15 Actionable Online Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses With Low Budgets

Last Update: Jun 7, 2022 @ 1:24 pm
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If you are a new business owner, you’re probably surfing the web – searching for some low-budget online marketing tactics for small businesses. Well, we got you covered!

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be costly. You just have to be smart and resourceful in choosing the right marketing strategies for you to reach your target audience and influence them to try your product. 

If you’re actively looking for these marketing strategies, we have gathered…

15 Actionable Online Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses with Low Budgets

1. Set specific goals and plans

Untitled design (20)Before choosing your online marketing tactics, ensure that your goals are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. When your goals are properly set, your business will be in the right track. 

Identifying specific goals will help you create marketing ideas that will help your business expand.

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2. Optimize your website

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How can you improve your website?

Website optimization can be done through posting relevant content, conducting keyword research, analyzing data, and a lot more! 

3. Create DIY Infographics

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Doing unique and innovative images will entice your audience. Why is that?

Infographics are preferred by most people since they are displayed visually and can be easily understood.

Think about what your targets want to know in your business. Present it through catchy visuals but do not overload the information on it. 

Remember, less is more.

4. Start Blogging

Untitled design (23)Content marketing is in trend!
A lot of people are looking for different information on the web so you also need to grab this opportunity.

If you have knowledge related to your business, you can create your content relating to specific topics you know about. Ensure that your contents are relevant.

This an edge for you to share your knowledge about specific topics that might also be of help for your business.

5. Create a video channel

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Nowadays, content in the form of videos has become the fastest-growing strategy online. To keep up with the trend in the market, you should start making your YouTube channel now!

Ensure that your videos are simple and creative to prevent boredom.
You have to think about the attention span of your audience so do not make long videos. The tendency is, the audience would probably skip if the video is long and irrelevant.

6. Join Facebook Groups

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Social media undoubtedly has the power to expand your business. Through Facebook Groups, you can come across like-minded people who might have taken an interest in your business. You can expand your horizons by communicating with different people. 

Facebook Groups can be used as forum discussions about your starting business. You can communicate with your potential customers and look for ways to successfully persuade them into buying your product. 

You can also share valuable content to your Facebook Group to boost your website.

7. Start a podcast

Untitled design (26)Podcasts are pocket-friendly ways to share your knowledge and expertise about your business. It only requires your voice, a quiet environment, and a gadget for your recording.

Since some consumers are auditory learners, you can maximize the use of this medium to deliver relevant content about your business. 

8. Be active on social media

Untitled design (27)Now more than ever, people are glued to their cell phones so you must always be active and on the lookout for your targets.

When you are consistently active online, your presence becomes stronger and valuable. Customers would want to interact with business owners who are active in answering inquiries on social media. 

9. Offer coupons and giveaways

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Coupons and giveaways have massive potential in attracting a larger audience. This is one of the efficient low-budget online marketing tactics for small businesses.

You can surf the web and check out regulations and how-to’s on offering coupons and giveaways.

For starting businesses, you can offer tiny rewards such as discounts, or monthly trials to draw the customers closer to your products and services.

10. Respond to Reviews

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Image from Inc. Magazine

Your customer feedback is the key to ensure whether your products and services satisfy their needs. Thus, when looking at the customer reviews, keep an open mind and don’t discourage yourself if there are any negative feedback.

Be sure to thank the customers if they leave positive comments. For not-so-good reviews, you can ask the customers what might have been the problem and what they can suggest for your business to improve.

Responding to reviews allows you to showcase your passion and determination and improve your business.

You can find valuable suggestions from your audience.

11. Include testimonials

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One of the most persuasive ways to encourage your targets to purchase your products or services is through testimonials.

You can contact your satisfied customers and add their stories to your online marketing strategy. Encourage your frequent customers to explain to others why your products and services are worthy and appealing.

With the customer’s consent, you can post their testimonies through pictures or videos. 

12. Comment on relevant content

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When you find relevant content related to your business, you can comment on these articles and get backlinks on these reputable websites. The more you comment, the more you expand your brand. Because of this, people will start to recognize your business.

13. Utilize Facebook Live

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Image from WordStream

Did you know that Facebook reported that 20% of its posts are live videos?

The latest trend in the market now is Facebook Live-streaming. Several brands have been using this approach to sell products without having any physical stores.

You easily attract even those non-potential customers since Live-streaming can be posted publicly. It is convenient and can be done so in the comforts of your home.

14. Host a webinar

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Webinars are helpful ways to grow your business, especially now that meetings are done virtually. You can prepare a short presentation with a topic that audiences might be interested in. Schedule an appropriate time for your webinars, and be sure to invite more people.

15. Publish an Ebook

Untitled design (34)You have to take advantage of publishing books because it can be done so digitally now. Gather and curate all questions and advice about your industry to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

You don’t have to write long content for the book since there are books that only have 20,000 – 30,00 words, about 25 blog articles. 

Submit your books to a reputable online store to drive more traffic and customers to your site. 

Work Hard But Also Work Smart

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To successfully market your business, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash. This list provides several options of low-budget online marketing tactics for small businesses to grow and be known. 

Marketing is an essential element for your business, and it doesn’t have to cost you much. With the proper planning, accompanied by creative ideas and a great sense of commitment, your goal of growing your business is within your reach.

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