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Who are ESTRAT 360’s #EmpoweredWomen? From being Nationally awarded to becoming Internationally renowned, ESTRAT 360 Digital Marketing Company has been led by some of this generation’s most talented Chief Operating Officer, PR Senior Advisor, and Managers! 

Behind the scenes of ESTRAT 360’s successful campaigns are women who have proven to the marketing industry that they have what it takes to be a driving force in their respective fields. And with the challenges brought about by the pandemic, 2020 was definitely a challenge to the company, it’s clients, and partners. 

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However, instead of focusing on what was traditionally easy, ESTRAT 360 continued on as a team and focused on the “WHY” and “HOW” to better adapt to the new normal. Get to know who lead the company to it’s heights by knowing who are…

ESTRAT 360’s #EmpoweredWomen

5. Ms. Marielle Beguña – International Accounts Manager


“Believe in your infinite potential as the only limits you have are those that you set for yourself,” says our International Accounts Manager, Ms. Marielle Beguña.

Ms. Marielle helps manage the team by delivering social media, SEO and digital advertising services to ESTRAT 360 clients in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland. Most of these clients are usually from dental and sleep apnea devices industry that outsourced to the Philippines.

Her role was intensified when everyone was pushed to a working from home setup. Her leadership and ability to manage both her clients and team are truly what makes her an #EmpoweredWomen.

4. Ms. Joana Gersale – Local Accounts Manager


Ms. Joana Gersale is ESTRAT 3660’s Local Accounts Manager, she cites a quote by Shery Sanberg, COO of Facebook that “We need to shift our thinking from ‘I’m not ready to do that’ to thinking ‘I want to do that and I’ll learn by doing it.”

Ms. Joana is responsible for balancing the needs of the client and the company’s goals. She is driven by her complex timeline of tasks that requires finesse and organizational skills.

Collaboration and teamwork is the key to her role. And in addition, being a manager means you need “soft” people skills. When she became an account manager, she confessed that she struggled a lot with organizing her task as well as her team.

Prior to this position, she was used to simple accepting tasks and taking action. Now, it’s about planning what the team would do for the month and not failing to lead her team while also fulfilling the needs of her clients.

However, despite her rocky start Ms. Joana is definitely one of ESTRAT 360’s #EmpoweredWomen as she successfully delivers her marketing collaterals on time. And always sets proper client expectations as well as committing to serving what was promised to clients.

3. Ms. Kirsten Eloise Castillo – Creative Content Manager


“I measure my own success as a leader by how well the people who work for me succeed,” says our Creative Content Manager, Ms. Kirsten Eloise Castillo.

Ms. Kirsten spearheads and oversees the ZING creatives who are an independent creative advertising agency of ESTRAT 360. She is in-charge of developing fresh, data-driven and goal-centric content in order to meet the marketing and advertising needs of the company.

Her role helps businesses level up the way they connect with their customers with the main goal of growing and scaling their businesses.

Ms. Kirsten is ESTRAT 360’s #EmpoweredWomen who influences the creative team to produce outputs that are world-class while not forgetting to keep the company’s values in mind as well as developing the client’s brand image and voice.

2. Ms. Kezia Rico – Customer Experience Director


“Our weakness does not define who we are nor should they be seen as roadblocks to our goals. They are but stepping stones to every possibility and opportunity. Steps that we must tredge and gather our courage to improve ourselves to reach the top!” That is the message that our Customer Experience Director (CED), Ms. Kezia B. Rico would like to give out to anyone who pursues managing and leading a team.

Ms. Kezia Rico ensures the satisfaction and fulfillment of all ESTRAT 360’s existing and up and coming clients. And while COVID-19 may have been relentless in giving a multitude of trials to overcome for the company and her partners in the year 2020. 

However, our CED found her strength through prayer and her ultimate goal in seeing the partners grow and nurture them into future leaders either in the company or in the industry.

Ms. Kezia’s ability to find the balance of growing other’s careers and striking the balance of taking care of her own little family has led to her from working her way from the ground up, into her promotion as our CED last February 1, 2021.

Getting to where she is now wasn’t easy but ESTRAT 360 owes much of its present success because of her passion to lead and grow the other. She is a #EmpoweredWomen.

1. Ms. Iren Sangre Licera – ESTRAT 360 Chief Operating Officer


“I go beyond barriers into possibilities,” dictates the mantra of our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ms. Iren Licera.

Ms. Iren manages the overall operations of ESTRAT 360. However, the unprecedented times brought by COVID-19 has further elevated her management roles to ensure the safety and well-being of the company’s partners. 

Be it in the work avenue or social life, she extends her concerns in advocating for our health and to remind everyone to prioritize our safety.

All of these are just a tip of the iceberg as our COO constantly seeks ESTRAT 360’s partners continued growth including those activities that could help manage the stress and anxiety built up from the new normal Work From Home setup.

She is ESTRAT 360’s #EmpoweredWomen and she continue to share her strength in order to uplift the company and her partners during unprecedented times.

How Can You Empower Women in the Workplace?


Simply getting and hiring women in the workplace isn’t enough. In order to reap the benefits of gender diversity, organizations need to empower their female employees and to do this, your organization needs to be:

1. Be Aware of Bias


There are some unconscious biases that can hinder women in the workplace. Especially when it comes to performance evaluation that is based solely on stereotypical masculine criteria such as specific projects and inequalities in the performance reward.

2. Enable Flexible Working

working flexible

Help your employees to be flexible with their responsibilities at work. This can help people to stay in the workforce especially when they have young children or caring responsibilities.

Besides, if COVID-19 has taught us anything is that technology has allowed employees to work remotely and emergencies can be easily remedied by simply having a working laptop at home or other public areas.

3. Incorporate The Principles Into Your Organization


Change doesn’t happen overnight. If the company is currently lacking in terms of opportunities for women and women leadership roles. You can start by seeing where you are by gauging the attitudes, feelings and behaviors of men and women who might be threatened at work.

Take the time to educate your employees and raise the issues of women’s health either through workshops and open discussion.

However, even if you aren’t an executive, as colleagues we can make the change happen by promoting a culture that supports all genders.

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