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To have a large in-house team of digital marketing professionals is a luxury that most small and medium sized businesses can’t afford. However, outsourcing your campaigns to an agency can help you cut on costs while still being effective in your online campaigns. Here are digital marketing services that you can outsource and can also find with ESTRAT:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Don’t get confused, digital marketing is about using both online and offline means to reach out to your target audience. While social media is only limited to online.

You can think of social media as a branch of digital marketing strategy. The strategies employ similar strategies such as building your buyer personas, identifying the goals and tools that you’ll need, evaluate your existing channels, and audit and plan your earned media campaigns.

Your strategy is about mapping out the actions that you’re going to take to achieve your goal. As long as it represents that message, then you have nailed the basics of creating a digital strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of your website traffic through organic search engine results. This includes on-page optimization (keywords, metadata, blog) and off-page optimization (social media, link building, guest posting) that’ll enable you to push your rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP). 

To do this, an SEO team will handle your website audit to measure the health of your websites and discover any red flags that could hinder your traffic’s conversions.

They’ll also be doing keyword research which is the foundation of the campaign. The team will determine who your target market is and what they’re looking for and establish a curated strategy that best reaches them.

With on-page Optimization, you can expect that your sites will deliver the best user experience possible first and then search engines next.

You can also expect that the SEO team will constantly track how well your targeted keywords are in terms of ranking, and check the flow of traffic, social signals and several other metrics for your site.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is the most direct and effective way your brand can connect with your leads. Simply put, it is a strategy of sending emails with valuable content to your prospects so that it can help nurture them and turn them into customers. 

In order to succeed with email marketing, the skills your team will need consists of a copywriter, graphic designer, HTML coding, analysis of Performance metrics and A/B testing.

They’ll create creative contents and layouts for the emails you’ll send and make your email marketing the most effective strategies to grow your business.

The analytics will handle your customer data and will go hand in hand with the other team member to tailor a better email message. This also includes conducting A/B testing to ensure that you are sending the right messages at the right time.

Lead Generation

Lead generation

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing the interests of your customers or prospects to a product or service that you provide. 

Lead generation is incredibly useful for any business type or size as it allows companies to nurture their target until they are ready to make a purchase.

Essentially, a lead generation program will increase your brand’s awareness, build customer relationships, generate qualified leads and ultimately increase your conversion rate. 

Although lead generation has been around for quite some time, the methods do change significantly. Simply from finding customers on their sales journey towards sending the sales team on their way. It’s vital that your leads generation team will create content that people actually want and not to force their buyers to make a decision they would regret.

Remember, customers are smarter now and are more connected and informed. They will less likely respond to plain campaign bait that provides no personal value for them.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach their prospects and customers. This is done by creating and sharing your content on social media networks in order to achieve your branding goals.

As your customers continue to interact with your brand on social media, it is important to have a strategy in place. This includes planning activities such as posting texts and images, and other content that can help drive your audience engagement.

You can expect from your social media team to create a competitive research that’ll help gauge the interest of your target audience.

However, the team must remain consistent with their online marketing message and ensure that only truly valuable and related information will be shared.

Lastly, part of the Social media marketing team’s job is to track your competitors. They can keep an eye on them and see what social media techniques are working for them, you can consider doing the same thing but you have to do it better!

If done correctly, great marketing on social media can bring success for your business, it’ll create devoted brand advocates and can even drive leads and sales.

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Paid Ads


Paid advertising, the term speaks for itself. It is about paying for any kind of advertising versus owned or earned advertising.

THis means that marketers will pay the owner of an ad space in order to use that space. The price paid for these spaces are often settled through a bidding process between the marketers and the ad space owner.

Paid Ads are important in marketing since efficient marketing campaigns capitalize on all channels. Although this does cost more than other forms of advertising, they are still an effective way to expose your company’s name to a large audience.

Creative Media

Creative Media

Creative media is a catch term that refers to any artistic and cultural works or content that’s created and distributed in any digital platforms.

While there are constant innovations for shows, sounds, apps, games and more. There are many existing roles that you can use in creative media. Whether to capture sound, produce a radio show or podcast or work in social media.

If you need creative and imaginative people with practical skills to build your content digitally, you can refer to the creative media team to help you get started. 

Website Design and Development

A website helps establish your credibility as a business. Without one, you may be losing out on opportunities for your business.

A website is used for many things, they can be a form of advertising, forums, brand story and even pay-per-click advertising programs. But a website’s most prominent function is to establish your online presence to enable your business to market online.

Think of it this way, people are busy  and smart. They usually don’t have the time to visit your shop to browse your offers. However, they do search the internet to know more about the product or services so that they can get to know the brand, it’s features, price, size and color.

However, you’ll also need to have a well designed, updated and informative site. And you will need to get a professional in order to strengthen your brand. 

The website development team will aim for its efficiency. This means that they’ll check your website loading speed and performance and optimize it to be both visually appealing and functional.

Digital Marketing Professionals (VA)

digital marketing professionals

A digital marketing virtual assistant or DMVA is a well-rounded SEM/PPC, SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing and content marketing assistant.

They will be dedicating 100% of their focus to you and your business and will handle every online marketing task from optimizing your campaigns to posting that new blog.

These specialists also cost relatively cheaper as compared to an on-site digital marketing assistant and are one of the main forces if you decide to outsource your digital marketing campaigns.

These  DMVAs are all about tactical execution and will follow a set of procedures to take care of your digital marketing tasks. So if you need a boost to maintain your marketing momentum a virtual assistant can help you out. 

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