13 Social Media Trends For Brand Builders To Consider In 2022

Last Update: Aug 12, 2022 @ 4:21 pm
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In a society where everyone is technology-dependent, whenever technology changes, so do the world. Almost everything done by people is assisted by technology and to live along with the rest of the world, you have to know the trend. When we talk about trends, we just can’t leave social media out of the conversation for it comprises the various platforms where we could witness and observe the changes in what’s hot and what’s not. To begin, what are the social media trends in 2022 that we should look out for?

1. Reaching Out To Influencers


Having influencers support and create content for your brand is one of the social media trends this 2022. People trust people more than any advert. Having people passionately post your product or service through reviews or testimonials is one of the best ways to showcase social proof. You could connect with influencers through influencer outreach or social media interactions and this could lead to long-term relationships. Engaging with influencers is cost-effective, increases brand awareness, and further builds trust and credibility.

2. Connecting Online Shops With Social Media Accounts


Establishing social media accounts is one thing but what do people do after roaming in your account? Businesses now link their online shop to their social media accounts and pages to save potential customers the hassle of browsing the internet for their online shops.

3. Focusing On Results-Driven Advertising Strategies


The reason why this strategy is a social media trend is that it’s highly effective. Instead of making your marketing strategy a cost center, make it your profit center by customizing your budget to make assets obtainable for ultimate profitability. Recognize value by being aware of how much you can get the most out of digital media investment. Target results by updating KPIs and lastly, seize the market by driving your people with the materials and budget to win every prospective customer.

4. Sharing Short-Form Video Content On Social Media


The average human visual attention span as of today equates to only 8 seconds. In such a short time, you have to make your content hit the point of your advert and attract viewers to open your account or page, scroll through it, and even click on CTAs.

5. Breaking Long-Form Content Into Micro-Content


Considering the changes in the average attention span of today’s generations, you have to break free from the traditional long-form content that contains at least a thousand words. Information overload could end up pointless because your viewers might not catch or remember anything specific and important. Shifting into micro-content is the social media trend of today that is challenging brands to attract people using any content that takes 30 seconds at the most.

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6. Examining Relevant Public Data To Drive Content


Data-driven content is an analytic strategy that constructs content out of data collected from your target audience which are potential buyers and returning customers. Data provides you with a high-quality of your buyer persona, the information on trends and influencers in your field. This strategy generates buzz, a segmented audience, high-targeted campaigns, and especially more personalized marketing.

7. Utilizing Facebook Advertising


Facebook is the most used social media platform as of January 2022 having 2.912 billion active users across the globe. Utilizing Facebook advertising helps you in reaching out to targeted users based on their profile information, location, and demographics. This technique could also drive traffic directly to your website.

8. Hopping On Trends With Social Media Content



Social media is all about trends – what’s hot and what’s not. To be up to date and to be loved by people for a long time, you have to embrace change. Be open to associating what’s in vogue with your brand. The highlights of social media trends include user-generated content, live videos, and online events.

9. Leveraging Video And Paid Social Media Ads


Getting rid of video adverts while being on social media is far from possible. You could skip some adverts but not everything. The frequency of people having to watch your advert in a specific amount of time depends on the amount that you pay to social media platforms. This is a great technique for promoting your brand to netizens, especially to those who don’t have premium social media accounts that allow getting rid of advertisements.

10. Keeping Your Content Bite-Size


Any type of content may it be – video, text, audio, or image – make it concise and snappy. Go directly to the point and catch people’s attention to avoid getting them annoyed and bored. To be one with the trends, you could utilize GIFs, memes, witty taglines, and catchy jokes.

11. Running Aggressive Retargeting Ads


Making use of retargeting adverts is such a significant strategy, especially when it comes to social media marketing trends. Here, you are flourishing the connection that you have with a potential customer who already has a preexisting attraction towards your brand by taking it to the next level. The most effective retargeting ad is emailing. Why? Up to date, there are 4 billion active email users and email marketing consistently delivers the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

12. Building Community Around A Brand’s Purpose


When a brand builds a community in connection to its purpose, it makes customers feel that they belong to something with that significant purpose and together, they could create an impact. Being in a community with a great and deep purpose makes the customers share a kind of relationship that is established by experience.

13. Leveraging Leaders As Extensions Of A Brand To Humanize It

To humanize your brand, you have to add a warm, friendly feel that makes your brand carry a sense of familiarity towards the people by getting the most out of leaders that serve as your brand extensions. By leveraging, you have to make sure that your leaders showcase qualities unique qualities that make it as compelling as the preexisting products and services.


Whatever field of business you may be, we all are providing service so how can we reach out to our audience? Social media. Why? 58.4% of the world’s population are social media users and on average, these people are on various platforms for 2 hours 27 minutes on a daily basis. Utilizing the elements and making the most out of social media can assist your business more than you can ever think.

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