The 15 Ways to Boost Facebook Organic Reach

Last Update: Jun 4, 2022 @ 1:23 pm
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Is it possible to boost Facebook organic reach when the business world has already been dominated by paid advertising? The answer is YES! However, organically increasing your Facebook reach can be difficult and will take much of your time. But, there is still hope for you startup marketers and small businesses owners as we’ve gathered

15 Ways to Boost Facebook Organic Reach

1. Use catchy images and videos.

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It is a given fact that Facebook users prefer videos and images more compared to plain texts. Pictures and videos have the power to entice audiences by incorporating creative elements into them. 

When you put pictures, infographics, or videos on your Facebook Page, incorporate catchy elements or figures to persuade the audience. 

Appealing visual contents stand out more compared to other posts. According to a survey, over 60% of entrepreneurs think that visual contents are essential for their marketing strategy.

To increase your reach, ensure that your images and videos are of good quality so that the audience would like to view your posts more.

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2. Optimize link post.

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On your Facebook Page, you can share links on your websites. But, it doesn’t just stop there. You can optimize these link posts by using different mediums such as infographics, podcasts, or videos.

You also have to make sure that your links to your landing pages are fast-loading pages and of high quality. Avoid disruptive ads as they may lower your ranking and reach.

3. Get your members to participate.

Untitled design (39)One of the tricks to boost your reach on Facebook is encouraging your team members to react and share your posts. When your co-workers share your posts, you’ll have a more variety of audience.

You can motivate your workers to engage in your posts by sharing links to company communication mediums, offering incentives or prizes, and briefing newly-hired employees to share your Facebook posts. They can also comment relevant information in your post.

4. Post content your audience likes.

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Examine your content and make sure that you post those that your audience likes. Analyze your data and pick out relevant content from your website that receives more views. You can share these links to your Page, and use different formats for posting. 

Remember to put yourself in the user’s perspective. Serve valuable content. You can also create polls for you to ask your targets which they would like to see. Or, you can check out the comment sections for suggestions.

5. Use different post formats.

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Do not stick to only one format. You need to experiment with the different post types to assess which of these induce more engagement and higher reach.

Trying a variety of formats makes your content fresh and appealing. Don’t be afraid to test different formats because you will benefit from them in the long run.

When you have tried posting in different formats, you know which works best for the audience and which doesn’t.

6. Do not use engagement baits.

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Do not use any fishy or manipulative tactics just to boost your organic reach on Facebook. Some of these engagement baits are spams  that incite users to react, comment, or share.

For example, “Tag your friend who is a Libra.” This is considered an engagement bait because you’re pushing users to engage so that your Facebook statistics will become higher.

Avoid these kinds of tactics because you might be punished once Facebook algorithms realize what you’re doing. 

7. Use Facebook Live.

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Another way to boost organic Facebook reach is through Facebook Live. Using live videos has become one of the trends in the market nowadays.

Posting live streams allows you to express and deliver your thoughts about your business authentically. Live streams create that space that allows you to be genuine as you share your experiences.

People like to engage with others who are authentic with themselves. So, create stories via live streams that resonate with your audience.

8. Post your content at the best time.

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The time of posting your content also matters. Use Facebook Analytics to determine when is the best time to post your content. Facebook Analytics helps determine when your customers are active online. 

Posting your content when your customers are active increases your chance of higher engagement and reach. 

However, when you post at peak hours, your competitors would probably do the same. One trick that can help you with this is to post content minutes or an hour before the peak hours so that the audience can see your content on top of their newsfeed.

9. Examine your posting frequency.

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After carefully considering the time of posting your contents, you now have to think about how frequently you should post on your Page. 

Do not be afraid to experiment with your posting tempo because this will help you determine what is the more preferred frequency of posting for your audience. 

You can try test runs, and once the results are out, adjust the frequency of your posting. 

10. Start games.

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One of the effective ways to increase your reach on Facebook is through online games or contests. The audience engages more in posts that conduct games and offer prizes. After all, we all love receiving prizes, right?

By running a contest, people will start to engage with your content by commenting on your posts.

There are a lot of ways to make your content appealing. You can have an image entry contest about a specific topic, or a short video contest, or a lot more!

11. Check audience engagement.

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Examine your audience engagement since it is key to determine whether your tactics for more organic reach worked. 

Your audience is the receiving end of your products so you need to ensure that they are satisfied with your services. 

12. Ask followers to turn on notifications.

Untitled design (48)Another tip to increase your Facebook reach is to work with Facebook algorithms to ensure that your content can be seen on the top of your followers’ feeds.

You can ask your current customers to turn on all notifications related to your Page. You can configure Facebook settings to ensure that your followers can get notifications in all your posts.

13. Connect with your audience.

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You should establish a strong connection with your audience by making them feel something about your business. 

To entice the followers to your Facebook Page, make sure to appeal to their emotions. The more people relate to your post, the more they share, react, and comment on it. 

To increase organic Facebook reach, create content with titles that inspire, persuade, or interest the audience. You can include tidbits, twists, and interesting facts to grab the attention of your audience.

14. Repurpose your content.

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Sometimes, content that hasn’t had any interaction in the first posting can have several engagements in the second posting. So, consider repurposing the content that matters.

Repurposing quality content gives you a second chance to highlight something about the post. You can start repurposing content that has a higher reach. You can surf the web to look for various and effective ways to repurpose content. 

15. Ensure your Page is verified.

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Facebook verification is essential for your page because it proves that your business is authentic. You know that you’re verified when there’s a blue badge next to your Page. 

Getting verified on Facebook means that you are officially representing your brand. It helps you establish reputation and authenticity which is essential for your audience. 

Keep At It: Results Will Not Reflect Overnight!

Untitled design (52)Increasing reach for organic posts is a tough job. However, it is essential especially when you’re still starting your business.

It’s hard to get the right rhythm at first, but once you keep trying and experimenting with different techniques, then you’ll see results after you’ve built up some consistency and strategy that works best for you.

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