10 Helpful Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

Last Update: Jun 22, 2022 @ 1:42 pm
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What is evergreen, and what are the tips for writing evergreen content?

One of the most effective strategies to market your business is through content marketing. However, some articles might no longer be relevant to your audiences over time. It will not carry the same value as the years pass, and eventually, these articles will become obsolete.

Hence, evergreen contents come into place. When you’re working with content marketing and SEO, you probably heard these terms as it brings organic traffic to your site. So what do these terms mean?

What is Evergreen Content?

The term evergreen refers to something that retains its relevance and freshness even after a long period. It is often associated with plants, mainly pine or fir trees since their leaves stay the same throughout the seasons. And just like these trees, evergreen content is considered fresh and lasting. 

Evergreen content is “timeless” content – meaning contents that maintain their relevance even after many years. It doesn’t go out of date. As a result, there’s always a healthy number of people searching for it, regardless of whatever time it may be. 

Examples of topics that never get old are the following:

  • How to lose weight
  • How to cook chicken
  • How to build a blog
  • How to stay healthy
  • How to earn money

Remember, if you’re writing niche articles that you think people will lose interest in overtime, that is not evergreen since people no longer actively search for it in the future.

Why is Evergreen Content important?

Evergreen articles help your website gain relevant organic traffic. Since Google’s job is to provide answers to reader’s searches and rank them, content that stays consistently relevant will be ranked higher. Meanwhile, those topics that no longer provide value to the readers won’t be acknowledged and ranked. Thus, writing evergreen articles is your best choice to drive traffic even after several years of publishing the articles. 

Moreover, when people stay on your web page for a more extended period, then that means you have valuable content, which equates to lower bounce rates.

Now, you already understand what evergreen content is and its significance to content marketing. The question now is, how do you make evergreen content?


10 Helpful Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

1. Select the right topics

Choose right always

One of the crucial tips for writing evergreen content is to carefully pick the appropriate topic that can generate organic traffic to your site. 

You can write about various subjects, such as weight loss, job and career, finance, and many more. But, of course, you have to remember that your topic should be relevant to your business. 

You can also check your site and look for topics that retain a high level of traffic over time. Or, check out your leading articles and select potential evergreen topics. After, use a competitive analysis tool to identify which of the pieces get long-term traffic. 

2. Utilize appropriate keywords

Utilizing approriate work

After choosing a few topics that you can write about, you have to use the right keywords to make sure that your blogs will appear in the search results. You can use a keyword discovery tool or get some idea for related keywords in the “people also ask” portion. 

3. Avoid complicated language
Avoiding complications

You have to remember that your readers vary from different ages. More often than not, your evergreen content is for beginners, so complicated terms would scare them off. Stick with simple words and phrases. 

4. Choose appropriate and appealing visuals.
Choosing the appropriate

Incorporating good and representative visuals in articles is significant since it makes things easier. Images and videos not only provide color and life to your writing but also give readers a more understandable visual representation of the things you’re trying to say, especially when words aren’t enough.

For instance, when writing tutorials, of course, you need to provide a series of images or a video to make sure that your readers are doing the same thing you’re talking about in the article. On the other hand, text-only tutorials might be complex for readers since they are wordy, so getting some visuals will be a lot easier for them. 

The number of images you can use depends on the content of your article and the message you’re trying to convey to the readers. For example, you can have one suitable, appealing, and professional image for a simple blog post. 

5. Don’t use specific dates and events.

Don't do it

Avoid using a particular timeline or referring to current news events. For example, do not write articles about certain seasons and the like since these subjects use a specific timeline. 

If you can’t avoid using dates, you have to be smart about utilizing them. For instance, if you have an article entitled “How to Start A Business This 2021”, then you can update it annually and change it into “How to Start A Business This 2022.

6. Repurpose your content

Repusposing the graduation hat

If you have a great piece of content, one of the best ways to make the most out of it is through repurposing your content. In addition, repurposing your articles into different formats will help increase the variety of your audience. 

To repurpose your content, you can create an infographic, share your blogs across social media platforms, or make a video out of your evergreen article. 

7. Make case studies

Making case studies

While case studies usually don’t work for everyone, it still depends on your audience and the kind of business you’re operating.

If your targets value contents that are in-depth and analytical, then evergreen case studies are suitable for you. 

Case studies help increase your credibility within your field, and readers can find valuable information from these contents. Moreover, it can also boost your company’s authenticity, a crucial way to gain the customers’ trust.

8. Write guides and tutorials.

Making guides and tutorials

Another tip for writing evergreen content is through crafting online guides.

When people are curious about creating something, they usually surf the web and look for ways to make them. People turn to guides and tutorials online since all the comprehensive answers they’re looking for are found on the web. Thus, tutorials and guides are excellent for evergreen articles. 

9. Keep your content updated.


Even if evergreen contents are timeless, you still need to update it occasionally. Moreover, since strategies and tools change, you also have to modify your content to rank well still. 

You can update your articles by changing any outdated information, adding a few statistics, using fresh images, or rechecking your use of words and phrases. Updating your content means you’re creating a new publication date, allowing for an instant boost of your ranking. 

10. Keep an eye on your rankings.


Lastly, one of the tips for writing evergreen content is to keep track of your rankings occasionally. 

You know your content is relevant when your ranking consistently stays high. Hence, if Google drops your order slowly over time, it indicates that your content in your chosen topic is no longer relevant for the readers.

To keep an eye on your ranking, you can use a ranking tool online. 


Write Both Evergreen and Seasonal Articles!

There is no question that evergreen contents bring valuable traffic to your site for months or even years. Still, your content does not necessarily need to revolve around these evergreen articles.

Sure, it does the job of driving relevant traffic, but there are times that you also have to write timely and seasonal topics as they have their value too. After all, a mixture of both evergreen articles and seasonal blogs is the best content marketing strategy.

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