59% of consumers purchase products and avail services from businesses that they are most familiar with, inspiring them to certify your brand’s reputation for the long-term and recommend it to others as well – a win-win situation. 

What are the 360 Marketing Company Services?

Given that 360 marketing is a wide field to navigate, different companies can offer various services depending on their expertise and their customer’s needs but here are the most in-demand and most favorable services that can help your businesses:


360 Marketing companies can provide you with fresh and goal-centric content that will help you execute your marketing campaigns in the most engaging way to connect with your customers from strategic planning to production and grow your business.

Growth Outsourcing

From social media management to digital marketing, 360 agencies can also help you generate more traffic and leads to boost your business’ sales with cost-effective strategies that will also develop your brand content to monitor campaigns and enhance reputation.

Smart Advertising

360 agencies can guide you in using the right advertising medium that will further improve your business performance especially in the virtual space through promoting your brand with paid ads across marketing channels to reach more customers.

Experience-based Consultation

360 experts in an agency can also help you acquire a more deeper understanding about marketing your business in the most effective way as possible through consultation with highly skilled professionals on innovative approach of 360 marketing.

Hiring a 360 Marketing Agency  vs an Expert?

Hiring a 360 Marketing Expert is the most efficient track to go through if you are looking for a more intimate and one-to-one partnership with someone knowledgeable in this field. Working with an expert can give you a more focused connection with them because they will be hands-on in working with you. However, sometimes, their skills and expertise can still be limited.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more diverse and wide range of services that your business can take advantage of, hiring a 360 Marketing Agency is the one for you given that they are composed of several marketing professionals who specialize in a specific area under the umbrella of 360 marketing that would really help your business grow in all of its aspects without leaving one stone unturned.

360 Marketing Strategy

The Benefits of Working with a 360 Marketing Company?

With their higher proficiency and a variety of services that 360 marketing companies can offer to businesses, the results that they can yield to your campaigns are unquestionable wherein you can still enjoy additional advantages once you have trusted their skills:


Instead of spending too much time outsourcing experts that can cater to your business separate needs, a 360 marketing company can already do every job that you demand them as long as it’s part of their expertise, saving you so much time in finding the right people to work with.

Constantly Innovating

A reputable 360 marketing company regularly examines the qualities of their services and processes to assess if they are as effective as they are before and if they can still provide solutions to their customers’ problems to enhance those that need improvement.

Goal-Driven & Committed

360 Marketing agencies are fond of helping small businesses transform into a growing firm that can even go beyond their expectations especially with their commitment in using their skills in igniting business opportunities and growth.


Building your own 360 marketing team can be expensive and even exceed your allotted budget for this specific marketing field alone. However, an agency is already equipped with highly skilled professionals with proper trainings wherein you can optimize the cost of a single resource.

One-stop shop

Finding the right people that will help you grow your business and someone who you can truly trust with is hard nowadays especially if you have a lot to lose with a single mishap. With an agency, you can already work with a team fit for all your needs with excellence.


How to Choose the best 360 Marketing Agency to work with?

Choosing the best 360 Marketing agency to work with can be challenging especially if you have no idea where to start. Here are some qualities that you should be looking for in the right agency:

Assess Credentials

As a client, you have all the rights to do some background research on a 360 marketing agency before you seal the deal because this will allow you to acquire sufficient information about them. Check their website. Look for feedback from previous clients. Choose the agency that has established a positive reputation because it mirrors the actual quality of service that they can offer.

Evaluate Skills

Every agency can easily say how competent their services or how effective their methods are but always practice to believe in their actions rather than their words. Ask them about their processes and approach. Perceive their tools used. Analyze their knowledge about marketing to ensure that they can really provide your desired goals.

Check Budget

The best 360 marketing agency does not always have to be the one with the highest rate of service, there are still other excellent agencies that can offer you favorable results without forcing you to go beyond your allotted budget while still risking the quality of their service.

Top 5 360 Marketing Agency to Consider

To give you some options in choosing the best 360 marketing agency for your business, here are the top 5 agencies that you can consider if you are looking for quality service as they have dominated the list of the best 360 marketing agencies up-to-date:

Accenture Interactive

Accenture Interactive is the largest agency in the world in terms of revenue with an estimated value of over $4.4 billion which is a subsidiary of Accenture, a management consultancy. 

With their expertise in digital strategy, advertising and content creation, Accenture Interactive was recognized as Maserati’s global experience agency of record that has helped customers to acquire the best experience as a user throughout their journey.

PwC Digital Services

With an estimate revenue of $3.3 billion and proven expertise in innovation, strategy, technology, and branding, PwC Digital Services has been credited as the world’s largest digital and mobile marketing agency in 2015 as an agency arm for a multinational consulting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers.


IBM iX is a New York-based 360 marketing agency that has utilized their IBM Design thinking approach in delivering engaging campaigns with the help of their expertise in strategy, technology, and creative that will improve their clients’ brand and solve their challenges including Knorr, Atlant Falcons, and 1-800-Flowers.


Known for their creative digital consultancy model, Deloitte Digital is another 360 marketing and digital advertising agency under the Deloitte Consulting umbrella that has transformed client’s business digital journey from providing strategy to enhancing branding even if it has only been six years in the industry.


Dentsu is a Tokyo, Japan-based advertising agency that is also considered as the largest in the region that provides excellent services in eight business domains such as PR, content, digital, marketing and even promotions to global brands like Facebook as a part of the Dentsu Inc. agency network which is the 5th largest agency network based on worldwide revenue.

Why Hiring 360 Marketing Agency is Important

How to Hire a 360 Marketing Company?

Just like other marketing agencies, in order to hire the best 360 marketing company, you should always start within yourself and your own business. Determine all your needs and plot everything that you will be needing help with for you to understand more what you are looking for. Once you have gathered all essential information, spend enough time to search for possible leads may it be through online or recommendations from your peers, in order to create a list.

Then, as the client, compare and contrast these prospects with regards to your demands by assessing their skills, expertise and even testing their knowledge about 360 marketing that will give you an idea on who to trust and who to cross out on the list. With thorough inspection of these agencies, you can only be left with one that is the closest to your heart and has captured your interest from the start. 

Once you have identified who you want to work with, communicate with them first, get to know them more before signing the contract in order to ensure that you are really with the right hands rather than regretting once the campaigns have already started.

Red Flags to Watch out for in a 360 Marketing Agency?

Despite of all the good things that 360 marketing agencies can offer you, you still have to be mindful of different red flags that noncompetent ones will display that might only put you in danger.

Lack of Sufficient Credentials

Never trust an agency that has little to no credentials at all because these are important proof that will support their credibility and excellence in the marketing field. Without it, their agency can only be perceived as fishy and untrustworthy.

Lack of Updated Tools/Approach

Given that the marketing industry is continuously changing, 360 marketing agencies’ tools and methods used should also adapt to these change especially in alignment with the more modern trends existing in the market because some approaches that have worked in the past may not now be as effective as they are before.

Limited Coverage

360 marketing allows agencies to cover different marketing channels with various marketing strategies as well in order for your business to reach and attract as many customers as possible wherever they are. 

360 agencies that are only familiar with SEO but not in PPC, or only focuses on one channel should not be considered as an expert service provider of 360 marketing because they can only offer limited services with quality still left in question.

SUMMARY / Conclusion…

360 Marketing has been the most advanced and comprehensive approach in the marketing industry because it has the capability to reach different groups of customers across distinct marketing channels through analyzing their touchpoints from the start until the end of their consumer journey in the funnel.

May it be regular posting on social media or exposure on the traditional forms, 360 marketing will not only help you find more customers but also to understand your audience more together with their demands in order to give them the best user experience that will inspire them to take action with their purchase decisions.

However, if you are still worrying about a lack of knowledge on 360 marketing or you lack of idea where to start, you can always look outside and hire a professional 360 marketing company that will give you a wider external lens on your brand and help you fulfill all your needs with the price of one – you just have to find the best one for your business!

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